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Any low poly models ripped from games available?

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I'm looking for some ultra low polycount models to play around with in blender and Godot (like Unity, look it up).

It can be models ripped from mobile ports like WWE SD vs Raw 2008 or from a PS1 game, the more simplistic the better really.

In an ideal world I'd love the models out of No Mercy or one of the other AKi games, 

It's all well and good playing around with the latest 2K games but now and then I like to go back to the old school ways of doing things and my poor modelling abilities restricts me on little test projects I play around with.

If anybody has such resources that don't rely on 3ds Max (Blender and other free tools compatibility please) or knows of ways to rip such things from the older games that use very low poly models and simple to animate (no complicated finger and facial animations) then I'd appreciate some help obtaining such things to toy with.

By posting them here it offers others a chance to play around with them while learning/hobbying around with game engines/3d modelers too.

Original models made welcomed if you fancy it, low poly with good UV layouts are a must (think no mercy) and they can be either body parts or a rigged single mesh.

Think N64/PS1 era.

Cheers, - Perfecto.

PS: Not MDickies models, thanks.





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