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  2. Hello all i'm trying currently to make a titantron for Andrade but i'm not maneging this.. I got the Rad video tool and i downloaded the titantron from youtube. I converted it to mp4 format and even used sony vegas to shorten the lenght of it and keep it still under mp4 format. later i opened up the rad video tools and selected the mp4 titantron of andrade. changed the name format from andrade.bik to andrade.bk2 put the frame start at 30 to synch with the entrance song. didnt hit compress audio because i already installed all the entrance songs i wanted! once the file is done converted i open it and unlike the titantrons that are in the game that come in a certain window size, mine are always entire screen sized...idk why. i named the file after the file that i want to replace in the path directory of where the titantrons are inside the game. ( tongue twister i know ) made sure it's still ending in bk2. made a copy of the original titantron just in case things go bad... close enter game go to creation, entrance, superstar, choose the titantron that i changed "in this case it was undertaker's". the titantron isnt showing...instead the side movie is stretching over where the titantron should be playing.. maybe i'm missing something? like the window size format should be smaller? how do i do this? or is it something else?
  3. The Anti Source

    NecromicoN's Creations

    If you downloaded the WM9 arena from Necromicons and selected the correct textures in the correct spots, then everything would be EXACTLY where and how it should be. When I did it, there was not a single texture I had to reposition, stretch, shrink, NOTHING. So if things aren't looking correct, you aren't selecting the correct textures to replace. I've done this perfectly with FIVE of his arenas, so I know it's correct. WM9, Raw, Summerslam 95, Summerslam 96, and WM XII all worked perfectly.
  4. Yep power and glory definitely made the cut. Just waiting till may for wm7. In fact I already made a Paul Roma and previewed him in a generic attire. this is just a rough draft of him but yeah he will be here for wm7
  5. Hey Matt did power and glory make your cut this year? Would be rather cool to have them in the game. Your Hercules mods are fantastic so I know you would do Paul Roma justice. I believe they wrestled LOD at WMVII.
  6. Alexa Blissed Off

    WrestlePLUS for V 1.04

    Yeah for some reason the Match Editor is broken. It will give us a error whenever we try to inject anything after editing it in Match Editor. Once you click Read again it will just load the default values. Sadly I don't know how to fix this issue. Pozzum will have to fix it once he comes back.
  7. prowrestling

    NecromicoN's Creations

    Thanks for the explanation, I got the textures in but I don't think it's stretched to the right dimensions. I made sure to upload them choosing the right dimension. But thank you for the info, at least progress is made. Thanks for the explanation, I got the textures in but I don't think it's stretched to the right dimensions. I made sure to upload them choosing the right dimension. But thank you for the info, at least progress is made.
  8. Bro these are mods where you add or replace actual game files rather than a caw that you download from within the games online network. It is for the PC. Sorry. Red rooster and koko b ware didn't make the cut this year sorry. I couldn't fit all of them. However I have a koko mod from my 2k18 that you can use in 19. But you have to have a PC and learn to install mods. Good luck.
  9. motishow

    WrestlePLUS for V 1.04

    I am trying to play the backstage brawl match using entrance attires , i have tried with "match edit" option but it doens't work properly. any ideas?
  10. WhereTheFdidTheEgo

    Any one know where this .bk2 file is?

    It's from Clash of Champions '17, I ported the .bk2 files from 2k16 in /ar_mini, /ar_wall, /bg_mini, and /bg_wall but only the minitron changed..
  11. BamBams Universe

    NecromicoN's Creations

    @prowrestling Thank you for your praise. And thank you @The Anti Source for the explanation. He already described it very well. You should find all graphics here:
  12. RandomFiend

    WWE 2K19 Video Thread : Post all your Videos.

    Worked real hard on this. It's about two original characters of mine. Please take some time to watch it if you can and drop some feed back! Thank you.
  13. Hi guys, Can I also make a request? I'd like to see the Red Rooster he was in WM 5. Possibly Koko B Ware also Perhaps you could add them to your list. That would be great. Keep up the good work.
  14. The Anti Source

    NecromicoN's Creations

    You need to download the textures then upload them with the 2K image uploader yourself. Still download the arenas from CC BECAUSE even though the textures will be missing, when you go to replace them (with the textures you uploaded), the game REMEMBERS the placement of the texture, so there's no readjusting required. Just select the correct textures and everything will automatically be sized and placed for you!
  15. Not sure if everybody has this issue, cause on NBA2k19 it's a similar debate between the population if the input lag is bad or playable. But so far what i've experienced from online (With about 30 ping to the 2k server) 2 second (sometimes 3-4) of input lag, and sometimes you'll see your opponent in a random spot of the arena that he's not actually at.
  16. zekrush

    How good is the creations scene on PC?

    I like making CAWs on PC much more than console, but most of the game's player base is on PS4/XB1. Meaning a lot more creators for CAWs and better CAWs. But can agree that the mods are the best part.
  17. Ok... I'm not used to post stuff. Thanks for the advice. I still thinks it deserves the spot in "Creations", since it is a content for a creation tool available in the game. But I am probably getting something wrong. Was just trying to share with more people anyway. Thanks for the advice and sorry for the misunderstanding.
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