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Adding new Titontrons and Themes


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Credit:Scratcher for Tutorials

first of all u need the xmv-converter to convert avi videos to to xmv and the XBOX ADCPM Audio Codec to convert wav files into xbox wav-files

Now I will discripe how u add them into the game with the example of the second Batista i added in my first tutorial.

1. open HD.WAD and extract character_table.xml

2. open it with notepad again

3. go to the character text where u want to add the new media (in this case: Batista 02)

4. find the line intro="d:\cutscene\scenes\entrance_batista.csf and change it to intro="d:\cutscene\scenes\entrance_batista2.csf

5. save it and import it back into the HD.WAD

6. open DVD2.WAD and extract entrance_batista.csf

7. rename it to entrance_batista2.csf (just like u did in the xml in step 4)

8. open it with notepad

9. press F3 for the search option and enter wav

10. now rename every wav file entry to the one u want to add into the game (4 example: entrance_batista.wav to entrance_batista_new.wav)

11. now open the search option again and search for every xmv entry and do the same as u did with the wav entries

12. save the file

13. make folders on the xbox in the WM21 Game Folder called "cutscene/audio" and "cutscene/video" and "cutscene/scenes"

14. upload the HD.Wad to the main folder, the xmv in the video folder, the wave in the audio folder and the csf in the scenes folder

15. check the x,y and z partitions for cache files and delete them

16. start the game

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