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This is an editor that you can use to modify your own copy of SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 for the PS2. With it you can export characters from other PS2 SMACKDOWN games and import them into your SVR2010 and create your own dream roster. It is also possible to import characters that might have been created by others or with edited textures. You can also edit the stats, entrances and movesets of all characters on the game and make them all playable in your game.

Some features:

  • export/import character models
  • export/import arena models
  • edit names
  • edit wrestler info
  • edit stats for each wrestler
  • globally edit stats for all characters with one button press
  • edit movesets for each wrestler
  • edit entrances & music
  • export/import all wrestler stats & info, movesets and entrances
  • add/remove multiple attires
  • edit move names
  • edit move damage
  • edit move positions
  • network support for team projects

You can find the roster editor for PS2 at

Please help me spread the word.

I also tried to setup a collection of links at the site to find info about the game and modding. If you have more suggestions of links to add please suggest them to me.

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How to edit movesets with this??

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