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  2. Jarrett looks excellent, got your Hogan in my game too - looks superb! Regarding X-Packer any idea when the newest revision with Universe injection will be released? Cheers
  3. Iron Man

    CyBruis's James Storm Preview

    I download Devon to give him nickbreakers Dudleys attire
  4. Today
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to go for an aged /current Jarrett, hence I added a lot of age around the eye area and made it darker. I used this as a reference as he doesn't have much make up covering his eyes here:
  6. Twistoffate318

    Texture ryback face

    Looks good! We still need an Immortal Jeff Hardy
  7. Ravenos

    Texture ryback face

    Thanks, man! Jeff Hardy, you say... I did this, if anyone wants it. I don't feel like trying to morph him out, but it should work. I think.
  8. Matt, I love all this old school shit! The 86 belts are a great addition! Any more Bulldog attires being worked on like the burgundy ones? Also, any chance of any old school 80's referees or announcing teams to have the complete package?
  9. nas726

    TWISTOFATE1987 Caws- UPDATE! 5/12/18 Jeff Hardy uploaded to CC

    I know what you mean. I pulled 24 straight 14 hour days. I thought I’d never be off again. lol.
  10. 1986 Tag Team Belts. Custom made the belts for this match between the Bulldogs and the Dream Team. Nicknamed the "Bulldog Belts". This replaces the 97-02 tag team belt. You can also rename the file number and the pac number in hex to overwrite a different belt if you prefer. Just drag and drop both files into your pac/prop file. This is the first title belt mod I ever made but I thought I want to try something to enhance this Showcase match. Enjoy!w6IkBKhC!xmxnc5OFPzRBvnO0_DAJNg
  11. Yesterday
  12. DonSPa

    DonSPa CAWS:Junkyard Dog uploaded

    thought id give it a try and make a CAW and wanted to start with junkyard dog.Not sure how to get him to look exactly like the pic i used but guess this will do heres another I just did,the blue meanie
  13. Naruki Doi final Preview. Some small tweaks need to be made to face and entrance, then he should be ready to upload. Let me know what you guys think!
  14. Oh DAUYM!!!! CanNOT wait to download this when its released. Well done sirs.
  15. mrjordanreece87

    TWISTOFATE1987 Caws- UPDATE! 5/12/18 Jeff Hardy uploaded to CC

    Doing my best my man been a fucking nightmare tbh laptop fucking up! Moving place to place! But I’m now a little settled where I am at Min will sort it as soon as I get a sit down! Working till I drop lately
  16. Good Deal! Thanks, Mang! Going to give it a shot now.
  17. mehran-mahjoobi

    Sound Editor 2019 [Released: Version]

    Installing this app
  18. mehran-mahjoobi


    It's new app It's new app It's new app
  19. hovathagod32

    WCW/nWo Revenge 2K: WCW Thunder '98 (Now available for download)

    Pretty much done. Just have to remap the lights and find all my old menu stuff
  20. MRG

    PerfectPlextra2K19 (50 Extra Slots)

    is there a way for this mod to also take CAW slots and turn them into mod slots as WrestlePlus did? because with WP done for the time being I'd really love to have access to wrestlers I had added in CAW slots and they're lost until then.
  21. Great CAWS Here's some logos from Crazy's ECW days
  22. Mrmorbid81

    Jay Lethal W.I.P & other uploads

    Very nice caws man. Kudos on that Mr. Miyagi caw. Looking very forward to your Jay Lethal caw though. About time we had a really download-worthy version on CC.
  23. Kaizoku 2k

    Jay Lethal W.I.P & other uploads

    Jay Lethal W.I.P UPLOADED Juventud Guerrera (Tags- JUVENTUD GUERRERA / THE JUICE / KAIZOKU) Mr Miyagi (Tags- MR MIYAGI / WAX ON WAX OFF/ KAIZOKU) Daniel Callen (my personal CAW) (Tags- PEARLY KING / DANIEL CALLEN / KAIZOKU) The MIZ's WWE Universal Championship (Custom) (Tags- THE_MIZ / UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP / KAIZOKU)
  24. Ayo 123

    CyBruis's James Storm Preview

    TNA version is looking real nice. Much props. Pretty much completes the cipher for the Dudley whole career.
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