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Brienj has some saves for the Xbox 360 version of Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010. In the game you can not fight the women against the men, and women are restricted to the types of matches they can compete in, so I decided to change that. Also, there are NPCs that you can not use in the game to wrestle with. I have three different saves, and I will give a description of each one before the link.

I hope it doesn't need to be said, but you have to resign the save to work on your own console, which means you had to get your keyvault from a vulnerable 360. If you've updated your 360 and have not got the keyvault, you'll have to find out your options, I am not an expert on this, I can not help you with this. Google - resign Xbox 360 saves, for information. Maybe any members that can provide info on the subject, they can chime in and help you.

The first link is a video so you can see the save in action:

Beth Phoenix Vs. Rey Mysterio - Hell In A Cell Match

All of these saves have the added bonus of being able to play with the NPCs. Also, make sure you use the correct save, if you have Stone Cold Steve Austin, use that save, if you do not, use the other one. Note that if you do not have Stone Cold, the save will not allow you to use him, so don't expect that.

The first save lets you use Beth Phoenix as a new age Chyna, and she can compete as a man:


The second save lets you make female CAWs that can compete as a man:


The third save combines both Beth Phoenix as a man and female CAWs as men:


You can get the updated archive here:

It is VERY important to read the included readme file, and if you find any new "bugs", let me know so I can update my readme.

The new update also includes the ability to use the hack if you can patch one of the game files and then play the game with the new file. The updated hack also gives the NPCs an entrance, they did not have an entrance with the old hack.

Remember that once a female wrestler competes as a man, she can no longer compete against women or go for women titles. I would suggest making a separate profile, because you will also have to start all over, plus you can test the save and see if you like it. You use the saves at your own risk.

Give me feedback on any suggestions you have. Thanks.

credit to brienj.. thanks man.. ;)

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links not working

Yes, I removed the saves, because they were too glitchy, you have to use my complete hack to get intergender play, and if you would have followed the link and removed the extra stuff so it went to my website homepage, you'd know that. :p

You can do it like this:

brienj's Xbox Hacking Portal


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