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this is my first post, but can anyone get me some codes for xploder, like alwasy 12 tables, always whatever match... infact every xploder code there is other than unlockables because i already have everything.

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I couldnt find the pins on and off jokered code, so if someone could make a code to : turn pins off with L3, and turn them on with R3

OR just point me to the pin codes and jokers locations. thanx

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Here are 3 requests:

1. A code that modifies the members, entrances, & entrance moves of the exhibition, season, & superstar stables.

2. A code that allows you to pick up weapons after being eliminated in a battle royal & in a lumberjack match.

3. A code that not only makes the ring invisible, but makes the ring disappear.

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Can some one give me a code where you can pin some one anywhere (like a hardcore match) all the time. I have the pin always on code, but during hardcore matches you can can only pin the person in the ring.

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Here's a request.

Anyone ever notice that the only time you can perform a running Vandaminator is when you choose RVD's move set? Unless I've overlooked it, this doesn't appear to be a selectable move. I don't want to choose RVD's move set for my CAW, since I've spent tons of time giving him what he has already. So does any one have any idea what wrestler mod offset would affect this?

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Just set the value from 1 to 2 if you are using a CB2. If you are using a GS2 the last 2 digits of the value should be changed from 84 to 85. This will make pinfalls count anywhere. By the way changing the digits to zero or 83 (depending on what you are using) will turn pinfalls off.

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can any one make a code for infinite caw points for xploder(pal)

I don't use Xploder, so I don't know if these codes that I found on another site will work:



FA167E63 32AA00F4

Infinite Attributes

2A83322B 24020000

2A472E20 2403270F

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Is there a code to make hardcore matches always on. Or make it so you can always go backstage. I have gameshark 2 version 2 NTSC. So if anyone can help that would just be wonderfull.

There isn't a single code that makes it always hardcore matches. Combining bunch of other codes will give the same effect though -- Ring Out Always On, Falls Anywhere Always On, Pins Always On, Infinite Weapons, No DQ, Ring Out Count Off and Backstage Indicators On. That should be it ... I'll post these once I've located them.

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How about a Hell In A Cell Roff Top Match

Rules: Wrestlers start in the ring and the 1st one to slam their opponet through the Cell wins the match.

This code was also done in WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

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Please create a Pal ar2v2 Interference Manual Code

and Hiac Door already open for pal?

or try convert these codes: (not sure if these are AR2/GS2v2 (NTSC))

Hiac Door Already Open



Interference Always Manual


Bra & Panties Always On


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Good lord, look at all the people signing up JUST to make impossible requests *coughtitlesinexhibitioncough*


BUMP FOR THE "ALWAYS X LADDERS" CODE, just like the "Always X tables" code

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