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  2. Help would be appreciated, I'm willing to go to the end of the world. (Make a patch etc.) To make it work.
  3. El Guapo

    Odd Save file issue

    Wierdly, if I use a backup straight away I geta "Corrupted Save" error, so I have to restore a backup and restart my PC
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  5. Have tried different browsers and bypassing but it just bypasses straight to malicious sight. One weird thing I noticed is that the website that's adfly isn't adfly. coming up as instead, am I getting redirected somehow or did they buy it?
  6. sharethzuan shafie

    im a new here

    im so sorry if my request too much , im new about mod in wwe . can i have wwe plus? i really needed since im so enjoying watching video about wwe mod
  7. The Feast your eyes move is Dominik Dijakovik's move, Seven Star Lariat is Trent Seven's, Pedigree 4 is Chyna's, Spinning Tombstone Piledriver is Matt Riddle's, Axe Bomber and Basement Punches is Hollywood Hogan's (Basement Punches is exclusive to Hogan in 2k20)
  8. Juggaa_60

    WWE 2k20 Attributes Spreadsheet

    I will, right after the HPR.
  9. Junaid Ahmed

    Call Names Id

    Pleasure is all mine bro 😊
  10. BlackBen83

    BayLey Heel - Smackdown Debut - W.i.P

    It's just a WIP but I love it, great job Keep up the good work bro. Ben
  11. Here is a video preview of Roman Reigns 2k20 Champion entrance ported to 2k19 . This is also modified to a 2 belt entrance. The Rock Champion 1 and 2 in 2k19 have also been modified to 2 belt entrances. This mod will be uploaded with the ported moves later today.
  12. Hi, Here is a video preview of a few moves from 2k20 I have backported to 2k19. There are still fixes required but I will release as it is currently. The combo pin isn't working in 2k19 in addition to other issues I have documented before. The sound data can't be ported over as it's in a different format. With time I will find a way to add some sound to the moves, especially the part where the character hits the mat and fix any issues encountered. These are mostly Matt Riddle's signature and finisher moves and a few others. Here is a list of the moves : Axe Bomber Bro - Mission 1 Bro - Mission 2 Bro Derek 1 Bro Derek 2 Bro 2 Sleep / German Suplex Combo Feast Your Eyes 1 Pedigree 4 Seven Star Lariat 1 Spinning Tombstone Piledriver Basement Punches (Not previewed)
  13. BlackBen83

    Call Names Id

    It's an incredible work, sincerly, thanks a lot to you @Junaid Ahmed for your patience. And thanks a lot for the tool collab and the great work of @TheVisitorX too. Ben
  14. BamBams Universe

    After Steam Update every Savegame is emptied

    At this point again my sincere thanks for your solution approaches. I was pretty desperate and my hobby was no longer feasible. The Steam and 2K support did not help. (the steam support was really bad!!!) But I have been able to locate and fix the problem. Maybe someday somebody has the same problem, so I want to explain briefly what I did. As written Steam had carried out an update and the savegames of all 3 accounts (on different HDDs) were destroyed. It only affected 2K19. This game was the only one where I used the three accounts. I had indicated in Steam where the path to the respective account is deposited. After the update but the other account has destroyed the savegames of the other. Solution: I have now separately installed Steam 3 times on different hard drives. Each Steam has only one account. For this you only have to copy the userdata folder (including memory file), the Steam Apps folder and the Steam.exe to the other hard disk. There you start the Steam.exe. The program reinstalls itself. Then you have to define the path to the HDD in the Steam Settings. If necessary, you should still override savegames and game files (folder: Steamapps) with your backups. This helped me! I hope it was understandable and helps others in the same situation.
  15. dearp19

    Where Is The WWE 2K19 Image Uploader Site?

    Works fine for me. I've been using it lately to update my Rey Mysterio Edit: the server is down just now
  16. @Leingod I agree, the only others ports could be "Mark Andrews, Keith Lee, Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, Trent Seven, Io Shirai, Mia Yim, Jaxson Ryker, and Humberto Carillo" if I don't forget anyone new. Exactly I watched last night the new characters to port.
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