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Updated Roster Save, CAWs, Belts and Non-Playables Unlocked!


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1. Big Daddy V

2. Bamm Neely

3. Cody Rhodes (New Black & Gold Attire & Updated)

4. Shelton Benjamin (Gold Standard Attire)

5. Steven Richards

6. Chris Jericho (New Short Tights Red Attire w/ Jericho on the Back)

7. Beth Phoenix (updated Attire)

8. Charlie Haas (Normal Attire)

9. *Empty*

10. Ted Debiase Jr.

11. Kurt Hawkins

12. Big Show (updated since Play Beyond Save)

13. The Miz (updated w/ new attire featuring Chick Magnet Shirt)

14. Santino Marella (updated w/ new look & attire)

15. Colin Delaney (Last Night In ECW attire LOL!)

16. Evan Bourne

17. Zack Ryder

18. Kamala

19. Mr. USA Tony Atlas

20. Funaki (updated slightly)

21. *EMPTY*

22. Mike Knox (updated since Play Beyond Save)


24. *EMPTY*

25. Hulk Hogan

26. Chris Jericho (2nd Attire)

27. Kofi Kingston

28. Victoria (updated since Play Beyond Save)

29. Rob Van Dam (classic yellow ECW attire)

30. Hardcore Holly


World Champion - Chris Jericho

WWE Champion - HHH

US Champion - Shelton Benjamin

IC Champion - Santino Marella

Women\'s Champion Beth Phoenix

World Tag Team Champions - Simply Priceless (Debiase & Rhodes)

WWE Tag Team Champions - Hawkins & Ryder

Custom Championships

WWE PSN Championship

ECW TV Championship

Undisputed Tag Team Championship

WWE SVR08 Championship

WWE European Championship

ECW World Championship (*NEW ECW STEEL BELT)

Download: Click Here

Credit: AntDaGamer The Gift & The Curse

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