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Raw Is War Episode 1

Raw Is War to came on to fireworks and a loud pop from the fans as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawer Welcomed the Audience at Home and talked about Wrestlemaina with the nWo being new tag champs, Stephanie McMahon becoming the Women’s Champion and Eddie Guerrero’s Intercontinental Championship victory and above all Mankind’s WWF Championship win.

No Chance in Hell Began to Play as Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gearld Brisco, The Rock, The Big Bossman, Ken Shamrock, Test and The Big Show walked out down to ring with the crowd booing them.

“Have a Nice Day” The Fans chanted mocking the Corporation over Mankind’s victory the night before.

With The Corporation in the ring Vince began to speak. 

“I assure you all, what happened last night was a fluke which will be corrected at Backlash in four weeks’ time, where the Corporate Champion the Rock will defeat Mankind to become the WWF Champion” Vince explained.

“Speaking of that mutilated freak, in tonight’s Main Event Mankind will take on The Big Show in a No Disqualification Match” Vince said with a smile on his face he was about to continue when glass shattered and the crowd roared louder than ever which meant only one thing the Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin was here. 

The Corporation turned to the stage with Bossman, Shamrock and Test getting ready for a fight, as Austin walked out Microphone in hand.

“Vince when you talked about Backlash You forgot to talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin, as part of my contract as WWF champion I have a rematch clause and if the Rock’s getting a shot then Steve Austin’s getting a shot too and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so” Austin said and the crowd roared in response.

“Well I’m glad you’re here Steve because while you do have your rematch clause I think you should have to earn it, so later tonight you will be in a gauntlet match against the Hart Foundation and if you win then at Backlash you will take on Mankind and The Rock for the WWF championship in a triple threat match” Vince said before Raw went to an Ad break.

Match 1 Tag Team Match RVD & Kane Vs Diamond Snake Tag Team Match
This Tag Match was fast and furious it started out with RVD and DDP being the Legal Men. RVD used many Aerial Moves to get the advantage until he tagged in Kane who used his size and power to manhandle DDP. However managed to get over to Jake Roberts and tagged him in however Jake was still no match for Kane and eventually took a side walk slam. 

DDP ran in and hit Kane with the Diamond cutter only to get a Heel Kick from RVD who then threw him out of the ring.
Kane and Jake got up at the same time but Kane managed to stun him with an uppercut before hitting him with a choke slam and tagging in RVD who hit him with a Five Star Frog Splash for the 1-2-3. 

When Raw came back onto the air Chris Jericho was in the ring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO!” Jericho shouted getting a huge pop from the fans.

“Last Night at Wrestlemaina I was about to win the Money In the Bank ladder match which meant I would have had a guaranteed world title match at anytime and anyplace however I was screwed out of the title by Damien Sandow” The fans booed when they heard Sandow’s name.

“So Sandow you wanna play, well this Thursday on Smackdown I’m going to be there and I don’t care if I have to drag you out to the ring but I am going to kick your ass!” Jericho said making the crowd cheer before Perry Saturn came out for his and Jericho’s match.

Match 2 Chris Jericho Vs Perry Saturn Singles Match

This match didn’t last long after some brawling which at one point so Jericho missing a Lionsault and landing onto the guard rail which took the wind out of him and allowed Saturn to get the Advantage. 

Saturn got Jericho back into the ring and after beating him down, Saturn went for a Death Valley Driver but Jericho reversed it into the Lion tamer and made Saturn tap. Jericho quickly went backstage with his hand on his stomach area. 

Match 3 X-Pac Vs the Godfather Singles Match

The match ended within in seconds with X-Pac immediately hitting Godfather with an X-Kick followed up by a pin.

Afterwards X-Pac grabbed a Microphone and began to speak. 

“Last night at Wrestlemaina, I did something that shocked many of you, I attacked both Kevin Nash and Triple H” X-Pac said getting a mixed response.

“Why did I do that, I did it because I was tired of everyone thinking that I needed to relay on a stable, well that’s where I prove you wrong, I’m going solo and soon I will have the intercontinental championship” X-Pac said once again with a mixed response but some more cheers this time.

DX’s Music began to play and Triple H walked out the two started each other down as Raw went to an Ad break. 

Match 4 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Hart Foundation Gauntlet Match 

The Match began with Stone Cold facing off against the British Bulldog and took him down with a clothesline before an elbow to the chin.
Austin took Bulldog down with a Lou Thesz Press and got a two count after an elbow drop off the top rope.

Austin called Bulldog up to his feet and went for a stunner but Bulldog took him down and used a Military Press Slam and to gain the advantage.

Bulldog then hit Austin with multiple leg drops but Austin kicked out at one, Bulldog called Austin to his feet and went for a clothesline but Austin ducked and hit Bulldog with a stunner and pinned him to eliminate him out of the match.

Jim Nedihart was next and traded blows with Austin until he was able to knock him down and lock in the sharpshooter, Austin powered out of it and hit Nedihart with two stunners and a pointed elbow drop for the pin. 

Owen Hart was the third and final member of the Hart Foundation to face Austin, Owen Hart ran down to the ring and got in before Austin could react and Owen got a roll up on Austin who kicked out at two. 

Austin and Hart began to brawl which took them to the outside where they got back into the ring just before the referee counted to ten.

Austin hit Hart with a Lou Thez Press and a stunner but Hart kicked just before three, Hart hit Austin out of nowhere with a Northern Lights Surplex and got a two count. 

Owen called Austin to his feet and went for a Piledriver but Austin reversed it and hit him with a stunner which got Austin the win.

As Austin celebrated Bret Hart, British Bulldog and Jim Nedihart ran out and attacked him from behind with Owen soon joining in.

However before they could do any damage to Stone Cold the Four Horsemen’s music hit and the Horsemen walked out, with the Hart Foundation leaving Stone Cold and meeting the Horsemen halfway for a brawl on the stage ramp.

Main Event Mankind Vs the Big Show No DQ Match

During Mankind’s entrance Big Show attacked him from behind and even hit a sidewalk slam on the stage ramp before dragging him towards the ring and Irish whipping him into the steel steps.

Big Show picked Mankind back up and choke slammed him onto the steps before throwing Mankind back to the ring and going for a pin but Mankind kicked out at two. 

Big Show called Mankind up and ran at him for a big boot but Mankind ducked it and hit Show with a clothesline before going of the ring to grab a chair.

Mankind used the chair to bring his giant opponent down to size; Mankind then put the chair over Big Show’s face and hit him with a diving senton crushing the chair into Show’s face.

Mankind went for the pin but Show kicked out, Show began to fight back and used a Military Press Slam to throw Mankind out of the ring.

Show climbed over the ropes and went for a leg drop but Mankind rolled out of the way, as Show slowly got up holding his legs; Mankind grabbed the steel steps and charged at Show slamming them into his face.

Mankind then reached under the ring and grabbed a Baseball bat and used it to beat down on Show before getting him into the ring.

Mankind went for a pin but Show kicked out at two, Show hit Mankind with a low blow followed up by a side slam, a leg drop and a choke slam with the chokeslam being onto the chair.

Big Show went for a pin but Mankind somehow kicked out at two, Vince McMahon ran down with a pair of brass knuckles and gave them to Big Show.

Show out them on and got ready to possibly knock Mankind out however when he turned around Mr Socko was shoved down his throat.

As Big Show began to grow weak Mankind turned the Mandible claw into a double arm DDT, Vince looked on in shock and attempted to get the ref’s attention but Austin ran out and chased Vince off. 

Back in the ring, the ref counted to three which got Mankind his first win as WWF champion to close Raw.


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Smackdown! Episode 1 

As Smackdown! came on the air, the nWo’s music hit to many boos. The World champion Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Eric Bischoff, The World Tag Team Champions Randy Savage and Lex Luger, Miss Elizabeth, Ted DiBiase, IRS, Ted DiBiase Jr, Vincent, The Great Muta, Rick Steiner and Fake Sting walked down to the ring.
The fans booed and chanted CM Punk as Hogan began to speak.

“Whatcha You gonna do Brother? When Hollywood Hogan and the nWo run wild on you!” Hogan said.

“That is to CM Punk, as for the Usos what you going to do when Scott and Rick the Steiner Brothers run wild on you” Hogan asked as Scott showed off his muscles and a cocky smile came over Rick’s face.

Before Hogan could continue the music Smackdown’s general Manger Teddy Long hit and he came out to cheers.

“Hogan before you go on a rant, I want to know what happened at Wrestlemaina, now tell me if those three men are nWo members or not, if they are members then tell me who they are because they will be the ones handling the World Heavyweight Championship back to CM Punk” Long ordered.

“Sorry T-Long but those three men are not a part of the nWo” Hogan answered.

“While I don’t believe you there is not any evidence so for now you are off the hook but tonight you will defend your championship against CM Punk in a steel cage match” Teddy said before Smackdown went to an add.

Match 1 Seth Rollins Vs Sin Cara Singles Match

The Match was faced paced with a lot of Aerial Moves; Sin Cara used a series of Arm Drags to throw Rollins around. Rollins reversed a Springboard DDT into a buckle bomb afterwards Rollins went for a Blackout but Sin Cara reversed it into a Roll Up. 

Seth Rollins took Cara down to the ground with an Enzuigiri before climbing over the ropes and spring boarding over them and taking Sin Cara down with a springboard double knee. 

Seth then took to the top rope and finished off Sin Cara with a Corkscrew 450 Splash for the pin.

Winner: Seth Rollins


Backstage Hogan is talking to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall however the viewer’s cannot hear them except for Hall saying “Don’t Worry Chico, with our new “Insurance Policy” you will still be champion by the end of the night”

Match 2 Alexander Rusev w/ Lana Vs Drew Mcytne Singles Match 

The Match was over quickly with Rusev dominating. Eventually Rusev hit a Spinning Heel kick before locking in the Accolade on Mcytne which made the Scottish Superstar tap.
Winner: Alexander Rusev 

After the match Rusev’s Manager Lana came into the ring, Rusev then picked up and threw Mcytne out of the ring before she began to speak.

“Since debuting here in the WWE Alexander Rusev has been undefeated, and yet Theodore Long still refuses to acknowledge his presence, Alexander was not on the card of Wrestlemaina so in order to prove this, Rusev needs some good completion so next week I challenge anyone to take on Alexander Rusev” Lana said before Smackdown went to an ad break.


Match 3 the Usos Vs the Steiner Brothers Tag Team Match

The match started with Rick and Jay. The Usos used their High Flying Techniques in an attempt to gain the win however the Steiner Brothers used their Strength to toss the opposing brothers around. Later in the match Rick and Jay tagged in Jimmy and Scott at the same time. Jimmy went for a springboard cross body but Scott caught him and slammed him into the ground. Scott threw him around as Rick brawled with Jay on the outside. 

In the ring Scott hit Jimmy with a Frankensteiner but Jimmy kicked out forcing Scott to lock in the Steiner Recliner with Jay being taken out by Rick Jimmy had no choice but to tap.

Winner: The Steiner Brothers.


Match 4 John Cena Vs Batista Singles Match

This match was back forth, Cena took Batista down with a Clothesline only for Batista to take him down with a Shoulder block. Eventually after Cena kicked out of a Spear followed by a spine buster and Batista kicked out of a FU the fight was taken to the outside where Cena hit the FU on Batista onto the steel steps. Cena then began to lay a beat down on Batista only to be pushed back and speared through the barricade as the Referee’s count got to ten resulting in a double count out draw.


Backstage the nWo gave Hogan their final good luck wishes before he along with Nash and Hall walked down to the ring.

When Smackdown came back on the air Hogan and the outsiders were down at the ring, Nash and Hall gave Hogan a final good luck before the World Champion entered the cage.


Afterwards CM Punk’s music hit and the crowd roared, Punk ran out from backstage and down the stage ramp armed with a baseball bat, Punk ran up onto the steel steps and dived onto Hall and Nash as Hogan looked on.

After the three men got up, Punk slammed the bat into Hall’s head twice before slamming it into Nash’s gut and lifting him up for a GTS; Pun then delivered a GTS to Hall before grabbing the bat and entering the cage which was closed behind him.


Match 5 CM Punk Vs Hollywood Hogan Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Punk charged at Hogan rammed the bat into his gut before beating him down with it; Punk then slammed Hogan’s head into the steel which rebounded Hogan into a Bulldog from Punk. Punk laid a series of kicks onto the downed Hogan. Punk then Irish whipped Hogan into the corner where he left for a running knee but Hogan countered with a big boot. Hogan then began to fight back with a series of punches before downing Punk with a big boot.

Hogan went for a leg drop but Punk rolled out of the way and locked in the Anaconda Vice. Hogan pulled out and hit Punk with a Power slam and a Power bomb.

Hogan began to climb onto the stage but Punk pulled him down and took down with a clothesline, Punk called Hogan to his feet and hit a GTS.

However before Punk could do anything two of the masked men from Wrestlemaina ran down the ring ramp and over to the cage. One of them had bolt cutters and used it to gain entry into the cage.

The third man ran in behind the cage from the crowd, the man climbed to the top of the cage as the other two entered the cage.

Punk looked at the three before they pulled down their hoods and took off their masks revealing the two in the cage to be Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and the one on the cage top to be Seth Rollins.

Rollins then hit a double diving High knee onto Punk downing him before Punk fell; Ambrose grabbed him and hit the dirty deeds on him. Rollins and Ambrose pulled Punk up to his feet and threw him towards Reigns who speared him.

The three dragged Punk to the middle of the ring where Hogan leg dropped he helped the three beat down on Punk before climbing out of the cage to retain his Championship.


The nWo’s music hit and the cage was raised as the rest of the nWo came out and celebrated with Hogan along with Nash and Hall. 

The whole nWo occupied the ring where they helped their three newest members beat down on Punk. The group stopped the beat down as Vincent gave Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns nWo shirts.

Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns put the shirts on before they triple power bombed Punk which was followed by Hall hitting the Razor’s edge on Punk and Nash hitting a Jacknife.
The nWo celebrated their leader’s victory as Smackdown went off the air.


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