(Video) Insane Clown Posse's "Chris Benoit" Music Video
Source: Smacktalks.org
You can view Insane Clown Posse's music video for "Chris Benoit" embedded above.

The song is a single from their upcoming album "Mighty Death Pop" which is due out on August 14, 2012.

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I'm not even gonna watch Inshit Clown Pussy's video and just assume it's disrespectful as all Hell.
surely inane clown posse/pussys is more effective than "inshit"... just saying...
i heard on youtube that this was supposed to be offensive so i'm not even watching this, fuck icp, fuck their music, and fuck their just as retarded fans (juggalos/faggalos)
I just call them Juggalidiots.

Aero, prolly, but I was drunk, and I wanted to modify most. But a good insult for their band abbreviation is easilly I See Piss-Poor Music. It'd sound childish [In the lame sense] if I said Pee-Poor, so..
While It doesn't come across as offensive to me, the song is just about Benoit losing control. It's just in bad taste. I have no idea why they would even do this other than for the sake of controversy.

I just call them Juggalidiots.

We've hit a new low.
I wonder how many times I have to tell you that NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK before it sinks in and you fuck off?
I'm going to refer you to my (lack of) icon, then ask you to gaze slightly downwards. See where it says Moderators? It means I'm a moderator. ANY MORE OF THAT LIP AND I'LL TAKE YOU BEHIND THE WOODSHED SON.

That's if I remember how to be a mod. You're lucky this time, you Smacktalidiot!
.... Touche. Maybe I shouldn't be such a dick anyways. Everyone's entitled to their opinion I suppose.
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