Important Changes To The Rules On The Sale of Mods, Commissions & Donations


Selling Mods

Selling mods to other members in the community is NOT ALLOWED and in most cases breaks copyright law.

If you encounter another member requesting payment for a mod, please use the report button to report this to our moderation team, whether it be a public post or a private message.

The report button can be found in the top right of any post/pm and allows admins to view the post at the time it was reported.
By doing this we can take action against any users found to be selling mods regardless of if they have edited the post/pm to hide it.

Any members found to be selling mods will get One Warning, followed by a Permanent Ban.



The commissioning of mods on the Smacktalks Forum and Discord is NOT ALLOWED, however we do encourage any modders wishing to offer commissions to do so off site via Fiverr or UpWork.

These websites both allow individuals to sign up and offer their services in a professional manner, providing security and insurance to the individual who commissions a mod and the modder who creates it.

To accommodate this, we have added a new Commissions option in user profiles that allows members to link to Fiverr or Upwork.
Once filled in, this will display a link underneath member details on forum posts, as well as on user profiles.

Should a user message asking for a commission on the Forum or Discord, please ask them to contact you via Fiverr or UpWork.
Any discussions regarding commissions that take place on the forum and are reported will be deemed to break site rules and result in a Warning.



Donations are allowed and modders are free to include donation links in their profile/posts, however anyone found to be restricting access to mods until a user makes a donation will be treated the same as anyone found to be selling mods.


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