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IWC: International Wrestling Championship - Episode 1

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Henry Hall's entrance music hits (CFO$ - Reborn), the crowd goes wild. Hall signs a few autographs on the way to the ring and takes a few pictures with the fans. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first ever IWC wrestling event! Tonight, you will witness some of the greatest matches in professional wrestling history. These superstars, extraordinary. These men, are the future of the wrestling business. Ladies and gentlemen, the future begins tonight! Hall leaves the arena to a great reaction, he signs a few more autographs on his way out.



No Disqualification Singles Match

Yin Yang vs. Chris Gates

Gates comes out first to boos, he has a barbed wire baseball bat in his hands.


CFO$'s The Second Coming cuts his entrance short and Yang enters the arena with a shopping cart full of God knows what. He slams the cart into Gates who tries to swing and the bell rings.

Yang and Gates trade forearms on the floor before Yang throws Gates in the ring. Yang tries a super kick but Gates retreats. Yang suicide dives between the bottom and middle rope and knocks Gates into the guardrail. Yang starts choking Gates over the guardrail but Gates escapes by a low blow. Gates starts knocking Yang backwards and chips him in the chest, shattering the large jewel on his entrance top.Yang chops Gates back and removes his top. He starts strangling Gates with it. Gates reverses Yang into the post, knocking Yang down. Gates grabs Yang and slams him into the announce table.

"Move jackasses!" Gates yells at the commentators before putting Yang on the table. Gates climbs up and hits a moonsault off the top through Yang and the table. Gates drags Yang to the ring and covers him for a two count.

Gates leaves the ring and grabs his barbed wire bat. He goes to hit Yang but Yang blocks it with a metal trash can. Yang kicks Gates in the knee, causing him to drop the bat. Yang grabs the bat and starts grinding it into Gates' face. Gates screams in pain and tries to find refuge in the ropes with blood streaming down his face. Yang stops him and grinds him even more. Gates rolls back and Yang trips him down. Yang lifts a leg and leg drops the barbed wire into Gates' groin. Gates lets out a yell as Yang goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.


Yang goes to his cart and finds a roll of razor wire. The crowd goes crazy as Yang gets in the ring with it. Gates begs for mercy as Yang draws closer and wraps the large razors around his forearm. Yang runs and tries to elbow drop the razor wire into Gates but Gates moves. The wire shreds the turnbuckle and Yang is stuck with his arm bleeding severely. Gates starts stomping on Yang while the ref tries to free him.


Gates gets a table and sets it up on the floor. Gates grabs Yang by his long hair and sets him up for a suplex off the apron. He gets Yang up but Yang lands on the apron next to him. Yang tries a cutter but Gates counters. Gates gets Yang on his shoulders but Yang counters. Yang lands behind Gates in a German suplex position and tries to nail him off the apron to the table. Gates counters and gets Yang up in a suplex. Yang counters and gets Gates into a suplex and Falcon Arrows him off the apron through the table.

The crowd goes crazy as Yang stumbles up and tosses a bloody Gates into the ring. Yang finds a light tube in his cart and rolls it into the ring. Gates steals it and Yang gets a second. The two face off before hitting each other over the head with them. The crowd lose it even more as a blood soaked Gates lands on Yang for a long 2. Gates can't believe it. He grabs Yang, who's also covered in blood, and tosses him into the corner. He runs and nails a hard Palm thrust into Yang's face. Gates leaves the ring and finds a sandbag.

Gates enters but Yang hits Gates in the top of the head with the bottom of the trash can. Yang opens the bag and pours 10s of 1,000s of tacks onto the mat. Gates escapes but Yang dives at him again. But this time Gates hits Yang halfway through the ropes with a chair. Gates finds a large piece of plywood with barbed wire and slides it in. Gates runs at Yang in the corner, who catches Gates in a Powerbomb position. Yang runs at the corner with Gates and Powerbombs him into the corner. Gates stumbles out as Yang hits the ropes. Yang Curb Stomps Gates into the barbed wire and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.


The crowd chants holy shit as Yang fights to his feet as Gates crawls towards the thumbtacks. Yang tries to Curb Stomp Gates into the tacks but he moves. Gates picks Yang up and drops him with a Tiger Driver into the tacks. Yang writhes in pain as the camera zooms in to Yang's tattooed back covered in thumbtacks. Gates musters the strength and gets a table into the ring. He sets it up along side a ladder.

Gates puts Yang on the table and puts a bundle of light tubes on him. Gates climbs up the ladder with a barbed wire chair and elbow drops the chair down through the tubes, through Yang, and through the table for the win.

Winner: Chris Gates

Gates crawls out of the ring covered in blood. Doctors help him to the back and Yang gets stretchered out of the ring. Yang crawls off the gurney and walks to the back on his own.



Singles Match

Sam Storms vs. Arage


Out first is Sam Storms. He doesn't interact with the crowd much on his way to the ring. Once he gets in the ring he does a pose on the second rope.


Next to the ring, Arage. The lights get dark and flames are at the top of the stage. He slowly walks to the ring. He enters the ring and stares at Storms. The bell rings.


Storms and Arage lock up. Arage comes out with Storms in a headlock. Arage lands a few strikes to Storms' back, but Storms shoves him off. Arage bounces off the ropes coming with a wild clothesline, Storms ducks and counters with a clothesline of his own. With Arage on the mat, Storms lands a few stomps to the back and left arm. Storms stands Arage back on his feet. Arage quickly comes to his senses and irish whips Storms to the corner. Storms tries to come back with a straight punch, but Arage gives a kick to the stomach followed up with a suplex. Arage covers Storms... but only gets a two count.


 Storms rolls out of the ring.He stands for a few seconds, then he gets himself together. He charges back into the ring and spears Arage! Storms has Arage on his back and is delivering wild punches at him. Storms stands Arage on his feet and goes for an irish whip, but Arage counters into a knee to the gut. He takes this opportunity to go for a running leg drop, but Storms rolls out of the way. With both men on their feet, Storms lands an oddly performed dropkick. Storms climbs to the second rope and hypes the crowd. He leaps, but Arage rolls out of the way, while Storms lands on his feet. When Storms turns around he is hit with a huge Superman Punch! Arage hooks the leg of Storms for the win.


Winner: Arage



Singles Match

Davey Wonder vs. Nero Cage

Both move around the ring. They stare at each other and then lock-up. Wonder works on the arm of Cage but Cage gets out of the armlock and hits a fireman's carry. Wonder stands. They move around the ring again. Cage applies a headlock. Wonder shoots him off in the ring but Cage hits him with a shoulder block. Cage runs in the ropes as Wonder stands. Wonder hits a hip toss. Wonder goes in the ropes and hits Cage with a shoulder block. He continues in the ropes as Cage stands and he hits Wonder with an arm drag takedown. Cage switches it to a headlock. Wonder turns and gets to his feet. He goes to shoot Cage in the ropes but Cage continues to have the headlock applied. Wonder gets to his feet again. Wonder punches Cage in the gut and then shoots him in the corner. Cage pops up and goes behind Wonder. He tries for a dropkick but Wonder moves out of the way. Wonder tries to go after him but Cage gets away. He goes to the apron through the middle rope but Wonder kicks him in the chest. He gets him on his feet and works on the arm. He applies an armlock on Cage as he is down on the mat. Cage gets to his feet. He whips Wonder in the ropes and hits him with a flying forearm and then a clothesline. Wonder stands and whips Cage in the corner. Cage flips over it and lands on the apron. He hits Wonder and then climbs the corner for a missile dropkick.

He covers Wonder but Wonder kicks out at two. Wonder rolls to the apron. Cage grabs him but Wonder grabs his arm and hangs it over the top rope. Wonder gets in and hits a knee lift to Nero and then a huge clothesline. Wonder climbs the corner. He jumps and hits a neck breaker. He covers but Nero kicks out. Wonder gets him to his feet and goes for a suplex but Cage blocks. He runs in the ropes but Wonder hits him with a spine buster. Wonder covers but Cage kicks out at two. Both are on their feet. Wonder kicks him in the gut and lifts him up on his shoulders. Cage gets out and hits Wonder with a DDT. He covers but Wonder kicks out. Cage climbs the corner and hits a moonsault. He covers but Davey kicks out. Nero goes for a piledriver but Wonder gets out and turns it into a Cross Face. Nero looks like he's about to tap out, but eventually gets out of the hold. Cage hits Wonder with a superkick and goes for the cover, but Wonder kicks out.

Nero Cage climbs the corner. But Wonder immediately stands and runs up the corner. They're both on the top rope, both throwing hits at each other. But Wonder eventually gets the upper hand by headbutting him, Wonder sets Cage up for a superplex to the outside of the ring... and delivers with full impact! The referee starts counting, "1,2,3,4,5". Both wrestlers are still on the floor rolling around, the referee continues his count "6,7". Both wrestlers start to get up, "9". It looks as though they're both about to get up, but they both fall back down. "10! That's it, ring the bell!"


The referee has no choice but to ring the bell.


Winner: Draw


The fans are booing out of confusement and disappointment, the crowd are going crazy with boos.


Henry Hall's entrance music hits (CFO$ - Reborn) and the crowd's reaction slightly improves, he gets straight into the ring and grabs a mic. Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. This if the first ever IWC wrestling event, the main event of the show WILL NOT end in a draw. Ref, restart the match! The crowd start going cheering. And to make sure that this doesn't happen again, this match will be restarted as a no disqualification falls count anywhere match! The Crowd start going crazy with cheers. The bell rings.



No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere Singles Match

Davey Wonder vs. Nero Cage


The referee assists the two wrestlers back into the ring, It looks like Hall is sticking around to watch the match. Neither of the men in the ring seem to be moving, until Nero starts to grab the ropes for support. The fans start cheering him on, Nero uses the ropes to get back to his feet. He climbs to the top rope, and successfully hits the Neroic Ending! Wonder is out of it, Cage looks sure to get the win. He covers Wonder, but is pulled off him by... Henry Hall! Hall lifts Nero to his feet, and hits him with The Overload! The referee looks bemused, the fans are going wild with boos. Hall has a sinister grin on his face, he pulls Wonder by his arm and puts him onto Cage. Hall screams at the referee to count the pin, the referee has no choice but to hesitantly count the pin.


Winner: Davey Wonder


Davey slowly starts to get to his feet. Henry still has the grin on his face, he extends his hand out for a handshake... And Davey accepts. The fans have no idea what's going on, but they're angry. Hall orders Wonder to get rid of Cage, Wonder lifts Nero to his feet and hits him with the Lunattack. He then throws him over the top rope. The referee starts doubting his decision and pleads to Hall to reverse the decision, Hall drops the referee with a Clothesline From Hell and throws him over the top rope. Hall and Wonder stand in the centre of the ring, Hall takes a deep breath and raises the arm of Wonder. The fans are erupting with boos, Hall and Wonder finish the show standing in the ring laughing.

Edited by IWC®

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Commenting on match cards and shows is only to talk about the event itself and not about what should've or could've happened. If you guys have any complaints whatsoever, don't hesitate PMing the IWC account.


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I've already fucking tried.


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