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CPW :Episode 1 (September 20, 2014)

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Phoenix's theme blasts through the arena as the show begins and Phoenix makes his entrance to a big ovation. He gets onto the apron, wipes his feet and hops over the top rope. He climbs the turnbuckle and does his signature pose. he calls for a microphone and a personnel hands him one. He walks to the middle of the ring and smiles before raising the microphone to his mouth.

"Here I am, refusing to stay down. Refusing to be phased. You wanna know something funny? The doctors told me I would have to quit wrestling forever. Over a measly broken leg? No I don't think so. You see what is funny about this is I've broken more bones then I have fingers on my hands and toes on my feet. Why this 'unfortunate' event is so bad beats me.

Phoenix smiles once more. The crowd are cheering and chanting so he takes a break to make them cool down. They continue chanting phoe-nix, phoe-nix. He can only smile before he walks over the the ropes and leans the microphone outside the ring, making the crowds chanting louder. He holds his finger in the air telling them to be quiet. The crowd dumb down so Phoenix walks to the center of the ring and raises the microphone to the air once more.

I am a former world champion in multiple federations and the doc' don't think I got what it takes anymore? I'll show them. I'll show everyone how good I truly am when I become the world champion of this show. Nobody can touch me. Nobody is on my level. Not now, not ever. I'm the best wrestler in the world and I am the best on this mic on the world. Hopefully when I hold the world title high people will realize I am not just all talk like most think I am. Everyone will realize I still got what it takes and everyone will take me seriously once more. You see it is not a matter of if I will become world champion it is a matter of when. When, you ask? Well I know when. You shoot the questions I give the answers. I will become world champion at the upcoming PPV. I will be the first ever CPW world champion and the best ever CPW world champion. Phoenix. Out."

Phoenix drops the microphone. *thud* and walks to the back through a huge face reaction. Phoenix stops on top of the ramp, turns around and does his signature pose before walking to the back.

Ethan Hawkins vs James Collins

Collins is seen walking backstage as Hawkins jumps him in street gear. He starts beating on him until Alexander Gates comes to help. Gates rips the sling off Hawkins' shoulder and pins his arm on a metal equipment crate before slamming a chair down on it. Security pull Gates and Collins away as doctors check on Hawkins.

Winner: No Contest

Alexander Gates vs El Dragon

El Dragon is making his way to the ring for match 2 of our opening show. Dragon comes out with a tribal design and white tights paying tribute to Ultimo Dragon. Alexander Gates is out next his music hits he comes out wearing one of Ep Dragon masks. That is total disrespect.

The ref rings the bell and they go at it. Dragon with a running drop kick knocking Gates into the corner. Gates with a flurry of offense working his way out of the corner. Dragon runs the ropes and goes for a low drop kick but Gates counters into a devistating clothesline. Gates takes the mask off and spits on it then throws it at Dragon. Dragon goes back at it and hard kicks to gates. Gates with a springboard dropkick but misses dragon rols him up for the first pin of the match and barely gets a 2.

Dragon goes up top with a cross body but Gates counters and throws Dragon over his head. Dragon gets up and gets nailed with a huge super kick. Gates pins him for a long 2. Gates is starting to get mad and gets in the refs face. With Gates' back turned, Dragon goes up top and nails a hurricanrana for a 2. Gates is hurt on the mat as Dragon goes up top to perform his signature move the Dragon Claws. He hits it with a ton of force and gets a two. Gates gets up and out of nowhere lands a Canadian destroyer. One two three.

Winner: Alexander Gates

Gates poses on the top turnbuckle and walks to the back while Dragon gets helped to the back.

Yin Yang vs Phoenix

Phoenix enters the arena to loud reception, followed by Yang to a loud one as well.

The two circle each other for a second before doing a quick handshake in the middle of the 6 sided ring. The two lock up and Yang immediately goes to a wrist lock. He transitions to a hammer lock before Phoenix reaches between his own legs and trips Yang. Phoenix goes for a fast pin for less than a one count. Yang pops up and trips Phoenix and tries a pin for less than one.

Phoenix tries a flip leg drop but Yang moves, Yang tries a Senton on a downed Phoenix but he moves. Phoenix grabs Yang's wrist and Yang kips up. Yang trips Phoenix down and holds his wrists to the mat for a 2 count. Yang tries to jump onto Phoenix but he gets his feet up and kicks him onto his feet. Phoenix leaps into Yang's neck trying for the Canadian Destroyer but Yang lands on his feet. They stand off as the crowd starts clapping.

Phoenix runs at Yang and he tosses Phoenix over the ropes, but Phoenix holds on and skins the cat, catching Yang with his legs and pulling Yang to the floor. Phoenix springboards off the top with an Asai Moonsault onto Yang. Phoenix throws Yang into the ring. Phoenix jumps on the apron and slingshots into another headscissor position.

Yang lifts his feet off his shoulders and kicks him hard in the abdomen. Yang transitions into an Alabama Slam position and Alabama Slams him into the mat hard. Yang flips into a jackknife cover for a 2 count. Yang climbs to the top rope when suddenly Phoenix leaps up and belly-to-belly suplex's him off the top. But Yang flips forward and lands on his feet. Yang turns and curb stomps Phoenix into the mat for a long 2.

Yang kicks Phoenix out of the ring and follows him. Yang picks him up in a suplex and lays him across the guardrail. Yang jumps onto the apron and comes off with a rolling leg drop, but Phoenix moves and Yang's knee wraps around the steel rail. Yang screams loud and grasps his knee. He stumbles up as Phoenix runs and dives through the turnbuckles and DDTs Yang on the concrete floor.

Phoenix pushes Yang into the ring and slides in. Phoenix lifts him up and sits on the turnbuckle. He sets up for a Tornado DDT. He spins but Yang sets him down and Northern Lights Suplex into the corner. Phoenix lands on his head hard and Yang pulls him out of the corner, picks him up and goes for the Widowmaker, but Yang's knee gives out and Phoenix slides off into the corner.

Phoenix runs in with a Yakuza Kick on a kneeling Yang. Yang stumbles backwards and teeters in the ropes before coming back with a Nigel Lariat. Phoenix gets up first and pulls Yang near the ropes. Phoenix tries an Arabian Press but Yang catches him on the ropes. He yanks him off and nails the Cross Rhodes for a very long 2.

Yang stumbles up as Phoenix crawls to the corner. Yang turns around and eats a Phoenix flying knee. Phoenix pulls Yang near the corner as Phoenix climbs. Phoenix goes for a Phoenix Splash but Yang moves. Yang runs in for another Curb Stomp but Phoenix moves, causing Yang to jam his knee. Phoenix pulls Yang into the Canadian Destroyer for a 3 count and the win.

Winner: Phoenix

After the match the two shakes hands and Yang gets a mic. "I beat you in the first SWC event. You beat me in the first CPW event. We need a tie breaker." Afterwards Phoenix helps Yang out of the ring to the back to a "That was Awesome" chant.

Josh Black vs Jakob Hertz

Hertz comes out first in his Football jersey to loud pop. Black is next to little response from the crowd.

Hertz yawns arrogantly while leaning against the turnbuckle just before the bell rings. Black immediately rushes Hertz and he gets shoulder blocked into the turnbuckle. Black wraps his arms around Hertz’s neck and strangles him for a bit, as the referee moves in to break it up Black bulldogs Hertz against the mat.

Hertz seems to be surprised at the sudden attack, he had no time to prepare for this. As Hertz goes to get back up he gets curb stomped against the mat which gets an “OOOOH!” from the crowd. Hertz goes to get back up again and Black goes for another curb stomp but Hertz rolls out from under his feet and Black drops to his knees.

Hertz, seeing the advantage, rushes Black’s back and puts him in a headlock. The restlock begins to stretch itself out for a bit before they both slowly make it to their feet, then Black reverses by breaking the lock and then follows up with a stunner.

Black sprints to the ropes and Hertz quickly gets back up to his feet. Black bounces off the ropes and Hertz rolls under his feet, another bounce and then Hertz finishes it off with a running-Enzuigiri with a loud pop from the crowd. He goes for pin but only gets 2.

Black slowly gets back up and then the two trade punches for a bit, it’s pretty bad, then Hertz kicks Black in the ribs and then Irish whips him into the ropes, he comes running back, Hertz leap frogs over him but then a springboard-dive off the ropes from Black and straight on top of Hertz into a pin but only gets a 2.

Hertz begins to crawl away to the ropes and Black appears completely winded from that move. Hertz begins climbing up the ropes as Black is still on the ground, Hertz leans against the ropes huffing and puffing from their bout to this point.

Black gets up and then grabs Hertz from behinds and Irish whips him into the corner and then goes for a superkick, but Hertz dodges and goes for the baggage check flooring Black on the ground getting a cheer from the crowd.

Hertz lets out another breath and then begins to climb to the top rope, Black still lies on the ground in pain. Hertz goes on the top rope, taunts to the crowd, and then goes for the Swanton Bomb but then Black brings his knees up to counter.

They’re both on the ground and the referee begins the count. Black reaches his feet at 7. He walks over to the defenseless body of Hertz and then he lifts him up over his shoulders, he is going for the Blackout. Hertz reverses it into the Net Breaker. Black is down as Hertz goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Jakob Hertz

Sean O'Ledwitt vs Blake Miles

Sean comes out first to a nice pop, followed by Blake with a good pop aswell.

The bell rings and the two slowly creep out from their corners, O’Ledwitt goes for a punch but Miles grabs it and knees O’Ledwitt in the stomach, Miles goes for a strike to the jaw but O’Ledwitt ducks it and lays out some quick jabs to Miles’ gut and then a hard uppercut. O’Ledwitt spins around Miles and lays Miles out with a release German suplex.

O’Ledwitt gets up and grabs Miles legs but Miles kicks O’Ledwitt back and stands himself up. Miles goes for a punch but gets reversed with an Irish whip. He bounces off the ropes and comes back to O’Ledwitt who throws him over his shoulders and Miles crashes onto the apron. Miles slowly begins to crawl his way up the ropes and then O’Ledwitt attempts to grab Miles but gets reversed and O’Ledwitt suffers a stunner from Miles onto the ropes.

Miles regains his awareness and as O’Ledwitt gets up he pulls him onto the apron, and then he sets up for the powerbomb off the apron. O’Ledwitt grabs onto the ropes, stopping himself from being thrown onto the concrete. Miles sees O’Ledwitt gripping onto the ropes and then Miles headbutts O’Ledwitt’s stomach and then he completes the Powerbomb onto the hard concrete floor.

Miles is trying to get his breath back after having to hold the much heavier man on his shoulders for a while. O’Ledwitt slowly tries to drag himself to the steel barricade as Miles watches him. When O’Ledwitt rests up against the barricade Miles goes for a superman bunch down onto O’Ledwitt’s face. O’Ledwitt rolls quickly out of the way and Miles smashes into the barricade!

As Miles has his arm stuck between the bars of the barricade O’Ledwitt stands up and moves over to him. O’Ledwitt grabs Miles and helps Miles get his arm out of the barricade. As Miles gets up O’Ledwitt slides back into the ring.

As Miles gets back into the ring they stare off once again, they then trade a fluster of punches between each other, Miles gets the advantage with a kick and then Irish whips O’Ledwitt into one of the 6 corners. Miles then goes to punch O’Ledwitt in the corner but O’Ledwitt grabs Miles’ fist and slams Miles into the corner and then begins to smash his face into the turnbuckle, then he pulls back quite far and then Miles down to the ground with an elbow to the throat.

As Miles is on the ground in pain O’Ledwitt signals for him to get back up. Miles stands up, completely dazed, and then O’Ledwitt picks him up and drops him with Irish Airlines.

O’Ledwitt grabs Miles’ arms and drags him to the centre of the ring, Miles begins to get back up completely dazed again and O’Ledwitt runs to the ropes to bounce off and hit Miles with the Dublin Wind Gust. As O’Ledwitt comes in for it Miles reverses with the Ice Killer and gets a long 2 from the pin.

As Miles rolls off of O’Ledwitt he can rest in the fact he seems to have evened the playing field. Miles begins to sit up slowly as he looks at O’Ledwitt on the ground. Miles slowly makes it to his feet and then after that he tries to regain his balance. As Miles is trying to regain his awareness O’Ledwitt crawls over to Miles and then jumps up under Miles. He has Miles over his shoulders, and then hits the Broken Stool.

O’Ledwitt goes for the rollup and gets a 2. Miles grabs onto O’Ledwitt’s head taking his shoulders off the mat. O’Ledwitt stands up, Miles still with his legs over O’Ledwitt’s shoulders and his arms his head. O’Ledwitt puts his hands on Miles’ torso and goes for the powerbomb, reversal with a Hurricanrana.

Miles and O’Ledwitt both get up, O’Ledwitt runs at Miles and Miles hits the Ice Killer for the win.

Winner: Blake Miles

Miles goes to his knees and celebrates that close victory. O’Ledwitt stands up and then Miles looks at him, they stare deadpan at each other. O’Ledwitt extends a hand and then Miles smiles and they shake hands, their alliance still very alive.

Edited by Yin Yang Reborn

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Credit to McLeod and Alexander Gates for helping me with the show


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Fantastic show man.


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Awesome show guys, I'm a bit sad cause I lost the two matches I was in XD but it's ok, I did well in both and I hope I do better next time.
Also I think El Dragón should have won the match but its k anyways.

Edited by GRTFAJ

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