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Sit your asses down because you’re in class with Sarge. Good!, now listen up, Maggots. I’m here to whip you worthless, no good, ignorant slimes into shape! Yeah, I’m talking to you! All you beginner Pukes out there with your stupid requests and your “oh, please give me tutorial”. YOU WILL pay attention, you will read every last word, and unlike the other threads here at Smacktalks, here, there are NO boundaries. You don’t pay attention, you will see turmoil, and you will take your sorry Maggot asses back to CAW’s ws. Got it!?


Good, now first of all, I’m gonna teach you Slimes how to search for what you need. It’s real easy, and I’m gonna say it in such a way that even you retarded Greaseballs can understand.


See this white space right here? That’s a search bar.




This is like another dimension. A portal of never ending knowledge, knowledge that you Maggots have only ever dreamed of. Well, quit your dreamin’, ‘cause today you LEARN.


Now, put your slimy no good fingers on your keyboards and get to typin’. I SAID GET TO TYPIN’. Now, using that half a brain you morons have, type “Modding Tutorials”. Just like that. Copy and paste it if you like, ‘cause I know you Slimes like it when it’s all done for you.




Click on this little button here.




See the pointer? Yeah, that’s my fist up your ass if you don’t do it right the first time. Do it!


Right, now you should see a screen like this.




If you don’t see this screen, well then god have mercy on your souls. Click on “Modding Tutorial Index”.


This is everything you worthless beginner Pukes need to get you modding. Read everything. Don’t ask questions. Take it in, and mod your greasy, no good balls off.


UNDERSTAND? Good. Next lesson, I’m gonna teach you how to locate Arenas and Character models in your game files. Then, I’m gonna teach you Slimes how to count to 5. OK, CLASS DISMISSED!!



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