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Hello I've been member since November (about a year) and I haven't introduce myself.  I'm Akumaku I do (CAWS, ARENAS, CUSTOM ATTIRES, CUSTOM TITLES,ETC) and present them. I do variety of themes (VG Wrestlers to Original, etc).  Despite being a single user (XBOX) I still go out may way to share others users (PS4) creation logos so others can use it. 

I have IG page where I post most of my creations. IG: @caccreation  Twitter: Akumaku4
For this month on Instagram, I'm doing a mashup of Wrestling X Music Album Covers. Can you do me a favor, Can you comment your Favs (Wrestler and Musician) with your IG (Only If you want to) and I will post your name with your favorite choice on my page.

Thanks and Nice to meet y'all.

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