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Music Extraction Guide

Supa #2

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for the Playstation 2 video game console

** Music Extraction Guide by Paul Rudoff **

Ver. FINAL, Rev. 1 (1/21/2004)







01. Introduction & Special Legal Information

02. System Requirements

03. Music List

04. Extraction Walkthrough

05. Extraction Walkthrough - Directly To MP3

06. Music CD Purchase Links

07. Credits

08. Revision History

09. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer





* This guide will only tell you how to extract the audio for *

* your listening pleasure. It won't tell you how to rebuild *

* the game with new music, because I don't know how to do that. *


I've been a wrestling fan since the 1980s, and I've always enjoyed the

wrestler's entrance themes. I own most of the WWF/WWE albums from 1985's

"The Wrestling Album" to 2002's "Anotholgy," while other members of my

family own the ones I don't have. I also have two CDs I made of various

WWF/WWE/WCW themes I've collected over the years.

This is my second music extration guide. However, as of this writing,

I've also written guides for the previous two games in the SmackDown!

series: 2001's Just Bring It (JBI) and 2002's Shut Your Mouth (SYM).


As far as I know, this is perfectly legal. You are merely making a backup

copy of what you already own and leaving it on a storage device (hard

drive, CD, etc.) for future use.

However, it is ILLEGAL for you to put any of the music you have copied

onto the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, placing the

sound files as downloads on your personal homepage or a corporate music

collection or sharing the files on a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing

network such as Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, etc. You may NOT distribute these

files between you and other acquaintances through any means whatsoever.

Anything you do as a result of this guide is completely your

responsibility, and neither the author nor any other third party will take

responsibility for your actions.




Along with the Here Comes The Pain game disc, you will need the following

on/in your computer in order to do the music extraction.

1. A DVD-ROM drive, or any other optical drive that is able to read DVD

data discs.

2. Microsoft Windows 95 or higher (unconfirmed about 95, but I know it

works on 2000)

3. Three gigabytes of free space on your hard drive. I don't know what's

the least you could have to do this, but three gigs would give PLENTY

of room to do everything with space left over. Otherwise you may have

to convert songs a few at a time.

4. A copy of ADXUtil, Win32/GUI version (http://www.geocities.com/sakura_br/).




This is a list of all of the music I could find on the game disc. This

includes hidden music (not available in the game), duplicates, and audio

that most people probably could care less about. For the record, in

regards to hidden music there is very little of it and the five tracks I

found are just alternate versions of themes already in the game.

Some of these themes are fake (not the wrestler's real-life entrance

theme) and some are old (not the current theme at the time of the game's

release - 10/27/2003). Fake ones will be labelled when known. Titles

come from the game's manual or from a wrestling audio CD on which the song

appears. In some cases, if not all, I will list a wrestling CD (or CDs)

on which the song appears - though the version in the game may be

slightly different than what's on the CD. If it sounds *too* different,

I won't credit it from the CD. If a CD is listed, BUY THE CD, because

the version on the CD will be complete and not just a one minute segment

like in the game. For your convience, there is a section further in this

document containing purchase links for wrestling CDs.

I'm not a wrestling music expert, so feel free to send corrections.

After each title is the track length of the outputted wav files in minutes

and seconds and the file size of the outputted wav files.

The audio in the game is in ADX format. However, the ADX files are

archived inside AFS files. So, the filename line of each track contains

the location of the AFS file on the game disc, followed by the real name of

the ADX file contain therein, and in parenthesis the "relative" filename

that ADXUtil gives the ADX file. If you want to see the real filename of

each ADX file, you'll need AFS Explorer

(http://dte-ng.issextreme.com/scripts/ps2.php). However, this program is

completely unnecessary for this project. I am providing the real filename

for the benefit of those people who may need such information. (Confused

yet? I hope not.)

Original music descriptions for the Shut Your Mouth (SYM) tracks came from

SuburbanHell's SYM "Original Music FAQ."


A-Train (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm129.adx (BGM003_00009)

Batista (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm126.adx (BGM003_00006)

The Big Show - Big (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm105.adx (BGM002_00025)

[WWF The Music Vol. 4, 1999]

Booker T - KOS 010 #-31 (Booker T Anthem) (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm091.adx (BGM002_00011)

Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm118.adx (BGM002_00038)

[a version without the little musical hook at the beginning can be

found on WWE Anthology, 2002]

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm156.adx (BGM003_00036)

Chris Benoit - Whatever (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm092.adx (BGM002_00012)

["Whatever" performed by Our Lady Peace]

[WWF Forceable Entry, 2002]

Chris Jericho - Break Down The Walls [with countdown] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm088.adx (BGM002_00008)

Chris Jericho - Break Down The Walls [in progress] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm089.adx (BGM002_00009)

Christian (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm094.adx (BGM002_00014)

The Dudley Boyz - Ollie Stalefish (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm097.adx (BGM002_00017)

* NOTE: This is the Dudley Boyz first WWF theme. When they got

their new theme, this one was given to Spike Dudley - minus the explosion

heard at the beginning.

[original non-explosion version appears on Solluna Records - World

Wrestling Theme Library Vol. 1, 2001]

Edge - Never Gonna Stop [with "You Think You Know Me" intro] (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm093.adx (BGM002_00013)

["Never Gonna Stop (the red, red kroovy)" performed by Rob Zombie]

Eric Bischoff - I'm Back (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm102.adx (BGM002_00022)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Evolution (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm155.adx (BGM003_00035)

[performed by Motorhead]

Goldberg (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm121.adx (BGM003_00001)

Goldust - Gold-Lust (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm120.adx (BGM003_00000)

[a version without the little musical hook at the beginning can be

found on: WWF Full Metal: The Album, 1996; and WWE Anthology, 2002]

The Hurricane - Eye Of The Hurricane (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm116.adx (BGM002_00036)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Jazz (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm145.adx (BGM003_00025)

John Cena - Basic Thugonomics (1:00) (11.01 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm115.adx (BGM002_00035)

["Basic Thugonomics" performed by John Cena]

[WWE Originals, 2004]

Kane - Out Of The Fire (aka "Burned") [in progress] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm090.adx (BGM002_00010)

["Out Of The Fire" on WWF The Music Vol. 5, 2000; "Burned" on WWE Anthology,


Kevin Nash (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm130.adx (BGM003_00010)

Kurt Angle - Medal (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm087.adx (BGM002_00007)

Kurt Angle - Medal [with "You Suck" chants] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm086.adx (BGM002_00006)

[non-"You Suck" version on WWF The Music Vol. 5, 2000]

Lance Storm (fake) (0:59) (10.82 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm098.adx (BGM002_00018)

Lita - It Just Feels Right (Instrumental) (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm096.adx (BGM002_00016)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Los Guerreros (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm113.adx (BGM002_00033)

Los Guerreros (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm146.adx (BGM003_00026)

Matt Hardy v1 - Live For The Moment (0:59) (10.97 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm095.adx (BGM002_00015)

Matt Hardy v1 - Live For The Moment [no typing intro] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm152.adx (BGM003_00032)

["Live For The Moment" performed by Monster Magnet]

[the no typing version, but with a full intro, appears

on WWF Forceable Entry, 2002]

Rey Mysterio - "(619)" (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm103.adx (BGM002_00023)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Rhyno (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm144.adx (BGM003_00024)

Rico (1:00) (10.99 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm112.adx (BGM002_00032)

Rob Van Dam (1:00) (10.99 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm085.adx (BGM002_00005)

[this is his original theme played when he joined WWE in the Invasion angle]

The Rock [2003] (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm080.adx (BGM002_00000)

The Rock [2003] [no sweeping intro] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm151.adx (BGM003_00031)

Rodney Mack (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm125.adx (BGM003_00005)

Sable - Wild Cat (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm122.adx (BGM003_00002)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Scott Steiner (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm099.adx (BGM002_00019)

Sean O'Haire - Come On (With Whatever You Got) (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm135.adx (BGM003_00015)

["Come On (With Whatever You Got)" performed by Waterproof Blonde]

Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm119.adx (BGM002_00039)

["Sexy Boy" performed by Shawn Michaels]

[WWF Full Metal: The Album, 1996; WWE Anthology, 2002]

Stacy Keibler (fake) (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm110.adx (BGM002_00030)

[a poor instrumental of her real theme - Kid Rock's "Legs"]

Stephanie McMahon - All Grown Up (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm100.adx (BGM002_00020)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Steven Richards (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm131.adx (BGM003_00011)

Stone Cold Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm081.adx (BGM002_00001)

[WWF The Music Vol. 3, 1998; WWE Anthology, 2002]

Tajiri (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm107.adx (BGM002_00027)

Test (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm104.adx (BGM002_00024)

Too Cool - Turn It Up (aka "Bangin' It") (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm108.adx (BGM002_00028)

[theme given to Rikishi in JBI & HCTP, Scotty 2 Hotty in SYM]

["Turn It Up" on WWF The Music Vol. 5, 2000; "Bangin' It" on WWE Anthology,


Torrie Wilson - Need A Little Time (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm117.adx (BGM002_00037)

["Need A Little Time" performed by Lilian Garcia]

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Triple H - The Game (0:59) (10.93 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm082.adx (BGM002_00002)

Triple H - The Game (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm156.adx (BGM003_00037)

Triple H - The Game [in progress] (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm083.adx (BGM002_00003)

["The Game" performed by Motorhead]

[WWF The Music Vol. 5, 2000]

Trish Stratus - Time To Rock & Roll (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm106.adx (BGM002_00026)

["Time To Rock & Roll" performed by Lil' Kim]

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Ultimo Dragon (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm150.adx (BGM003_00030)

Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm084.adx (BGM002_00004)

[WWE Anthology, 2002]

Val Venis - Hello Ladies (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm128.adx (BGM003_00008)

[WWF The Music Vol. 3, 1998; WWE Anthology, 2002]

Victoria (fake) (1:00) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm114.adx (BGM002_00034)

[a poor instrumental her real theme - TATU's "All The Things She Said"]

Vince McMahon - No Chance In Hell (0:59) (10.98 MB)

\BGM\BGM002.AFS: bgm101.adx (BGM002_00021)

[This was originally the theme of The Corporation, which was the

faction headed by Vince McMahon.]

[full intro versions appear on WWF The Music Vol. 4, 1999; and WWE Anthology,


RAW - Across The Nation [remix] (1:54) (21.03 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm148.adx (BGM003_00028)

["Across The Nation" performed by The Union Underground]

SmackDown! (1:54) (21.03 MB)

\BGM\BGM003.AFS: bgm149.adx (BGM003_00029)


These might be incorrect. Some might be menu music.

Match Background 1 (2:02) (22.4 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM052.adx (BGM001_00000)

Match Background 2 (2:05) (22.95 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM053.adx (BGM001_00001)

Match Background 3 (2:00) (22.06 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM054.adx (BGM001_00002)

Match Background 4 (2:03) (22.61 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM055.adx (BGM001_00003)

Match Background 5 (3:15) (35.8 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM040.adx (BGM001_00004)

Match Background 6 (2:07) (23.37 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM041.adx (BGM001_00005)

Match Background 7 (2:06) (23.13 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM042.adx (BGM001_00006)

Match Background 8 (2:04) (22.82 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM043.adx (BGM001_00007)

Match Background 9 (2:07) (23.34 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM044.adx (BGM001_00008)

Match Background 10 (2:03) (22.54 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM045.adx (BGM001_00009)

Match Background 11 (2:08) (23.54 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM046.adx (BGM001_00010)

Match Background 12 (2:02) (22.41 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM047.adx (BGM001_00011)

Match Background 13 (2:13) (24.35 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM048.adx (BGM001_00012)

Match Background 14 (2:12) (24.17 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM049.adx (BGM001_00013)

Match Background 15 (2:31) (27.69 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM050.adx (BGM001_00014)

Match Background 16 (2:06) (23.18 MB)

\BGM\BGM001.AFS: BGM051.adx (BGM001_00015)


Original 1 (0:30) (5.49 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm160.adx (BGM004_00000)

[sYM's Original 01 - Minor-key heavy metal (definite heel music)]

Original 2 (0:29) (5.46 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm161.adx (BGM004_00001)

[sYM's Original 02 - Wild 80's guitar rock (like Satriani)]

Original 3 (0:32) (5.92 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm162.adx (BGM004_00002)

[sYM's Original 04 - Weird dance tune with heavy percussion & bass]

Original 4 (0:30) (5.51 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm163.adx (BGM004_00003)

[sYM's Original 05 - Country-Rock, similar to a Jeff Jarrett theme]

Original 5 (0:30) (5.62 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm164.adx (BGM004_00004)

[sYM's Original 06 - Late-80's rock-n-roll, ascending guitar chops]

Original 6 (0:30) (5.52 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm165.adx (BGM004_00005)

[sYM's Original 08 - Military March in minor-key with horns]

Original 7 (0:32) (5.85 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm166.adx (BGM004_00006)

[sYM's Original 09 - Club-Dance with female solo]

Original 8 (0:30) (5.51 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm167.adx (BGM004_00007)

[sYM's Original 10 - Horn-stab funk, sort of James Brown with a rock feel]

Original 9 (0:30) (5.63 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm168.adx (BGM004_00008)

[sYM's Original 11 - Morricone-style spaghetti western movie theme]

Original 10 (0:30) (5.65 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm169.adx (BGM004_00009)

[sYM's Original 13 - Dark theme like old Undertaker, with choir/bells/organ]

Original 11 (0:30) (5.57 MB)

\BGM\BGM004.AFS: bgm170.adx (BGM004_00010)

[sYM's Original 14 - Explosion FX, thumping n

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That's pretty cool.

Hey, just so you'll know the theme for RVD used in this game was the theme when he first entered the WWE back in 2001. Why they used that instead of his current theme, I don't know.

I noticed they botched up a good many of the theme songs. Victoria's theme doesn't have words, The Dudleys Boyz have Spike's theme (thier old one), & Kane doesn't even have his current theme either.

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  • 1 month later...

While I'm honored that you guys thought enough of my guide to reprint it here, I wish you would have asked me first. Anyway, what was posted here was the very first version of the guide (Ver. 1.0, 11/10/2003). It has since been updated five more times and is now on the final version (12/26/2003). You can download it at GameFaqs

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  • 4 months later...
  • 1 month later...

ok i found a way to convert to ADX format but all the files have to be in WAV format first but if there MP# theres a converter on the site for MP3 to ADX as well. because danomac is getting very futile with links i will put the link in to my sig hope you like it coz this way you can replace the music files and burn a new disk YEY i aint got 1 yet but am gonna get a DVD RW and a ps2 modchip coz am frightened of flying n me mom n bro r goin to jersey for a couple o days so i just basicly get what i want lol cant wait! btw it will take a while for me to get a DVD RW and ps2 mod chip (like in september or sumin) so if any one trys to put there own files on to the game please tell me if it works. oh yeah on the guide given here it says what music is what in the game. you might need to change the names of the music that you have put into the game e.g. if you put rvds new music in you might need to change the name of the one you are putting into the game to the name of the one you are taking out (best to just copy and paste)

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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...

i no sum1 on the board has just dont no hu it is but my heory above should have it workin and in like a week ill be able to test my thoery (gettin both a dvd-rw and a ps2 mod chip and ive already converted all the files i want on lol cant wait to see if it works (coz then i can try it for svr wen it comes out here)

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  • 2 months later...

Someone please remove the guide from this site. I only want one copy of it online, the copy I submit to GameFaqs.


Eventhough I didn't explicitly say this in my earlier message in the thread, I thought it was implied. That's why I never bothered to check back on this thread until today.

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