WWE Reality Era (Diary)

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Very good show and surprising finish. Uee!


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Wow, this needs to be posted on reddit as well......


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Wow, this needs to be posted on reddit as well......

Go ahead if ya want! And thanks. NXT, RAW and Smack down will all be pushed back a week as I'm moving houses, ATM!

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Damn... amazing.


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Michael Cole: Hello everybody, and welcome to... MONDAY. NIGHT. RAW! If you missed last weeks episode of RAW you missed a good one! Bad news Barret returned and took back what he never truly lost, the intercontinental championship, and Paige challenged AJ to a 1 on 1 match for 'her baby' the divas title, for tonight!


JBL: Along with The Wyatt Family interrupting an in-ring interview between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, before attacking Dean Ambrose! Will they explain their actions tonight? Better watch and find out!


Tournament round #1 - Match 3.

Cesaro vs The Miz w/ Mizdow


The match starts and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Cesaro overpowers Miz and sends him into the corner. Cesaro taunts to Miz before kneeing him multiple times in the gut. Cesaro pulls Miz out of the corner and hits a suplex before going for a cover. Only to get a 2 count. Cesaro picks up Miz to get slapped in the face. Miz punches Cesaro multiple times in the gut before whipping him into the rope and clotheslining him on the return. Miz goes for the figure four only to get pushed off by Cesaro. Cesaro jumps to his feet, and Miz runs at him. Only for Cesaro to counter into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cesaro picks Miz up and puts him in a headlock, before floating him over his shoulder and kneeing him viciously in the back. Cesaro goes for a cover only to get another 2 count. Cesaro picks Miz up and throws him into the corner, Cesaro runs at Miz and hits a massive flying uppercut while Mizdow mimics the impact on the outside.


Cesaro drags Miz into the middle of the ring. He spins his finger in the air and goes to swing Miz. Only for Miz to school-boy Cesaro for a 1 count. They both jump to their feet and hit a double clothesline. Miz gets up first and locks in the figure 4 leg lock. The submission goes on for ages until Cesaro grabs to ropes for leverage and turns the submission around. The ref counts to 4 before Cesaro lets go of the ropes. They both struggle to their feet before Cesaro uppercuts Miz into the ropes. Miz rebounds and sprints off the ropes, under Cesaro's arms and into the opposing ropes. Miz runs off the ropes and tries to leap frog Cesaro, only to be caught mid air by Cesaro and powerbommed to the ground. Cesaro quickly picks MIz up to his feet, cracks his neck and hits the neutralizer. Cesaro pins Miz and gets the 3.


Cesaro via Pinfall

Highlight above for quick result


Cesaro gets to his feet and pumps his fists. He leaves the ring and grabs a microphone. He also grabs a chair from under the ring. He rolls into the ring with a chair and microphone in his hands.


Cesaro: You see? It is just that easy for me to advance. Not a single sweat was wiped, not a single tear shed and not a bit of blood exposed. I am Cesaro and I am the future United states champion. Whether you like it or not. 


Cesaro throws the mic down onto the ground and neutralizers Miz onto the chair. he leaves the ring.


Bo Dallas walks down the ramp with a worried look on his face and a mic in his hand. He rolls into the ring and kneels next to Miz.


Bo Dallas: Miz, it's okay! I know Cesaro may have knocked you out of this tournament... but you're a former WWE champion, a former intercontinental champion! Hell you'e even been united states champion before! So pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Because all you have to do is... BoLIEVE! 



Cesaro is celebrating backstage before being approached on by Sheamus.


Sheamus: Look fella you looked strong out in that ring tonight but it is going to take a lot more to get through the rest of the tournament and even more getting through me! 


Cesaro: Ha. Ha, very cute. Fella. The thing is you don't have what it takes to be in the ring with people as talented as me. Or should I just same you don't have what it takes to hang in the ring with Cesaro, because there ain't nobody as strong, there definitely ain't nobody as talented as me. So be ready just be very ready for me when I eventually win this stupid little tournament and get my hands on you, for real.


Sheamus: Strong words for somebody who I kicked in the face and put down for three, fella.


Cesaro: They can't be strong words if I can back it up, Sheamus. Just wait. Just you wait until I get my hands on you come the end of this tournament. Then you'll see.


The two stare each other down



JBL: And with that match Cesaro has found himself advancing in the United States #1 contender tournament! But to be honest, did any of you 2 expect anything different!?


Michael Cole: You never know, JBL! It only takes 3 seconds for the entire stadium to be filled with shock and open mouths!


JBL: Yeah well that is 3 seconds to long for somebody as strong as Cesaro!



A podium rises from the beside the ramp, revealing Bad News Barret holding the intercontinental championship.


Barret: I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS. For the former Intercontinental champion, and for all of you mindless baboons. The WWE universe. For somebody as highly acclaimed as Dolph Ziggler, for me to beat him with such ease, without even breaking a sweat, it won't be long before I am your WWE World Heavyweight Champion! I didn't even lose this title, it got taken from me, and I'm NOT going to lose it again. 


Bad News Barret laughs and bangs his hammer, the podium lowers. Ziggler appears on the titantron.


Ziggler: Well, Barret. I'm afraid I've got some... good news. For me, and the WWE universe. Bad news for you, though. I will be enacting my rematch clause for the Intercontinental title, right here, right now. Be ready, because I've bringing my A game. 



Intercontinental title rematch. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barret


The match starts and the two circle the ring. The lock up in the middle and Barret gains advantage. He puts Ziggler in a headlock and snaps him onto the ground, before kneeing him in the back. Barret picks Ziggler to his feet and knees him in the gut, and knees him in the head. Barret hits a DDT and goes for the cover, only to get a 2 count. Ziggler gets to his feet and slaps Barret, before hitting a superkick. Ziggler goes for the cover only to also get a 2. They both get to their feet and exchange right hands. Barret gets the advantage with multiple jabs in quick succession and forces Ziggler into the corner. Barret whips Ziggler into the opposite corner and runs at him full force. Ziggler jumps out of the way and Barret's shoulder slams into the ring post. Ziggler rolls Barret up for a 2 count. Barret jumps to his feet and elbows Ziggler in the head before hitting a exploding suplex into the turnbuckle. 


Barret rolls out of the ring and slams Ziggler's legs into the turnbuckle before grabbing him by both lags and slamming him onto the outside. Barret gets onto the apron and goes for his apron elbow drop but Ziggler rolls out of the way. The ref is at a 7 count so Ziggler drags Barret into the ring and pins him for a 2 count. Ziggler gets to his feet and motions for Barret to get up. When Barret gets up Ziggler goes for a superkick but Barret grabs his leg and hits a winds of change. Barret goes for a cover but only gets a 2. So he turns his elbow pad inside out and sets up for a bullhammer. When Ziggler gets up Barret hits the bullhammer but is also met with the superkick. Both wrestlers are laid out on the mat. Ziggler and Barret both struggle to their feet and Ziggler jumps at the opportunity, going for a fameasser. Only for Barret to catch him mid-air and hit a wade-slam. Barret goes for a cover only to get a 2 again! Barret smashes the ground out of anger and gets to his feet. Barret once again sets up for the Bull-hammer, and once Ziggler gets to his feet he hits it directly on Zigglers face for a 3 count. 


Bad News Barret via pinfall

Highlight above for quick result



JBL: Barret retains! What a match!


King: Either one of those wrestlers could have walked out of that match Intercontinental champion, it took one surprise Bullhammer for Barret to seal the deal, but the next time these two face off it could be one surprise Zig-Zag that changed the title holder!


Michael Cole: What a great match!


Stardust: WE HaVE the cosMIC Key nOW - - - haHAhha. - - - or DO we? - - -HAhahahHa. - - - The LIKES of yOU ALL will NEVER know! Was it the GOLD that wE NOW POSSESS? maaaabye!  - - -Hahhaa - - -. Ones thing for certain. You wIll NEVER forget the names..... of. 


Goldust: Goldust...


Stardust: And STARRRRDUssssT.


Stardust puts his hand in a star formation and they fade away.



Tournament round #1 - Match 4.

Zack Ryder vs Mark Henry


The match starts and Mark Henry grabs Ryder and tosses him into the ring post. He tosses him shoulder first a couple more times before hitting a backbreaker. Mark Henry picks Zack Ryder up and throws him into the corner. He hits a running splash and throws Ryder down to the ground. Henry runs the ropes and hits the worlds strongest splash. He gets up and kicks Ryder multiple times in the stomach. Henry picks Ryder up for the worlds strongest slam until... 


Big E and Kofi Kingston run down the ramp, Xavier woods jumps the barricade and distracts the referee. Kofi Kingston hits the trouble in Paradise and Zack Ryder falls on top of Henry. Woods leaves the ref and he counts to 3.
Zack Ryder via pinfall.
highlight above for quick result
The team of Woods, and Big E roll back into the ring and toss Ryder to the outside. Kofi grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up inside the ring. Big E pulls down his straps and Kofi and Woods help Big E set Henry up for the Big Ending. Big E puts Henry through the table and Woods rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone. 
Xavier Woods: Enough is enough, we are sick and tired of all the shit we are put through week after week and we are now taking. We are no longer standing at the back of the line, we are now taking what we deserve. We have the most agile, strongest and the most intelligent individuals in the WWE! 
Big E: That's right, we are sick of WWE making us look like idiots, we are sick of getting treated like shit, we are taking a stand and making an impact. 

JBL: Can you believe what we just saw!? Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston sending a message to the WWE universe to watch their backs by taking down the strongest man in WWE Mark Henry!
King: And what a strong showing by them also! I didn't think it would be possible, but Zack Ryder advances!
JBL: Who are you to doubt a former united states champion King? Shame on you!

The lights in the arena go dark and Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family walk down to the ring, they enter the ring and Bray grabs a microphone.
Bray Wyatt: Why... did you it Bray? Well, it's simple. I needed a platform. I needed a time and a place to get more of my message across. I would have done it to anybody, laughs. John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins it doesn't matter to me. The more people who see me the more that hear my message and the more that join my cause to save humanity. laughs. You se-
Ambrose walks down the ramp and jumps into the ring, he gets right into Wyatt's face.
Dean Ambrose: Bray Wyatt, Wyatt family if you haven't noticed already I have a bit of a bone to pick with you. You ruined my moment last week and I'm the kind of man who if you get beat up, you don't just sit down and say well I guess he was just a better man then me... no that's not how I am at all. You see if I get beat up I get straight back on my feet, shake their hand and then shove there god damn nose right through their ear!
Bray Wyatt: Laughs I know exactly the kind of person you are Ambrose, you don't know when to quit. Well I'll teach you just how much it takes to make you quit because it doesn't seem like you know yourself. 
Harper and Rowan then attack Ambrose from behind, but Ambrose fights back. Bray rolls out of the ring and Ambrose throws Harper over the top rope and into him. Rowan goes for a big boot but Ambrose ducks it and his double underhook DDT. 
Dean Ambrose: Bray Wyatt you son of a bitch get your ass back in here and fight me like a man.
Bray shakes his head while laughing and walking backwards. 

JBL: Maybe Bray will be a little more cautious around that freak Dean Ambrose next time they get inside the ring, you never know where his head is at. Even with a freak like Wyatt!


The titantron shows AJ and Paige getting ready for their 1 on 1 match for the divas title.


Divas Championship match

AJ lee vs Paige


The match starts and they lock up in the middle, Paige drags AJ into the ropes and breaks, but not before hitting a cheap shot in AJ's stomach. Paige turns her back and skips away AJ hits a dropkick to Paige's back and sends her to the ground. AJ kicks Paige multiple times in the back before Paige rolls out of the way and trips AJ to the ground. Paige gets to her feet and kicks AJ multiple times in the back also. She panders to the crowd and AJ gets to her feet. They lock up in the middle and Paige knees AJ in the gut. Paige takes AJ down to the mat and wrenches on her arm. Then sends her into the corner, while running after her. AJ is able to jump over Paige using the turnbuckle and dropkicks her into the corner. AJ slams Paige into the corner and slams her into the mat. AJ gets Paige into a seated position and pulls her arms back, slamming her knee into Paige's back multiple times before getting a quick 2 count.


AJ gets Paige to her feet, though once they are both standing Paige slaps AJ across face and wraps her in the ropes. Paige skips around before walking up to AJ and kneeing her multiple times in the gut. Paige brings AJ back into the center of the ring and goes for the Paige turner, but AJ struggles out and dropkicks Paige out of the ring. AJ runs the ropes and goes for a suicide dive but Paige moves out of the way and AJ flies into the barricade. Paige picks AJ to her feet and throws her into the ring post, but AJ stops in place and hits a running clothesline to Paige. AJ rolls into the ring and Paige follows. Paige hits a running knee into the back of AJ puts her in the PTO. AJ struggles out of the submission and kicks Paige in the head. AJ gets to her feet while Paige is in a kneeling position and hits a running knee to Paige's face and gets the 3 count.


Winner and still divas champion: AJ!

Highlight above for quick match result.



King: AJ retains! She did it!


JBL: Calm down King, she got lucky! 


Cole: Give me a break, that's your excuse every damn time! Give AJ some credit.


Seth Rollins walks down the ramp in a suit. He gets onto the apron and gets into the ring with a mic.


Seth Rollins: Boo me all you want it isn't going to change how proud I am that I have finally gotten that rat Dean Ambrose off my ass. That lunatic doesn't know when to let go so I'll just let Bray Wyatt teach him for me since he will not be listening to me anytime soon. You see this proves the intellect of Seth Rollins. Now that that freak is off my tail, I can lay in the shadows and wait for my opportunity to cash in this money in the bank contract and win what I deserve so very much because I am the best damn thing about this company and aint' nobody going to tell me different. With no Dean Ambrose to stop all my attempts to cash in it won't be long until you will be looking at the WWE world heavyweight champion... Seth Rollins. 



Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walk out and into the ring. Lesnar holding the title and Heyman holding a microphone.


Paul Heyman: You see Seth Rollins there is one big problem inside your plan to become the world champion of the WWE. And that is Brock Lesnar. As he is WWE World Heavyweight champion you hold no chance to cash in as this freak does not stay down. He will get straight back to his feet and F5 you through the canvas right alongside every one of your dreams and aspirations. 


Seth Rollins: Yes Paul Heyman Brock Lesnar is the World Champion. But what happened last time Brock was laid out on the canvas huh? I cashed in on his unconscious body and if it wasn't for the hooligan that is John Cena you would be staring at the WWE champion right now.


Paul Heyman: Well I guess we'll never know what would of happened, will we?


The show ends with Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar staring each other down, with Lesnar holding his title high and Rollins holding his briefcase high.






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Great show man!


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I'm gonna close this for the time being while I don't have the time to consistently write proper sized shows, I'll re-open it when stuff settles down.


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