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Tutorial Adding new Wrestlers


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Credit:Scratcher for Tutorials

before you begin, you need the XXI-Explorer ( XXIExplorer v2.2 ) and the HD.WAD from the WM21 game

now we start with adding an alternate outfit. for example i will take Batista

1. export "characters_table.xml" with the XXI-Explorer from the HD.WAD

2. open the"Character_table.xml" with notepad

3. search for the Batista script text

( <Character name="Batista" id="24">

<Assets icon="icon_batista.res" icon2="pose_batista.res" mesh="d:\characters\batista.k" entranceMesh="d:\characters\batista.k" shadowMesh="d:\characters\shadow_medium.k" bnpMesh="" intro="d:\cutscene\scenes\entrance_batista.csf" />

<Attributes weightClass="Super Heavyweight" expertise="Power" gender="Male" speed="6" strength="10" submission="7" countering="7" stamina="9" charisma="7" faceOrHeel="heel" playable="True" brand="RAW" partner="25" />

<Entrance audio="" video="d:\cutscene\video\Entrance_Batista_edit.xmv" />

</Character> )

4. copy it

5. paste it below the first batista text, so u have 2 batista texts now

6. go in the second text to <Character name="Batista" id="24"> and hhange Batista to everything you like (4 example "Batista alternativ")

7. goto mesh="d:\characters\batista.k and change it to mesh="d:\characters\batista2.k

8. goto entranceMesh="d:\characters\batista.k and change it to entranceMesh="d:\characters\batista2.k

9. save the xml and import it back into the HD.WAD

10. rename the batista.k to batista2.k

11. put the hd.wad back onto your xbox

12. make a folder in the wm21 folder called characters (example: /F/Games/WWE Wrestlemania XXI/characters)

13 upload the batista2.k into the characters folder

14. check the X, Y and Z folders for cache files and delete them

15. start the game and enjoy ^^

in the xml u can even edit the stats, brand and if hes palyable or not.

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