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I need help can guide me please

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Hello friends once again come here asking for some help .

Is that the ch obtube pac wwe wrestlers smackdown vs raw 2010 for ps2, I hold the 3 folders ch, ch2, ch3 by Interez then I want the pac ch2 I chose was the number ch15.pac going up there all right, then indicated my method but do not remember how I got the O.YOBJ and decompressing with quickbms DDS .

Explain step by step what I do but I always get an 02.bpe.unpacked file with which I have no idea what to do .

The first time I got the model michelle mchool then as I had wanted the mickie james other , but I do not miss the folder like this.


Are the files you want to get , but when I open the pack in boe xpacker I get 02 and 09.

I will comment from the beginning, to see that I can be doing wrong .

I have these 3 folders , then I'm interested in the ch2


This is the content I'm interested ch2 28-29 is Mickie James get me interested yobj and are dds textures.

Then I give PS2/PSP pac file .


Opening the file shows me these BPE


Then ahy 2 methods I have tried to apply in order to get the DDS but explain YOBJ And now that's what I get

I get to give the extract file 02.bpe obviously I can not open the xpacker and nothing.



But now I try the second method is also realize decompress using this button .


In doing so I 02.bpe generates two files and 02.yobj


But if you already have the yobj I can not open the script that I have , but that first kick if it was opened and model Michelle Mchool then not let me open it.


But wanting to open the 02.bpe with me quickbms generates a file like this 02.bpe.unpacked


But this file unpacked weighs more than the previous boe means I'm doing something wrong or procedure used to obtain the 0.YOBJ And color.DDS


I open it with a hex editor and file the boe bpe.unpacked and I get the same YOBJ


What I want exactly is to decompress and get the 0.YOBJ somehow AND also this


Do not remember what exactly hize but I am looking for the same files as my first procedure.

The tools I used are 9.1 xpacker quickbms but remember using my first attempt in the hex editor , just put the quickbms the 02.bpe and I extracted all those files but now just gives me 02.bpe.unpacked , please help I beg if possible.

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