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How To Mod Your Xbox!


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Right you want to be able to edit games etc, right? Well you're going to need a few things first.

An Executer Chip


Cross-over Cable* (Bought from any PC shop)

*You can use a normal ethernet cable, with a router.

Ok, what you need to do is firstly get your hands on an Executer chip, here's a link to their site. Xecuter, then get a hold of a Hard-drive, like the ones for in a PC, 60GB+ is good as you will be able to store quite a handful of games on this size of Hard-drive. Here is a link to buy the new Xecuter Mod Chip.

You will need to connect all of this up to your Xbox, this means opening it up etc. Easier if you go to a shop or someone who does this professionaly, saves time, may cost a tiny bit more, though. Recommended for beginners.

Next, you'll have a chipped Xbox, yay. Now you have to store your game(s) onto the Xbox so you're able to mod them. There will be something called DVD2Xbox in the applications part of the Hard-drive, or it may be called XboxTool. It's straight forward from there.

After around 10min or so, your game will be stored onto the Xbox. Next step is to connect your Xbox up to your PC/Laptop. Get your Cross-over cable and put the big side into the Xbox and the other into your PC/Laptop. Or if you have a router just connect the Xbox to the Router, the PC/Laptop the the router and you will have a connection.

Next, go into the EvoX dashboard which will also be in your Hard-drive. From there you will see your IP, if not go to the settings and put the IP to dynamic or turn off the static IP. Restart your Xbox and check if the IP appears now, it should be something like;'s mine and usually the same or nearly the same as other people's Xbox.)

Finally you'll need an FTP, FlashFXP will work wonders. Download it, install it, open it. Press the lightning bolt thing on the right side, press 'Quick Connect' and put in the following;

Server: (Put in the IP we talked about beforehand!)

Port: 21

Username: xbox

Password: xbox

Leave everything else blank!

Now, click 'Connect'.

Folders should appear. Click on the folder where you saved the game, usually folder F, then click on 'games' then click on the game you want to mod.

Now you can mod your games!

Please feel free to ask questions, comment this etc.

Happy Modding, Iain.

Edit; Added in a link to buy the Xecuter chip.

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