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Answer This Post For Hackin Old Skool

kosstamojan 666

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Eh..You don't need a emulator to make the codes for SD1/2, although it is possible to go down that route.

All the codes were made with a code generator and a memory editor.

There aren't such tools for PS2, so that's why things are real slow.

The PS1 emulators took a long time to make. So will PS2 emulators. There are some around, but they don't fully run the games. Only a few menu screens, and a lot don't even have that. There's a lot for these guys to work out, so it will be a long wait yet till we see one that is of any use to us.

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well guys im on hiatus from hacking for at least 6 months

my fiance is 3 months pregnant and its really touch and go right now, glad to see all the responces on this post, man, i never thought id see all this response!!! congratulations to all the hackers to making this site the best damn smack down series hacking fourum all around, kudos to toki and trigin and all the others for craking open sd 4 and 5 for the move mods and moves, including nick as well even though you never see the guy!!

ill give you guys some tips and tricks i have for the older games

this is for smackdown 2. usage for gameshark 3.0 and above

ok here goes, just follow the how to on the splicing codex and you should get it to work, the frames are a little touchy though just add what frame you want and go either higer or lower

0003 fast attack

0006 medium attack

0010 slow attack

0009 quick grapple move

0015 slighty fast grapple move

0017 stunner and scs and most ddt type moves neckbreaker types x-factor

0020 buba cutter and twist of fate and neckbreaker type moves

0025 good for behind and some ground to ground grapple

0028 med or standred graple move frame

0031pile driver and mikinoku driver

0032 danger driver (some times )

0043 slow grapple moves

0049 bomb to face tombstonepile (some times) rikshi driver (some times




0052 ground graple more on leg locks ex walls sharp and figure four

0060 for super slow change over on grapple

0065 crossface ped

normal move hack codex

d00ba23e xxxx<--1st move digit value------

dooba246 xxxx<--frame rate value------

8ooba236 xxxx<--2nd move digit value----

dooc663e xxxx<--1st move digit value----

dooc6646 xxxx<--frame rate value----

8ooc663e xxxx<--2nd move digit value---

Double High Codex

dooba23e xxxx< ----------ariel move you want to make hella high

dooba246 006e

8ooba176 f468

Longer holding Submission moves

doob59d6 8000 <---- Start stop acitvator (MUST BE IN CODE TO WORK)---

dooba23e x x x x <----Submission move digit----

dooba246 oo80

800ba246 x x x x <----frame of submission move------

doob59d6 8000

dooc663e x x x x <-----Submission move digit

dooc6646 0080

8ooc6646 x x x x <---- frame of submission move

dooba23e x x x x <----Submission move Digit------

dooba246 0001

8oob59d6 8000

doo8525a fffe ( select activator resets move )

automatic give up codex

dooba23e x x x x <----value of move you want to auto give up

dooba246 0030

8oo76384 0005

Taunt to move codex

dooba23e x x x x <-----taunt value, hit r2 to do tuant/move

d00ba246 oo25

800ba23e x x x x < -----move digit value

dooba23e x x x x <------move digit value

dooba246 0025

800ba246 0001

i expect to see some killer hacks in a while

bye to all,

kosstamojan 666

aka the evil one :evil

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Speaking off classic hacking, I want to get into it, but I am not going to buy a n64. Do you guys know where I can find a N64 Emulator (and a no mercy rom would really help too) that you can put in gameshark codes with and has full, or almost full speed?

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Yes that sounds right, now let that be the last of the rom talk.

Why I asked is becuase theres tons of roms with that exact same file size with the same user having it, so I was wondering if it could be a fake.

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bump and we have had made tons of shit for sd2 im the one who actually found the working gore

and i was the one who came up with the idea for hacking the five star properly

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I dont know if you know this dude but this whole board first started out back on the old ezboard forums. The forum was mainly for hacking SD2 and thats were most the great codes were made and where the basis of what ur using to hack the game comes from. Most of the peeps that usually post in the general forum here are back from way then and have stopped hacking due to lazyness or other reasons.

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good point supa, the reason i never posted any of my shit any more was when i first posted a cool move that i had some body told me that i stole the move and that was on the old forum so i never bothered to post anymore because of it. i figured out how the positioning values worked and came up with the idea for hacking the five star. but since some body told me that i stole another persons move i never bothered to post it and you had people like ming and dr. jitz who made fun of others hacks saying that they couldnt do shit for this game when we all hacked and came up with some cool ass move ideas

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hey guys the old smack talks ezboard is back up for old shool hacks :) any body still cares or hacks for sd2 we can get the site back up and running

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