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  2. Dr1982

    The New WWE Womens Tag Team Titles Now On CC (XB1)

    Looks awesome bro
  3. SeeFusion

    how to extract original renders

    That could help you
  4. Wassup guys, i feel like we just dont chat anymore like we used to back in the day as a community. 🙃 How’s life for ya goin?
  5. Topdog

    Do we ever just chat anymore?

    Wassup guys, i feel like we just dont chat anymore like we used to back in the day as a community. 🙃 How’s life for ya goin? Mods? Close this chat lol thought i was in general chat 🤷‍♂️
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  7. Z3us

    Fawuwu's Mods & Recolors

    Thank you so much mate !
  8. CraserFlark


    Really great stuff, so much detail. Do you think you could make Gino Gambino? (Instagram @mrginogambino), he's the current MCW World Heavyweight Champion down under in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently trying to replicate his brand new championship. That would be so dope if you could.
  9. Wanted to just say thanks a billion for those amazing belts. wow...what a lucky year for this game
  10. Twistedmisery666™

    Custom Character Tools 2019 [Released: Version]

    Did the strings get updated yet ?? Ive been gone for a while i know some was causing issues.with installed superstar mods and there names.
  11. Twistedmisery666™

    Twisted Lair “of mods” "Brock lesnar released "

    Did you clear the chunk file?
  12. amazing-maze

    MAZE CAW 's..Paul Ellering  update

    Absolutely would love for you to bring a attire. I will free up the option to let you share. Please that would be great to see... and thanks
  13. I.R.S Irwin R. Schyster 0 glitches proper attire updated face skulpter and texture Released at first post remember to say thanks if you use my mods
  14. Mr.AG

    Some Of The CAWs on 2k18

    Thanks for the awesome caws. Great job mate 👍
  15. Take your time man, the amount of mods you have already released has blown my mind, it's awesome that you and @Just Not are giving some love to the retro guys that rarely get any, there's always going to be people that seem like they don't appreciate your work and instantly want/suggest more and/or just don't understand what all goes into making these mods, but for each one of them I'm sure there are 100+ people that TRULY appreciate all of your efforts and love seeing wrestlers in the game that would have otherwise likely never been in, no matter which attire they have or whatnot.
  16. IUE1718

    [PC MODS] Make all PC MOD Requests Here

    I know that the model is available from older games, but can someone update the Wrestlemania XXX attire for Undertaker and port it to 2K19? The model from 2K15 isn't that great. Hopefully someone can do this! Best,
  17. Yesterday
  18. Thank you very much for the WWF belts and Undertaker collection 🤩
  19. pr0t0typ3

    Titantron blank

    I discovered the opposite issue with a Neville/Pac mod where everything except the GFX worked. Since it's an issue with the modded trons I replaced the tron and GFX files of a superstar in the game and edited the moveset files in Data Editor to the in game superstar. Seems to have worked.
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