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WFCE Raw: "Night After Royal Rumble" Episode 1

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  1. Triple H kicks Monday Night Raw off with addressing the aftermath of the Royal Rumble. 
    1. Triple H opens with saying that John Cena will address the WWE Universe after his career match at Royal Rumble were he lost to the WWE Champion. Triple H also says he wants to get rid of Daniel Bryan for him to surrender it to him.
    2. Triple H also addresses the debut of Sting at the Royal Rumble and his plans to bury Sting to not come back.
    3. Daniel Bryan comes out to prove to Triple H that he has earned the championship and he will keep it as long as he wants.
    4. Kane comes out to the ring to make himself able to compete against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania as he won the Royal Rumble match last eliminating CM Punk and Seth Rollins. Then, Seth Rollins comes out to get in front of Kane and make himself know near Daniel. Then, CM Punk comes out to address everyone he wants a title shot as he almost beat Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions last year for the WWE Championship. Triple H then reveals that CM Punk vs. Kane will happen for #1 contender-ship and Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan will also happen later in the night.
  2. Sheamus (Returns) def. Big E Langston via. Pinfall - Singles Match
    1. Big E Langston kicks out of a Brogue Kick to go for a huge slam to the ground only to be reversed into a White Noise from Sheamus forcing Sheamus to get the cover and win.
  3. Adrian Nevelle (Debut) def. Chris Jericho via. Pinfall - Singles Match
    1. This is the in-ring WFCE debut of Adrian Nevelle.
    2. After the match, Chris Jericho cuts short Nevelle's victory with hitting him with a chair from out of no where.
    3. In This Match Chris Jericho puts Adrian Nevelle in the Walls of Jericho only for Adrian Nevelle to hold to the ropes, Jericho kicks Adrian Nevelle back to the ground to give him the Lionsault only to be countered into the perfect position for a Red Arrow leaving Nevelle to go for the pin and make Jericho lose the match.
  4. Curtis Axel © def. Roman Reigns via. Pinfall - WWE European Championship Match
    1. This match was made after Roman Reigns was close to win the championship at the Royal Rumble the night before.
    2. Roman Reigns goes for a spear in this match to go for the pin, Axel kicks out at a two count and gets outside of the ring. Reigns and Axel start brawling outside the ring almost leading to Axel bleeding himself. He goes back into the ring to perform a dangerous neck breaker  for the pin and retains the championship. Dean Ambrose comes to the stage and taunts Curtis Axel as Roman Reigns gets up to spear Curtis Axel again only for Dean Ambrose to go backstage with Roman Reigns.
  5. AJ Lee def. Nikki Bella via. Submission - Singles Match
    1. ​AJ Lee goes for the Black Widow to make Nikki Bella tap out of the match.
  6. John Cena Addresses his Career and future.
    1. ​John Cena states his career is over and he no longer is going to be around for the WWE and wrestling.
    2. Jeff Hardy makes his returns to Raw interrupting John Cena to wish him good luck as they know each other well only for the Intercontinental Champion, Bad New Barrett to interrupt them in teasing John Cena and challenging Jeff Hardy that he will beat him for the IC Championship.
  7. The Usos def. Edge and Christian via. DQ - Tag Team Match
    1. Jey Uso performs an Uso Splash on Christian forcing Edge to break up a pinfall and doing a DDT on him and Jimmy Uso. The Dudley Boyz then come out to the ring and attack Edge and Christian to go for the 3-D and they and the referee calls for the bell for The Usos to win the match.
  8. Triple H and Seth Rollins backstage with CM Punk
    1. Triple H and Seth Rollins start to plan to take out Kane and CM Punk with a "mysterious person" when CM Punk comes in telling whatever they do will hurt them in the end of the night. Seth Rollins then get in CM Punk's face for Triple H says wait for Smackdown as CM Punk will face Seth Rollins on Smackdown later this week.
  9. Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins via. Submission - Singles Match
    1. ​Daniel Bryan scores another big win with Yes Locking Seth Rollins after reversing a moonsault for the top rope. Seth Rollins then attacks Daniel Bryan after the match with hitting the Curb Stomp.
  10. Edge and Christian backstage with Kane
    1. Kane is getting ready for his match with CM Punk when Edge and Christian are near backstage healing teasing Kane about himself and Kane attacks them.
  11. Dean Ambrose is interviewed to be interrupted by Rusev
    1. Dean Ambrose is interviewed by Byron Saxton on his future plans to capture the European Championship only to interuppted by Rusev who says he will capture the European Championship and make Russia proud.
  12. Kane def. CM Punk via. Pinfall - Singles Match - #1 Contender's Match for WWE Championship
    1. CM Punk unsuccessfully hits the Go to Sleep with Kane, who reversed that went for a backbreaker only for the lights go out a Bray Wyatt is on the titantron giving a message to Kane for CM Punk to roll Kane up for the pin. But he kicks out. Then Kane delivers the chockslam to CM Punk into a cover that make him win the match. After the match, Kane raises his arms up to do his entrance and finishing pyro to have the lights turned off after that and coming back on with Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family surrounding him and holding him down for a huge Sister Abigail. Bray Wyatt gets on his knees to raise his arms up then Sister Abigail's CM Punk too to raise his arms next to both saying follow the buzzards. 
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