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  2. @Pepsiguy2 you make all super great work.....really amazing, don't stop
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  4. please post your mods somewhere else, 2km is just not allowing to download even i have all requirements
  5. The Galaxy's Greatest Alien Kris Statlander has been uploaded. They should allow attires to have a selectable back and front the subtle differences in how her actual attire looks kills me! Anyways enjoy! KRIS STATLANDER AEW INDY
  6. Hi, It won't work in that category as a normal running grapple. There are data flags in the animation files which restrict where they will show up in Create Moveset. It will only work as a running grapple signature or finisher if the data in the move listing is modified. It also wouldn't work as an Irish whip rebound grapple if set as a running grapple.
  7. Hi, a small question. Is it possible to port rybacks repeated head slam to running grapple ? Its only on irish whip rebound grapple only . Would be better if it was in running strikes. Thanks ❤
  8. BlackBen83

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I have PM you thanks. Ben
  9. Z3us

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I want to see Aleister Black and Aop with updated tattoos. These are long awaited. Have a nice day!
  10. squaredcirclefan

    porting 2k20 entrance

    Hi, No there isn't any. Any writeup on porting over 2k20 entrances will be too lengthy and if shortened, will be more suited to a user who already understands the data structure of 2k19 entrance motion and how they are put together. It also involves heavy hex editing. Its not just a matter of copying over the entrance file from 2k20 and changing the ID. like we do with entrances from previous games. The first step is decompressing a 2k19 entrance file and examining how the individual files are put together. Without this, any tutorial written will be too complicated to understand . This is why there are probably only 2 other modders I know on the smacktalks and discord who have attempted porting entrances from 2k20. I will illustrate briefly here with two screenshots. Lets take The Rocks entrance 0100.pac. The entrance and victory motions are all pac files which can be decompressed. 2k20 doesn't use pac files.The data for each motion is located in 2 files, the evd and the acts When a 2k19 entrance file is decompressed using pac editor, you will obtain the individual files which make up the entrance. These are the files obtained when a 2k19 entrance or victory file is decompressed. Basically, the file with 0fop extension has been replaced with the file with the evd file. All the files labelled 00,0A.... are data files. This data is now lumped together in the acts file. You cant just copy these files to 2k19 as 2k19 can't read them. What is done is looking up the data in the .acts file and creating new 00,07,0A,0C,0D,.....pac files Looking up the data in the evd file and create a new f0fop file. There are no tools to automate any processes. All this is done manually. The complexity of it is the reason why there is no tutorial.
  11. Loving your mods, very cool work, i see you do some mobile ports any chance you will do some of the guys from the Njpw mobile game?
  12. xalaidne

    porting 2k20 entrance

    Hello everyone, Is there a good tutorial on porting 2k20 entrance on the site ? Thank you in advance.
  13. brethbk69

    Memory Table - File List - String Sheet

    i typed this for the character data "F8 02 6E 01 F8 02 49 0E E3 83 E1 C9 C2 AE D4 38 05 CC 43 DC CB 56 8D 10 14 3A 12 35 9D 7B 7F 7D 03 00 00 00 00 01" and clicked search but nothing came up with green numbers. This is a great step by step tutorial, thank you very much for taking the time and explaining this to me :)
  14. Thank You! I might end up doing more MK people. Def some the main people im currently doing some comissions and fixing some older mods with the custom yobj ability now available. wip
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  16. TEKKEN KING HAS BEEN ADDED TO FIRST POST! NEW PREVIEW! SvR 11 - Melina Fully working port of SvR11 Melina. I've wanted her back for so long so I made her. EA Battlefront 2 - Kylo Ren
  17. Soul RiderX


    Creative criticism will be appreciated. Red = Uploaded Blue = Preview Chris Masters Face Shooter Stevens Tags are: Shooter Stevens Damien Sandow AEW WWE TNA NWA Attire 1- Attire 2- \ Damien Sandow Tags are: Damien Sandow AEW WWE TNA NWA Aaron Stevens Face Attire 1- Attire 2- Attire 3-
  18. The way this mod has been set is, Tyson Kidd's ring announcer ID is set to ch slot 476 while The Brian Kendrick's audio is set to slot 727. The reason it didn't work is those names are not set to Road Dogg and Billy Gunn's default slots If you want to use those names, you will have to assign those ID's to your mods. This will mean moving the slot ID for the characters to these slot ID's. You will have to move Road Dogg to ch727 and Billy Gunn to ch 476.
  19. Trying to map Billy Gunn over Tyson Kidd and Road Dogg over The Brian Kenderick cant seem to get hang of it
  20. Im sorry but that tutorial is just letter and numbers to me dont understand it at all. Oh well,, Can i unject files no point having them imported if it doesnt work. cheers
  21. noobmodder

    A good pc to get

    Standart question to start with: How much do you want to spend? An regarding of modding: Which kind of mods do you like to create? 2D, 3D, Audio... ?
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