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CAW Vault (.cas files) by DBO2700 "Almost 700 caws posted"


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This is a CAW directory for Offline/Jtag users. Credit to Dyno for starting the original thread. The download link will have the .cas file only. If you are using Xpacker 9, you will want to download the Save sets from the Third post. 2nd Post is WCW and Legend CAWs.The 3rd post has Superstar Heads and Save Sets.


Links to Injectors:

Xpacker 9 by Tekken- http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/45548-x-packer-9-x-rey-official-thread-x-rey-v11-rel/

Xpacker 9 Injection tutorial- http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/46061-x-packer-9-how-to-inject-caws-teams-custom-arenas-finishers/


PUR3 Mod tool injection tutorial- http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/48040-tutorials-caw-injectiongender-mod-renders/#comment-513098


That other tool- http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/46820-wwe2k14-se-by-kg971-officially-cracked-eea-justice/



- I am not taking requests for CAWs. I do not have Xbox Live nor access to CC. What I post is what i have accumulated from here on Smacktalks and other forums.

I only post real Pro wrestlers.




   Nickbreaker for making me start this thread. Dyno for starting the original. Tekken and Pur3 for their tools. This wouldnt be possible without them. ALL the creators, I wouldnt even play this game if it werent for caws. Motishow for sharing saves with me. BigChrisSpirito for sending me a save (I bet he doesnt remember) and EVERTYTHING else you do. Steveom83, Bale, ShovonAhmed, Auday, ChildrenoftheCorn, Samy (King of Swing) and anyone else that sent me a caw when i asked. THANK YOU

*NAO619 for my dope banner, THANKS HOMIE





Adam Rose/Leo Kruger by SMK -

Preview - Download

Adrian Neville by NCO- Preview  -  Download

Adrian Neville by SMK - Preview - Download

Ahmed Johnson by Dre41 (rendered by Brainz) - Download

Ahmed Johnson by Tyrant185/ XxSILVERFOXxX - Preview - Download

Aiden English by SAS- Preview - Download

Al Snow by Metalhead (8 attires) - Download

Al Snow by Dre41- Preview - Download

Alexander Rusev by SMK (rendered) - Preview- Download

Alex Riley by Auday (Rendered) - Preview - Download

Alex Riley V2 by NCO - Preview - Download

"Bad News" Barrett by Luka Rapper - Preview - Download

Big E Langston by SMK - No Preview - Download

Bo Dallas by Auday - Preview - Download

Bo Dallas by ??? - Download

Booker T by NCO- Preview - Download

Booker T by Sipfan - Preview - Download

Bray Wyatt by SMK (rendered)- Preview - Download

Brian Christopher (Too Sexy gimmick) by Metalhead- Download

Brian Kendrick/Paul London by 7ate9 - London- Kendrick- Download

Brian Pillman (Loose Cannon) by Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

Brock Lesnar by SAS - Preview - Download

Camacho by NCO- Preview - Download

Carlito by Auday - Preview - Download

Charlie Haas by Kus7ate9 - Preview - Preview - Download

Chris Benoit (Slot 1) by NCO - Bottom half is the Preview - Download

CJ Parker by Auday - Preview - Download

CM Punk pack by Akz Effect (rendered) - Preview - Preview - Preview - Download

Colin Cassady by - Preview - Download

Corey Graves by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Download

Crash Holly - Download

Cryme Tyme - Download

Curtis Axel by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Download

Daniel Bryan by Akz Effect - Preview - Download

David Hart Smith by Cz1280 - Download

DDP (Modern) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

DDP (WCW DVD) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

D'Lo Brown by Kevan1700 - Preview - Download

Dean Ambrose/ Jon Moxley by SMK - Preview - Download

Dean Ambrose by SAS - Preview - Download

Dean Ambrose by Brainz, NickbreakerUK, Ajsim, & TheHippopotomus (rendered) - Preview - Download

Dean Ambrose by Akz Effect (2 slots) - Preview - Download

Dolph Ziggler by Auday - Preview - Download

Droz by Dre41 (i think) - Download

Enzo Amore by SMK - Preview - Download

Enzo Amore V2 by SMK - Preview - Download

Enzo Amore by Auday - Preview - Download

Evan Bourne by PyresofVaranasi (rendered) - Preview- Download

Eziekel Jackson - Download

Fandango by ???- No Preview- Download

Fandango by SMK - Preview - Download

Finn Balor by 7ate9 -Preview - Download

Gangrel - download

Gregory Helms by Kus7ate9 - Preview - Download

Goldust by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Download

Goldust by NCO- Preview-PreviewPreviewPreviewDownload

HBK Shawn Michaels by Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

Heath Slater by SAS - Preview - Download

Hunico by ???- No Preview- Download

Hunico by SMK /Samy - Preview - Download

Jeff Hardy (Retro) - Download

Jeff Hardy (Late WWE) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Jeff Jarrett by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Jeff Jarrett by Tyrant185 (2 slots) - Preview - Download

Jimmy Wang Yang by ZombieGogoplata - Preview - Download

Jinder Mahal by Sas - Preview - Download

Joey Mercury by Auday - Preview - Download

John Morrison by ???- No Preview- Download

John Morrison by Auday - Preview - Download

Kharma by ??? -  No Preview - Download

Kassius Ohno by ??? - No Preview - Download

Ken Shamrock (WWF Slot) by Nickbreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Ken Shamrock by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Ken Shamrock by Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

Kevin Nash (WWE) by SLipfan - Preview - Download

Kevin Owens (2015) by BigBoss- Preview - Download

Konnar O'Brian by ???- NO Preview- Download

Konnar O'Brian by SMK - Preview - Download

Los Matadores by Auday- PreviewPreviewDownload

Los Matadores by Vancheta (rendered)- Preview - Preview - Download

Mark Henry (debut/Olympian) - Download

Mason Ryan by NCO - Preview - Download

Matt Hardy by NCO - Preview - Download

Matt Hardy by SMK - Preview- Download

Matt Hardy (Attitude Era) by Slipfan - No Preview - Download

Matt Hardy by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Mojo Rawley by SAS (rendered) - Preview - Download

Muhammad Hassan by Tyrant185 and Shawn Stylz - Preview - Download

MVP by ??? (WWE attires)- No Preview- Download

New Age Outlaws by NCO (Modern 14') (rendered) - PreviewPreviewDownload

New Age Outlaws (Attitude Era) by Slipfan - Road Dogg Preview - Mr Ass Preview - Download

Oliver Grey by ??? - No Preview - Download

Paige by Akz Effect - Preview - Download

Paige (WIP) by xWeasel- Preview - Preview - Preview - Download

Prince Albert - Download

Randy Orton by Akz Effects - Preview - Download

Raven (WWE Slot) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview- Download

Raven (Attitude Era) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Richie Steamboat by ??? - No Preview - Download

Rick Victor by ??? (rendered) - No Preview - Download

Roman Reigns (trunks) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Roman Reigns (shield) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Roman Reigns by Akz Effects - Preview - Download

RVD (2014) by SAS - Preview - Download

RVD by Dre41- No Preview- Download

RVD by NCO (2nd Slot)- PreviewDownload

RVD by ???- No Preview- Download

Sami Zayn by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Download

Sami Zayn by NCO- PreviewDownload

Saturn (WWE) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview- Download

Seth Rollins by Brainz86 and DrVries - Preview - Download

Seth Rollins 3.0 by Brainz and DrVries (rendered) - Preview - Download

Seth Rollins by SMK  - Preview - Download

Seth Rollins by Akz Effect - Preview - Download

Shelton Benjamin by Kus7ate9 - Preview - Preview - Download

Shelton Benjamin - Download

Stardust by Dre41 - Preview - Download

Steve Blackman by Tomrozza (ThePacmanClassic formula) - Preview - Preview - Download

Tajiri by Dbo2700 (I used Dre41 formula)- PreviewDownload

Tajiri by Dre41 - Download

Tazz (Attitude Era) by Slipfan - No Preview - Download

Ted Dibiase Jr by ??? - No Preview - Download

Test (WWF slot) by Nickbreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

The Headbangers - Download

The Hurricane by BlackDiamond - Preview - Download

Too Cool by Slipfan (rendered) - Scotty Preview - Sexay Preview - Download

Triple H (Ruthless Agression Era) by ALC Legacy - Preview - Download

Tyler Breeze by Auday (rendered) Preview- Download

Tyler Breeze by ??? - No Preview - Download

Tyson Kidd by ??? (Modern/Hart Dynasty Attires)- No Preview- Download

Tyson Kidd by Dre41- Preview - Download

Tyson Kidd by Mr Devious (rendered) - Preview - Download

The Usos by SMK - Jimmy Preview - Jey Preview- Download

The Usos by NCO - Preview - Download

The Undertaker (Big evil) by Dyno - Download

The Wyatt Family V2 by SMK - Bray - Luke - Erick - Download

The Wyatt Family by SMK - Preview - Preview - Preview - Download

Triple H (Attitude Era) by Slipfan- No Preview - Download

Umaga by lilydavy1 - Preview - Download

Val Venis by Slipfan - Download

Viscera - Download

Vladimir Kozlov - Download

Xavier Woods by SMK/ Nickbreaker (rendered) Preview - Download

Xavier Woods by Dre41 - Preview - Download

Xpac by Slipfan - No Preview - Download

Zeb Colter by ??? - No Preview - Download




 Abyss by ???-  No Preview - 


Abyss (new) by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Abyss (old) by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Abyss (Park mix) by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

AJ Styles by Dre41- No Preview - Download

AJ Styles by SMK - Preview - Download

AJ Styles by Auday - Preview -  Download

American Wolves by Bobby De Niero- Eddie PreviewDavey Preview - Download

American Wolves by SMK - Preview - Preview - Download

Austin Aries by SMK - Preview - Download

Austin Aries by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Austin Aries (SAS) tweeked by Nickbreaker - Preview - Download

Bobby Roode by MST3Claye- Preview - Download

Bobby Roode by Slipfan (rendered) - Preview - Download

Bobby Lashley by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Bram by Mr Devious (rendered) - Preview - Download

Bully Ray by Nickbreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Chavo Guerrero - Download

Christian Cage by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Christopher Daniels by Slipfan- No Preview- Download

Christopher Daniels by SMK - Preview - Download

Crazzy Steve by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

D'Angelo Dinero by iPurtle - Preview - Download

Divari by ??? - Download

DOC Gallows by Auday - Preview - Download

Dudley's by Dre41- No Preview- Download

EC3 by Auday- Preview - Download

Eric Young by MST3Claye- PreviewDownload

Eric Young (tweaked) (rendered) by NickBreaker- PreviewDownload

Generation Me - Download

Gunner by MST3Claye- PreviewDownload

Gunner by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Download

Hernandez by iPurtle (rendered) - Preview - Download *Warning* This caw is uneditable, your system will crash if you try

Homicide by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

James Storm by MST3Claye- PreviewDownload

James Storm by SMK - Preview - Download

James Storm (heel) by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Jay Bradley by Shattered! & Codes - Preview - Download

Jay Lethal by ???- No Preview- Download

Jeff Hardy by Auday - Preview - Download

Jeff Hardy by NCO- PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewDownload

Jeff Jarrett by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Jessie Godderz  by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Joseph Park by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Kazarian by SMK - Preview - Download

Ken Shamrock (TNA Slot) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Kenny King - Download

Kevin Nash (TNA) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Kurt Angle by Defract- Preview - Download

Kurt Angle by SMK - Preview - Download

Kurt Angle by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Kurt Angle by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Magnus by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Manik by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Matt Morgan by ??? - No Preview - Download

Matt Morgan by ??? - Download2

Mike Knux by Auday - Preview - Download

Motor City Machine Guns by SMK (rendered) - Preview - Preview - Download

Mr Anderson by MST3Claye (rendered) - Preview - Download

MVP by Auday (rendered) - Preview - Download

Perry Saturn (TNA Slot) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Raven (TNA Slot) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Rob Terry by ???- No Preview- Download

Robbie E by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Rockstar Spud by MST3Claye - Preview - Preview - Download

Samoa Joe by ??? (rendered) - No Preview - Download

Samoa Joe by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Samoa Joe by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Samuel Shaw by Shattered and Codes - Preview - Download

Shannon Moore by HotavioH - Preview - Download

Sonjay Dutt by iPurtle - Preview - Download

Sting by SMK - Preview - Download

Sting by Auday - Preview - Download

Sting (TNA) by Slipfan- Preview - Download

Sting (Joker) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

The Freak by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

The Great Sanada by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Willow - Download

Zima Ion by MST3Claye - Preview - Download

Edited by Dbo2700
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Ring of Honor:


ACH by Penguin and Prince (Roka's Morph) - 

Preview - Download

Adam Cole by ??? (3 attires)- No Preview- Download

Adam Cole by Oldsie - No Preview- Download

Adam Cole (4 attires) - Download

Alex Koslov by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

Alex Koslov by Godflow - Preview Download

BJ Whitmer by Penguin - Preview - Download

Bobby Fish by Clique, Dr Vries, Godflow - Preview - Download

Brian Kendrick by Codes - Preview - Download

Briscoe's by Dre41- No Preview - Download

Briscoe's by Bobby De Niero- Mark - JayDownload

Cedric Alexander - Download

Chris Hero by ???- No Preview- Download

Chris Hero by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

Chris Hero (rendered) - Download

Chris Hero by Mr Devious - Preview - Download

Colt Cabana by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

El Generico by Fufu- PreviewDownload

Homicide by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

Johnny Gargano by NickBreker - Preview Download

KENTA by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

KENTA by Pac - Preview - Download

Kevin Steen (BigChrisSpirito CCv) by SAS (rendered) - Preview - Download

Kevin Steen (w/ FUCK attire) (rendered) by SAS - Preview Download

Kevin Steen (SAS) tweeked by NickBreaker- Preview - Download

Kyle O'rielly by Godflow- PreviewDownload

Matt Hardy by SMK - PreviewDownload

Matt Taven by Clique and Oldsie- Preview - Download

Mike Mondo - Download

Rickey Reyes by Tyrant185 - Download

Rocky Romero by Bobby De Neiro - Preview - Download

Rocky Romero by Godflow, Clique and .Pac - Preview - Download

Roderick Strong by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

Roderick Strong by Godflow - Preview - Download

Thadarius Thomas - Download

Youngbucks by Bobby Deiro- Preview - Download 


NJWP/ Dragon Gate/Chikara Pro/Indy:


AJ Styles (NJPW) by SMK - 

Preview - Download

Akira Tozawa by Godflow - Preview - Download

Alex Shelly by Nickbreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Amisis by Fufu - Preview - Download

Anthony Nese by Godflow - Preview - Download

AR Fox by Godflow and Clique - Preview - Download

Atsushi Onita by Metalhead - Download

Can-Am Express (Furnas/Lafon) by Metalhead- Download

Captain New Japan by deathbyego- Preview - Download

Chris Hero (Modern/fat) by Godflow - Preview - Download

Chuck Taylor by Godflow - Preview - Download

Doc Gallows by Godflow - Preview - Download

Gedo by nylram - Download

Gedo and Jado by Metalhead - Download

Genichiro Tenryu by Metalhead - Download

Hiroshi Hase by Metalhead- Download

Hiroshi Tanahashi by SMK - Preview - Download

Hayabusa by Enter Rain - Download

Jigsaw by Fufu & Codes - Preview - Download

Jushin Liger by itachi4937- Download

Jushin Liger by ???- No Preview- Download

Karl Anderson by Godflow - PreviewDownload

Katsushi Iizuka by ???- No Preview- Download

Kazuchika Okada by deathbyego - Preview - Download

Kenny Omega by Godflow - Preview - Download

Kensuke Shinzaki by Metalhead - Download

Kenta Kobashi by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

LOW-KI by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

LOW-KI by Dre41 - Download

Masato Tanaka by Metalhead - Download

Michael Elgin by Bobby De Niero- PreviewDownload

Minoru Tanaka by Metalhead - Download

Mitsuhara Misawa by itachi4937 - Download

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga by Metalhead - Downoad

Muta by Auday- Preview - Download

Prince Devitt by ??? (No Paints)- No Preview- Download

Prince Devitt by SMK (Slot 1) (rendered) - Preview - Download

Prince Devitt by SMK (Darth Maul) (rendered) - Preview - Download

Prince Devitt by SMK (Spidey Slot) (Rendered) - PreviewDownload

Prince Devitt by SMK (Freddie slot) - Preview - Download 

Prince Devitt by Godflow (No paint) both slots- 2014- Retro - Download

Ricky Fuji by Metalhead - Download

Ricochet by Godflow - Preview - Download

Scott "Flash" Norton (8 attires) by Metalhead- Download

Shelton "X" Benjamin by Godflow - Preview - Download

Shinjiro Otani by Metalhead - DOWNLOAD

Shinsuke Nakamura by Deathbyego - Preview - PreviewDownload

Tama Tonga by Godflow - Preview - Download

Tanashi Hiroshi by ??? - No Preview - Download

Teddy Hart by Irish German 1(best on CC)- Download

Teddy Hart by Skewraider - Download

Tiger Mask by ???- No Preview- Download

Togi Makabe by Metalhead- Download

Tommaso Ciampa by Godflow and Vries - PreviewDownload

Wing Kanemura by Metalhead - Download

Youngbucks by Godflow & Auday - Matt - Nick - Download

Yuji Nagata by ???- No Preview- Download 

Edited by Dbo2700
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Arn Anderson by theaaronirons- Download

Bam Bam Bigelo by Dyno- Preview - Download

Barry Windham (8attires inc. Blackjack) by Metalhead - Download

Booker T by NCO (Harlem Heat slot)- Preview - Download

Booker T by NCO (Slot 2) - Preview - Download

Brian Pillman (WCW) by ??? - No Preview - Download

Buff Bagwell by Dre41- Preview - Download

Buff Bagwell by Dyno - Preview Download

Cactus Jack (8 attires) by Metalhead- Download 

Chris Benoit (Crippler) by NCO- Preview - Download

Chris Benoit (Crippler) by Metalhead- Download

Chris Jericho (WCW) by Dre41- No Preview - Download

Chris Jericho (WCW) by Dyno - Preview Download

DDP by Dre41- Preview - Download

DDP by Slipfan = Preview - Download

DDP by Dyno - Preview Download

Dave Taylor by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

Dean Malenko by Dyno - Preview Download

Dean Malenko (8 attires) by Metalhead - Download

Disco Inferno by Bobby De Niero - Preview - Download

Dr Death Steve Williams by Metalhead - Download

Eddie Guerrero (WCW) by Dre41 - No Preview - Download

Eddie Guerrero (WCW) by Dyno - Preview Download

Eddie Guerrero by Metalhead - Download

Hector Guerrero by Metalhead- Download

Hogan (Pre NWO) by Dyno - Preview - Download

Hollywood Hogan by Dyno - Preview - Download

Joe Malenko by Metalhead (7 attires) - Download

Jushin Liger by ???- No Preview- Download

Juventud by Supaloco (rendered) - Preview - Download

Kanyon by ???- No Preview- Download

Kevin Sullivan by Dyno - Preview Download

Konnan by Dre41- No Preview- Download

Konnan (AAA attires) by Metalhead - Download

Lance Storm by Dre41- No Preview- Download

La Parka by Sektor 83 & Bernardelduro - Download

Lex Luger by Metalhead (9 attires) - Download

Lex Luger by Dyno - Preview Download

Lex Luger by Sektor_83 & BernardElDuro - Download

Marcus Bagwell (8 attires pre- Nwo) - Download

Meng by Dyno - Preview Download

Mango McMichael - Download

Midnight Express by Metalhead - Download

The Great Muta by Dre41- No Preview - Download

Norman Smiley - Download

Powers of Pain by Dyno - Preview Download

Psycho Sid by ???- No Preview- Download

Psychosis by Supaloco (rendered) - Preview Download

Rey Mysterio (unmasked) by NAO619 - Preview - Download

Rey Mysterio Jr by Dyno - Preview Download

Rey Mysterio by Dre41 - Preview - Download

Ric Flair by Dyno - Preview Download

Rick Steiner by Dyno - Preview Download

Scott Norton - Download

Shane Douglas by Dre41- NO Preview- Download

Steiner Bros (young) by Metalhead - Download

Steven Regal by Dyno - Preview Download

Stevie Ray (Harlem Heat) - Download

Sting by SMK - Preview - Download

Sting (surfer) by SMK - Preview - Download

Sting by ??? (80's)-No Preview- Download

Sting by NCO (Crow)- PreviewDownload

Sting by Dre41 (WCW)- No Preview- Download

Sting (Surfer) by Dyno - Preview Download

Sting (Pre/Crow) by Dyno - Preview Download

Tully Blanchard by theaaronirons- Download

Tully Blanchard by ??? No Preview - Download

Ultimo Dragon by Supaloco (rendered) - Preview - Download

Vampiro by NAO619 (both slots) - PreviewDownload

Vader by Slipfan- Preview - Download

Vader by Dyno - Preview Download

Wrath by ??? - Download 




2Cold Sorpio (8 attires) by Metalhead- 


Blue Meanie by ???- No Preview - Download

Brian Lee by Metalhead - DOWNLOAD

Brian Lee by Dre41 - Download

Cactus Jack (8 attires) by Metalhead- Download 

Chris Candido by Metalhead - DOWNLOAD

Chris Candido by Dre41- No Preview - Download

Chris Chetti by Dre41 - Download

Chris Jericho (Lionheart) by Metalhead - Download

Danny Doring by Dre41- No Preview - Download

Jerry Lynn by Nickbreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Joel Gertner by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview Download

Justin Credible by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Lance Storm by Metalhead - Download

Marcus Cor Von/ Monty Brown by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Mike Awesome by Metalhead- Download

Mike Awesome by Dre41- No Preview- Download

Mustafa by Dre41 - Download

New Jack by Dre41- No Preview- Download

Raven (ECW slot) by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Rhino by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Roadkill by ??? - No Preview - Download

RVD by Dre41- No Preview- Download

RVD by NCO (2nd Slot)- PreviewDownload

RVD by NCO (1st Slot) - Preview Download

RVD by ???- No Preview- Download

Sabu by NickBreaker (rendered) - Preview - Download

Sandman by Metalhead - Download

Sandman by ???- No Preview- Download

Sandman by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Shane Douglas by Dre41- NO Preview- Download

Spike Dudley by Dre41- No Preview- Download

Steve Candino by Dre41- No Preview- Download

SuperCrazy (8 attires) by Metalhead- Download

Super Nova by ???- No Preview_ Download

Tajiri by Dbo2700 (I used Dre41 formula)- PreviewDownload

Taz by ???- No Peview- Download

Terry Funk by (8 attires) Metalhead- Preview - Download

The Eliminators by Metalhead- Download

The Pitbulls by Metalhead- Download

The Pitbulls by Dre41- Download

Tommy Dreamer by Metalhead- Download 

Edited by Dbo2700
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1-2-3 Kid by ??? - No Preview - Download

Abdullah the Butcher by ???- No Preview - Download

Adam Bomb by ??? - No Preview - Download

Akeem by ??? - No Preview - Download

Al Snow by Dre41- Preview - Download

Bam Bam Bigelo by MetalHead- Download

Bam Bam Bigelo by Dyno- Preview - Download

Barry Windham (8attires inc. Blackjack) by Metalhead - Download

Big Bossman by Slipfan - No Preview - Download

Big Bossman by Dyno - Preview Download

Blackjack Bradshaw by Metalhead- Download

Bob Backlund by Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

Bradshaw by Slipfan - Preview - Preview - Download

British Bulldogs (matching tag team) by NCO -  Preview - Preview - Download

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith by Metalhead (8 attires) - Download

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith by NCO (Slot 2)- PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewDownload

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith by Dyno - Preview Download

British Bulldog Daveyboy Smith by NCO (Slot 3 ) - Preview Preview Preview Preview Download

Boogeyman by ??? - Download

Brooklyn Brawler by Dyno - Preview Download

Bushwackers by ??? - Download

Chris Benoit (Slot 1) by NCO - Bottom half is the Preview - Download

Chyna by ??? - Download

Crush by Dyno - Preview - Download

Demolition by Dyno - Preview Preview - Download

Dino Bravo by ??? - Download

Doink by Dyno - Preview - Download

Dudley's by Dre41 (includes Dudley boys/Team 3d/Aces & 8s) - Download

Earthquake by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Earthquake by Dyno - Preview - Download

Earthquake (Shark) by Dyno - Preview - Download

Farooq by Slipfan - Preview - Download

George "The Animal" Steel by ??? - Download

Giant Gonzalez by ??? - Download

Godfather by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine by ??? - Download

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan by NCO - Preview - Download

Haku by NCO - Preview - Download

Harley Race by ??? - Download

Honky Tonk Man by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Honky Tonk Man by Dyno - Preview - Download

Iron Shiek by NCO - Preview - Download

Jake "The Snake" Roberts by ??? - Download

Jeff Jarrett by DanielakaDee - preview - Download

Jerry Lawler (Retro) by ??? - Download

Jim Cornette by Metalhead - Download

Jinsei Shinzaki by ???  - Download

Junkyard Dog by ??? - Download

Kamala by ??? - Download

Ken Shamrock by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Ken Shamrock (WWE) by NickBreaker - Preview - Download

Kerry Von Erick by ??? - Download

Kevin Nash (WWE) by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Kharma by ??? - Download

King Mabel by Tyrant185 - preview - Download

Lex Luger by Metalhead (9 attires) - Download

Marc Mero by Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

Marc Mero by ??? - Download

Mr T by ??? - Download

Nasty Boyz by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Nikita Koloff by ??? - Download

Nikolai Volkoff by ??? - Download

One Man Gang by ??? - Downoad

Owen Hart (Hart Foundation) by NCO - Preview - Download

Owen Hart (Blue Blazer) by - Preview Preview Preview Preview Download

Owen Hart by Dre41 - Download

Owen Hart by NCO (tweeked by me, added Danger Singlet) - Download

Papa Shango by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Powers of Pain by DanielakaDee - Preview Download

Public Enemy (tag team) by Dre41 - Download

Raven (mixed) by NickBreaker - Preview Download

Raven (WWE) by NickBreaker - Preview Download

Rick Martel by DanielakaDee - Preview - Download

Rick Rude by Metalhead (10 attires) - Download

Rikishi by Slipfan - Preview - Download

Road Warriors by Metalhead- Download

Road Warriors by ??? - Download

Roddy Pipper by ??? - Download

Sable by Tyrant185 - Download

Scott Putski by Metalhead- Download

Shawn Micheals 96-98 (3 caws) by Tomrozza- Download

Sid by ??? - Download

Sid, Sycho by Tyrant185 - Preview Download

Sir Mo by Tyrant185- Preview - Download

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka by ??? - Download

Superstar Billy Graham by Dyno - Preview - Download

Tatanka by ??? - Download

Terri Runnels by NickBreaker - Preview Download

Terry Funk by Dre41 - Preview - Download

Terry Gordy by Metalhead - Download

The Headbangers - Download

The Head Shrinkers by ??? - Download

The Mountie by ??? - Download

The Quebecers - Download

The Rockers by ??? - Download

Tito Santana by ??? - Preview - Download

Tommy Rogers by Metalhead - Download

Too Cool (Tag team) by Slipfan (rendered) - Preview - Preview - Download

Typhoon by DanielakaDee - Preview Download

Umaga by ??? - Download

Zues by ??? Download 

Edited by Dbo2700
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SuperStar Heads:

Antonio Cesaro: By Auday ----- Preview ----- Download

Batista: By Dre 41 - Download

CM Punk: Bret Hart Tribute- Download

                Cubs/ Bears/ Green/ Pipebomb- Download

                MITB 11- Download

                Wrestlemania 29- Download

                Yankee- Download

CM Punk (ROH): By Auday ---- Preview ---- Dowload

Chris Jericho: By Status - Preview - Download

                       Code tights/ Save Me- Download

                       Y2J 2014 purple/ Y2J 2014 grey/ Y2J 2014 red- Download

Daniel Bryan: By SMK --- Preview ------ Download

                       By Status - Preview - Download

Kane: By Auday- Preview- Download               

          By Status  -Preview - Download

Mankind: By Tyrant185 - Preview - Download

The Miz: By Status - Preview - Download

Ryback: by SMK- Preview - Cyborg/ vs RTruth/ Hell in a Cell- Download

Shawn Michaels: By Status - Preview - Download

Paul Heyman: Download

Triple H: By Auday --- Preview ---Download

               By Status - Preview - Download 


Sliding D's Indy/NJPW save:



Code's Updated Save:



El Guopo's Legend Save



Roster - https://docs.google....79WEirI/pubhtml 

The Legend Save

Download -  


BigChrisSpirito's "Best Of" save - Follow him on Twitter @BigChrisSpirito to know when he updates this save.



MrBlackSheep's Diva Save



Roster- https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing 

MrBlackSheep's INDY Diva Save

Download - 


Roster- https://docs.google....kWjsPhI/pubhtml 

MrBlackSheep's Diva Pack 2


Download - Roster 

Jeffsdomain's WCW 95-99 Save


Download -- Roster-- Arenas 

Jeff's WCW 95-97 Save (partly rendered)



Jeffsdomain's WCW 97 Save


Download -

Jeffsdomain WCW 98-99 Save


Download -

Jeffsdomain WCW 99-01 Save


Download -

Jeffsdomain's WWF Early Attitude Era Save (Mania 13'-14')


Download -- Roster 

Jeffdomain's WWE Mid Attitude Era (with some caws from late 97)


Download -- Roster 

JeffsDomain's WWE 02-11 Save ( Ruthless Agression, Post RE, Nexus)


Download -
Edited by Dbo2700
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It takes presentation actually. Just wait and soon enough it'll be pinned.

Cool. Do I need a fancy banner, you think?
It would help it a bit.
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Anyone know where I can get a dope banner made?

Don't forget to add mine! ;)

I can make you a banner if you want?

Definitely adding your Vampiros! Right now I'm going through all the whole saves that were posted. Getting the hard part done first.

Sure. I'd like one. Whatever you think would look cool.

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Ok. I'm live now. A little over 100 cas posted. 10 SS heads.

Still breaking down saves.

Smk/Auday and Nickbreaker files will be posted today hopefully. Just so we can have stuff centralized.


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*Every Caw by NickBreaker posted

*Every Caw by SMK posted

*A few Miscellaneous Posted



Tonight I'm working on Slipfan and the rest of Auday's Caws.



Edited by Dbo2700
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-Curtis Axel by SMK and Tyler Breeze by Auday both re uploaded w/ Renders. Thank You Bale.

Edited by Dbo2700
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