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Name Changes Anyone?


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Sorry to bother,but I need:

-Sean O'Haire to Jim Ross

-Rodney Mack to Jerry Lawler

-A-Train to The Coach or Jonathin Coachman

-Rico to Michael Cole

I tried it myself but came up with "m de Macy Lawler" for Jerry Lawler.Thanks in advance.

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Austin`s ring name as Sheriff Stone Cold for gs2. V.3 NTSC

1400B524 16F0C4C2

1400B531 9EF8C4C8

1400B532 1FF0C4E8

1480B521 9EF0C5EA

1400B524 17F8C4DA

1400B533 9FF0C4D2

1400B520 9EF0C5F8

1400B531 17F084F2

14C09622 9F70C448

Tell me if it works, cause I can't test it.

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this one should stay open so the ppl can use the already made codes, but i dont think anyone should post here for a while, im really busy with work and summer school and other things, so please just wait until i "re-open" this topic :)

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