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  3. So Shane Douglas got me into revisiting my old articles i used to do (hence where jeff's domain came from) so i just thought i'd share. maybe someone will comment who knows. and Who would have known i was actually predicting the future! anyway enjoy! The Millionaires vs the New Blood Do we really need more Hulk-Ups and Woo's in 2000? May 11, 2000 So we all know where I'm probably going with this. It's been about a month since Russo and Bischoff rebooted WCW. I like where this angle is going except we are placing way too much focus on Hogan and Flair. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm tired of seeing Hogan hulk up 50 times in a match just to comeback out of nowhere and win or retain a title reign. Flair should be in a management role by now. He's hitting the over the heel age, can't move anywhere near as fast as he used to. If anything he should be putting over younger talent. I don't know if it was a shoot, a work, or a worked shoot but the things Shane Douglas said when he was cutting those promos on Flair were so true. I think that was part of the reason Guerrero, Malenko, Saturn and Benoit left. Next thing to talk about. STING STING STING. GOOD LORD STING. NEEDS A NEW GIMMICK PLEASE…. IDK if it's Bischoff, Russo, JJ Dillon, Doug Dillinger, hell the Disco Inferno please have him switch from the crow paint. It was great when he was stalking Hogan and the n W o but if he isn't going to be doing that anymore, (he could have been stalking the new blood) then what's the point. Maybe if he's going to use the full facepaint scheme, have him use a few different colors in there instead of just the white and black. I love sting He and Luger are who I grew up watching so I just would like to see him get one more title run but not like the awful fall brawl 99 bs we had to deal with. Kevin Nash. Nash is pretty much pointless without Hall. Someone do something fire Brad Seigal, he's a cancer to Turner Broadcasting/sports as well as to WCW. Mark my words he will come up with some excuse to have WCW sold, worse off he'll have it set up to where it gets sold to Vince fucking McMahon. All because he couldn't handle the fact that Scott Hall was dating his niece. Get over it. They're two grown adults. That's their issues. Lastly Diamond Dallas Page. I really liked where DDP's hell run went, I'm liking the triple threat stuff, but can we please get 1 more DDP Ttile Reign where he's a face and has to overcome unsurmountable odd? That was the DDP Gimmick, taking a negative and turning it into a positive. The fact it doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up. The same thing my mom used to always tell me when I was going through a lot. Diamond Dallas Page is an inspiration to the people. Vampiro. Please have Sting and Vamp in a lengthy feud. I think that having those two in a feud would raise sting's stock, and would help elevate Vampiro to unbelievable heights. Good God! And this is a personal note. To Electronic Arts WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? Removing a wrestling ring in a wrestling game? Yes this has nothing to do with the article but seriously….. Whoever thought that was a great idea needs to have their heads examined and be fired. Well I guess I made all the points I needed to. Maybe one day all this will make sense then again maybe it won't and we'll be miserable. Signing off, Jai 5/11/00 Second Article The Value of a World Title Monday, October 23, 2000 So as usual I'm doing a recap of WCW Monday Nitro and WCW Thunder like we always do, and it really hit me. Why is it that WCW passes it's World title around so much? I'm also going to get into the US and Television championships as well but this really irks me. As a 19 year old, (I just celebrated my 19th birthday on the 14th of September) I find it just crazy that we have the Big Gold Belt passing over the course of the last few weeks just so Flair can be a 16 time world champion. Now, I'm not denying Ric's tenure, nor am I denying the fact that he is possibly the greatest world champ at this point. But okay let's start from the beginning. Jeff Jarrett gets the title after WCW got rebooted. Okay fine. But Jeff isn't necessarily "New Blood" He was in WCW in 97. remember that? He was following Flair and the Horsemen around like a love-sick puppy, till they kicked him out and didn't beat him down (I wish they did) So yeah back to Jarrett, he wins the world title, then it gets passed to Arquette, which then gets passed back to Jarrett, then to Flair, then to Jarrett, then to Nash, who then gives it to Flair. Then, yes I'm going there. War Games 2000, Russo gets speared out of the triple tier cage and is declared the winner. Really what an effing ego. At this point I'm just pulling my spiked hair out of my head wondering why would Russo have that much of an ego to do something like this? My only conclusion was that he was so bitter that he had lost his writing edge, that he was trying to beat the WWF at any means necessary. This is not how you do that. Then you had people like Shane Douglas who really were the future of WCW continuously get shafted and thrown into the tag team and US championship division. I'm not Shane, so I can't speak for him. Maybe one day in the future I'll get a 1 on 1 with him or he'll see this article since I'm just someone starting on my life at the young age of 19. I just feel that people like Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Raven, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, should have been the center of WCW way before they left for the WWF. I feel like WCW really dropped the ball on them. I even think Lance Storm should have had the World title around the time he started to feud with Gen Rection/Hugh Morrus. Maybe things can change but with the way WCW has been going as of late I just don't see it happening. They're drawing 1.9's in the ratings when they used to draw 6.7's and 7's. And of course there was that matter of the WCW World Television title being thrown in the garbage by Scott Hall. IDK if that was some ploy by wcw to take a stab at Medusa from 95 when she did the same to the WWF Women's title but I think that title should have gotten a lot more respect considering it's lineage and prestige. Well we'll see what the next few months will bring. Anyone who's read my article on the Millionaire's vs the New Blood will know my stance on that. I'm a Wrestling fan, I was 30 minutes away from actually joining the WCW Power Plant and my mom got wind of it and stopped me. Maybe it was for the best. Till next time, Jai
  4. swear to all of you If WWE2K18 allows the War Games Match, Then WWE2K18 is officially the Greatest WWE Game of All Time! i wouldn't complain about it at all. it'd be the best hands down lol
  5. I'm actually being serious with this one. I'm all for having a current roster in the games and i get that it's not 2k70,80 90 or even 00 but the fact that 2k supposedly said that this game was supposed to be all about the current roster i get that, but hinting that legend content may be somewhat limited. We already have rumors in place that showcase for HOF got removed, there's a huge NXT Presence this year and honestly if it wasn't for the expanded career mode i really doubt we would have gotten that much nxt talent on disc. But let's just focus on that for a minute. The NXT presence okay so NXT is a WWE Network Exclusive show, if you don't have the WWE Network then you don't know these people till they hit the main roster. i mean i didn't know who Dash and Dawson were until they hit the main roster (and incidentally when i saw their triple threat nxt tag title match but that's a discussion for another time). I had no idea who Asuka was till her streak being compared to goldberg's was tweeted on twitter. So i'm sure you know where i'm getting with this. I just feel like if WWE would actually secure tv time for the NXT show atleast alot of people who don't have the wwe network (i quit my subscription about 2 years ago cause i was not happy with the direction with wwe at all) would atleast have the chance to know these people. Right now i feel like i don't know any of these people much like last year. when all these NXT Guys and Gals made it in i didn't know many of them but i did enjoy how they played so there was that. anyone's welcome to respond. my thoughts are my own and i don't reserve any ill will towards anyone in that matter. I was just wondering where everyone's head was at in this issue.
  6. Okay so I'm going to start with somthing I had considered revising for a long while now. Back in 1999, when the WCW TV Title got trashed by Scott Hall, when Bischoff & Russo rebooted WCW and stated that WCW would pretty much be getting back the respect and prestige that it had lost over the years. Well, it wasn't long before we realized that was a bunch of BS. I'm starting from around September 2000, from the Arquette disaster, to the Russo disaster, to passing the Big Gold Belt around like it was a piece of candy from Jarrett to DDP to Arquette to Jarrett to Flair back to Jarrett to Nash, Handing it back to flair, to booker t to russo. it was just ridiculous in my mind. I really think they could have done alot better. Now fast forward to WWE currently. I get that we are having long reigns and WWE has never had an issue with that but Lesnar holding the title and then disappearing for months on end has got to be one of the most irritating things ever to a wrestling fan. Not to mention the way WWE went about title changes was just horrendous. SO you don't want nameplates anymore? you don't want to be different anymore. so let's just make all the titles the same and just color them a different color to differentiate between Smackdown and Raw. I actually saw this coming after they debuted those penny titles. but that's a discussion for another day. I don't want to make this opinion long but you get the giest of where i'm going with it. I'll eventually come back and add to this but I'm sort of pressed for time. Till next time Smacktalkers Stay Safe and Zane! Jeff