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Smacktalks CAW Competition

Niles Jansen The Third

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Alright, basicly- the best CAW wins. (One winner for PS2 and one for 360)

Rules are as follows:

1. Absolutely no stealing. If you are caught stealing, I'll be pissed. I may even piss on you.

2. Must include atleast 3 reference pictures (from 3 different angles)-That means 3 pictures of the CAWs real life counter-part.

3. Must have atleast 6 pictures of the CAW. That's 3 angles of the face, and 3 angles of the body.

4. Only clear photos will be accepted. If you can't use a cap card, make it as clear as possible.

5. No other cheating. No photoshoping it and syuff. That would be just low. Plus, I'd probably be able to tell.

No formula for the CAW is necesary, unless you really want to post it.

You will be able to enter your CAW until January 7th, after which I will make a poll to decide the winner.

Post a new topic with your entry in it, and keep in mind the rules.

Good luck, and don't be gay.

Post CAWs of people

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Just read the original post.

This is your last warning about the sigs aswell. You'll be suspended if you don't get rid of them. You have a half an hour to get rid of one, or else I will suspend you.

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