Matt Hardy Still In Jail Following Arrest
Reby Sky stated on her Formspring account that she is able to bail partner Matt Hardy out of jail following his arrest Friday night for violating a court order, but chooses not to at this time.

Sky was asked Saturday if she would be posting bail that day and responded, "Let him sit there. And think. Hard."

She wrote Saturday night regarding his whereabouts, "I'm reading a lot of ridiculous things on the 'dirtsheets' tonight, so to clear things up: I could have bailed him out & did not. He's still in jail. Have fun with that."

She added, "He's understandably upset but not angry - He knows he has no right to be at this point."

Hardy announced on September 19, 2011 that he was checking himself into a WWE-sponsored rehabilitation center for the next three months. It was later reported that entering rehab was one of the conditions for Hardy's release from custody following his third arrest within a month. On Friday, Hardy was kicked out of a court-ordered rehab for failing a breathalyzer test. He was arrested for violating the court order when he returned to Moore County in North Carolina, and was booked into the Moore County Detention Center on a million dollar bond.
SOURCE: Formspring, Rajah
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