WCW NITRO LIVE TV Watermark (95-99)

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I Recreated WCW NITRO LIVE Logo for Show/Arena Creations (Watermark)
I don't know if anyone's aware but I notice the WCW Nitro Logo in 2K is not original look. So remade the original look with the "Live" authentic look.  

You can Download this and Upload yourselves. Download Link Below
There's 2 versions you can download below: Transparent or No Transparent.

MSG if any issue with link.



wcw_nitro_logo_live.jpg?w=300             y4mwc6yV_2fhJBQdwO1PtEU2rGafnbD4PSUwss5j






3D Revised                           






TRANSPARENT  https://www.dropbox.com/s/mxho51j8lkd0xc4/WCW Nitro Transparent 70%.png?dl=0

NO TRANSPARENT https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5w92js4yx1zkkw/WCW Nitro.png?dl=0

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