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  2. Awesome @DFM85 Thanks for all your work
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  5. UPDATE: Keiji Mutoh, Samuray Del Sol, Mistico
  6. So for whatever reason the contents of my: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\WWE 2K19\movies\menu\wwe19_movie\opening went missing. I was wondering if a kind soul would be able to tell me the name of that file. That's all I need since I have a custom opening I was planning on putting in.
  7. Squaredcircle, Are you able to port Taker (WMXXX) from 2K15? I think someone tried a few months ago but there was an attire issue or something. Best! IUE
  8. i know this is old but anyone found it ?
  9. You need to provide more details on how you’ve installed the mod? Which slot, where did you copy the pac files, have you installed the creation studio mods, does the model work in game?
  10. DFM85

    2k19 Entrance Video by DFM85

    > Duddley Boyz
  11. @Goon3r73 Yeah it sure is ahead of the game. Sorry thats like asking how the movie is going to end halfway through it. You'll just have to see. I'm not sure how far I need to go to have this be considered a legit showcase. But I'm working on it. "Whomever else is helping me" this isn't a community project with contributions from all. Thanks red rooster for the Jake Robert's and the tights design on the rude long hair collab. Other than that the "showcase" is made by myself and heavy contributions by @Just Not those of which are either posted by him or marked as a collab. Thanks for following and stay tuned to find out........
  12. Okay, I am sort of new to modding. I succesfully modded in Wrestlers like Test to 2k18, but they had no renders. Other times, I would accidentally mod a skin over a default superstar [Tito Santana over Sting 91] ,The only way I was able to remedy this was deleting uninstalling the ch/pac files via the custom character tools, but now I am missing 91 Sting as now as 99 sting. Is there anyway for me to reset the game files or restore the wrestlers I accidentally deleted such as Sting 91 and 99?
  13. @matt2282p I know I may be ahead of the game when I ask this but, when it comes to Wrestlemania 7 do you plan on creating the run up between the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage? Then culminate in their career vs career match at Wrestlemania. Also regarding Wrestlemania 8 do you plan on creating Warrior's attire he wore when he ran down to help Hulk Hogan against Sid and Papa Shango? Whatever your plans may be regarding Wrestlemania's 7 and 8, I will say this much, you are doing a mighty grand job of creating what can arguably be called a Showcase all of it's own. Fantastic work being done by yourself and whom ever is helping you with this. * Thumbs Up *
  15. Silverfan

    Uninstall superstars

    Is it possible to replace a male superstar for a female superstar like for example sting 91 for Ronda rousey
  16. grayfox12

    Port over 2K15 entrances?

    Seems 2k doesn't fix bug and historical bug, but still to change code and screen to screw modding and video scene...
  17. UtlimatePiper

    Port over 2K15 entrances?

    Its still featured but it doesnt work properly in this year game unfortunately
  18. christoph

    WrestlePLUS for V 1.04

    Anyone have a list of all the wrestler mods that are available on WWE2K19+ ?
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  20. Orient Express: Akio Sato WIP. I am going to add a bonus and make the Kato (the masked one) So it can be a three man tag team.
  21. Do you have another link to your drive?
  22. Chris2000

    Port over 2K15 entrances? I have trialed two different ways, one with lower resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the other a higher res of 2560 x 1440. I also took of shadows temporarily, the frame rate is slower yes, but the quality is so much better I created this custom res using Nvidia Control Panel as you mentioned above. I am happy with this result. I have two further questions. One, is there anyone who is very good at texturing I need some assistance. Second, is it possible to have matches backstage with more than two people, say 4 or 5 people?
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