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Paradox:Welcome to UAW. Here we define aditude here we are what WWE could have been. Here we go all out and tonight we make history. Tonight will be full of twist and turns and tonight is our night to bring a whole community together. So before we start our first ever show I would wanna tell you about this petition to remove Wrestling as inappropriate content on YouTube. Because YouTube wants to be pussies and make YouTube Sesame Street a lot of Wrestling Youtubers can no longer do their job because their simply not getting monetized. Wrestling brings millions together so I say we all fight back and stand up and we say NO. So in order for you guys to help out I need you to sign this petition to get YouTube removed from the inappropriate list go ahead and sign it.
JR:This couldn't have been said any better and now it is time for the Money Inthe Bank Match
Graves:Your right and it's time we take a stand and time for a Phenomenal match
JoJo:The Following contest is a ladder match for the UAW Money Inthe Bank Match.
JoJo:First Xaiver Gailey
JR:Here is someone who is most favorite to win this match and become Mr.Money Inthe Bank and he is out to prove that he is more than a B+ Player
JoJo:Next Broken Enigma
Graves:This man claims he will DELETE and make everyone OBSOLETE by winning this match. I guess will see what happens.
JoJo:Next CJ Dillinger
JR:Not much to say
JoJo:Next Adrain Ambrose
Graves:This guy is really unhinged so I wouldn't be surprised if he jumps of 50 ladders and wins the UAW Money Inthe Bank.
JoJo:Next The Omen
CJ and Adrian go right after each other and they starts brawling. Xavier then turns his attention to Enigma. Omen goes outside the ring and grabs a ladder and he starts hitting everybody with it. Omen then goes to the top of the ladder and starts grabbing the Contract but Xaiver gets up and he pulls Omen from the ladder and Xaiver starts delivering Stiff Forearms to face of Omen but Omen dose take it lightly because he starts attacking Xaiver in a vicious way slamming his head repeated times on the ladder. Omen goes to the outside and grabs 4 tables and he stacks them up. Adrian then gets up and he starts attacking Omen. Omen turns around and smiles at him and Omen starts delivering Stiff kicks to the ribs of Adrain. Omen then sets Adrain on the barricade and Omen goes all the way the commentators table and with full force like a bull runs the other side of ringside and he spears Adrian through the Barricade and Omen starts laughing hysterically on the floor saying "IM HERE IM HERE OH IM HERE". CJ then gets up and climbs the ladder and he tries to unhook the Briefcase. But Xaiver notices CJ and Xaiver knocks the ladder over and CJ hangs from the Briefcase and Xaiver jumps and grabs CJ and Xaiver delivers a Powerbomb sending CJ Rolling out the ring. Meanwhile on the outside Omen picks Adrain up and whips back into the ring and he and Omen picks Adrian up and he sets him on the top rope where the tables are. Omen picks Adrian up and delivers a Powerbomb and both Omen and Adrian go through the 4 tables. Adrian is out cold mean while Omen is just smiling. Xaiver goes the outside and he sets a ladder up between the barricade and the ring. CJ then gets up and he starts delivering Stiff kicks to Omen but Omen just smiles and he delivers a German Suplex to CJ. CJ then gets up and he delivers a GTS to Omen. Omen gets up like nothing and Omen chokeslams CJ. Omen then goes under the ring to grab a table and he sets it up. Omen sets CJ on the table and Omen goes the top rope. Omen then says "IM GOD" and he delivers his finisher Dark Decisions which is a Coup De Grace and he drives CJ through the table. Omen then starts crawling and at this point he can barley walk but he is still going crazy. Xaiver from behind tho grabs a chair and smashes it across Omen's head and blood goes everywhere. Omen is basically out and Xaiver picks Omen up and he sets him on top of the ladder. Xaiver goes to the top rope and Xaiver says "Eh Fuck IT" and delivers a Shooting Star Press and Omen goes through the ladder. Xaiver then slowly gets up and he gets back into the ring. Omen on the outside is down cold but he has a smile on his face. Xaiver then sets up the ladder and Enigma gets up and he delivers a Twist of Fate to Xaiver and Enigma slowly climbs the ladder and grabs hold of the the Briefcase but Xaiver sees him and he gets up and he shakes the ladder enough to shove Enigma of the ladder on the the outside and he hits the barricade hard. Xaiver then slowly climbs the top and he unhooks the Briefcase becoming Mr.Money inthe Bank
JR:He did it he showed us here tonight that anything is possible here in UAW.
Graves:Yeah that's true and huge congrats to Xaiver Gailey who is now Mr.Money Inthe Bank
JR:Coming up next Oscuro will take on Jostien Haugen for the UAW Intercontinental Championship
JoJo:The following contest is for the UAW Intercontinental Championship introducing first Jostein Haugen
JoJo:Next his opponent Oscuro
Oscuro and Haugen strech as soon as the bell rings. Haugen runs in for a clothesline on Oscuro. Oscuro ducks and as Haugen turns around Oscuro kicks Haugen in the stomach. Oscuro picks Haugen up. He runs, bounces off the ropes and goes for a kick to the gut. Haugen catches Oscuro's leg. Oscuro then hops on his open leg. He then spins his body and delivers an enziguri to Haugen. Haugen falls to one knee. Oscuro then runs and dropkicks Haugen head off. Oscuro then does a double foot stomp to Haugens chest. Oscuro then begins to tweak Haugens arm. Haugen slowly gets up. Haugen kicks Oscuro's leg, and Oscuro falls to one knee. Haugen then jumps up and dropkicks Oscuro down. Haugen gets up rubbing his shoulder. As Oscuro get up Haugen runs up behind and once Oscuro stands up, Haugen gives Oscuro a hurricanrana. Oscuro lands on his feet. Once he turns around and faces Haugen. They both dropkick at the same time. They both stare at each other. Oscuro and Haugen stare each other down. Oscuro runs for Montezuma's Revenge, but Haugen reverses it into a Death Is An Honor. Haugen goes for a pin.
Oscuro kicks out. Haugen gets up. He waits for Oscuro to get to his knees. He then runs for a clothesline. Oscuro ducks and slides. He gets back up quickly and puts Haugen into the peacemaker. Haugen yells in pain. Oscuro picks Haugen up and gives him a XM. Oscuro pins Haugen
JoJo:Here is your winner Oscuro
JR:An just like that Oscuro is the new UAW Intercontinental Champion
Graves:Your damn right and Oscuro as champ is best for business. Coming up next Leigh Nights takes on Robin Ducke and what should be a hard hitting fight.
JoJo:The following contest is set for one fall and is for the UAW Universal Championship.
JoJo:First Leigh Nights
JoJo:And his opponent Robin Ducke
Leigh stalks Robin and right away Robin delivers a Spear on Leigh but Leigh dosent stay down for long as he kips up and delivers a Superkick on Robin. Robin rolls out of the ring and Leigh then delivers a Suicide Dive. Leigh then picks Robin up and whips him back into the ring and he covers Robin only for a 2 count. Robin then gets up and and he whips Leigh into the corner and he delivers a corner enzugiri. Leigh then goes down and Robin picks him and sets him up for a Brainbuster and he covers Leigh only for a 2 count. Leigh then gets up and he whips Robin into the ropes and as Robin runs back Leigh delivers a Pop Up Powerbomb. Leigh then picks Robin up for a Package Piledriver but Robin gets out of it and he picks up Leigh and sets up for a Falcon Arrow and Robin successfully delivers it and he pins Leigh for 2 count. Robin slams the mat in disbelief and he picks Leigh up for michinoku driver and he pins Leigh again only for a 2 count. Leigh then gets up delivers a Codebreaker. Robin gets up and hits a Discuss Clothesline. Leigh sells it but then kicks up and Superkicks Robin. Leigh goes to the top and he delivers his finisher called Dive to Hell which is a Frog Splash and he covers Robin only for a 2 count. Leigh then again goes to the ropes to deliver another Dive from Hell and this time as Leigh tries to deliver it Robin gets up and hits a Trouble in Paradise and covers Leigh again only for a 2 count. Robin then gets up and he sets up for his finisher. Leigh gets up and as Robin is about to deliver his finisher Leigh ducks and Leigh then delivers a Devils Playground and he covers Robin
JoJo:Here is your winner Leigh Nights
JR:Leigh did it he is your Universal Champion
Graves:Congrats to him and coming up next is our Mainevent El Fuego Jr. vs Chris Xander in a Last Man Standing Match for the UAW World Heavyweight Championship
JoJo:The following contest is a Last Man Standing Match and the only way to win is to keep your opponent down for 10 seconds and it is for the UAW World Heavyweight Championship
Fuego right away goes after Xander and Fuego starts delivering lefts and rights and then Xander reverses one of the punches and he hooks Fuego under and Xander delivers a Hurricanrana. Fuego gets up quickly and as Xander attempts to whip Fuego into the ropes Fuego reverses it and as Xander runs back after getting whipped on the ropes Fuego delivers a Slingblade. Then Xander gets up and he tries to go for a Superkick but Fuego goes under and as Xander turns around Fuego delivers a Trouble in Paradise. The ref starts his count and Xander gets up at 4. Xander then gets up and Fuego tries to deliver a Discuss clothsline but Xander goes under and he delivers a Superkick and the ref starts the count and Fuego gets up at the count of 5.
As Fuego stands up Xander spots him and he dropkicks Fuego to the outside and Fuego barley gets up. Xander then starts delivering lefts and rights and Fuego tries to reverse them but Xander just keeps going. Xander then drops kicks Fuego into the barricade and the ref starts his coint. Fuego gets up at a count of 7 and Fuego starts holding his shoulder in pain. Fuego leans on the barricade and Xander quickly lanches him self on to Fuego and they both go over the barricade. Xander and Fuego are both up and Fuego spots a chair and swings it across Xander's head and Xander gets busted open and blood goes everywhere. Xander goes down and the ref starts his count. Xander gets up at 9 count and he barley stands up. Fuego then starts delivering Stiff Forearms on the cut of Xander. Fuego then DDTs Xander on a trash can that was there opening up Xander's cut even more. The ref starts his count. Fuego spots a table and a ladder and he sets the table up and then he sets the ladder up. Fuego picks Xander up and sets him on the table. Fuego then slowly climbs the ladder and makes it the top of the ladder and he stands there. Fuego yells out "ITS MY TIMEEE" and he jumps off the ladder delivering a Shooting Star Press and both Xander and Fuego go through the table. The ref then starts his count 
And just 1 second before the 10 count both Xander and Fuego get up. Fuego then spots a kendo stick and he starts swinging it across Xander's back. Xander then gets mad and he notices that there is a glass door. Fuego tries to swing the kendo stick again but Xander then grabs it and he swings at across Fuego's midsection and Xander then picks him up and he delivers a snap suplex into the glass door and Fuego goes through the door. Xander then lifts Fuego back and they go back to ringside and Xand then puts Fuego down. Xander then starts taking the table apart and he sets Fuego on it. Xander then goes back into the ring he climbs the top rope and he delivers a Stage Dive and both Fuego and Xander go through the table. Xander takes a little to no damage so he gets up fairly quickly. Xander drags Fuego back into the ring and Xander goes to the top rope and he sets up for his POP Cutter. Fuego gets up and then the lights go out. Everybody looks at the titantron and the tron read "Im coming for you" the lights turn on again only to revel The Omen and he starts attacking Xander and he powerbombs Xander on the hardest part of the ring. Then Xavier Gailey's music hits and he cashes in his Money Inthe Bank contract. Jojo then announces since Xavier just cashed in his Money inThe Bank and that the match is now a Triple Threat Match. Xavier stalks Fuego knowing that this his chance and his opportunity to show that his not a B+ Player. Xavier spots Fuego getting up and Xavier delivers a basement dropkick and Fuego goes down. Xavier then goes to the top rope and he delivers his finisher the Crash Landing and he covers Fuego 
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