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WFCE Crash Fire Wrestling: Episode 1 - September 1, 2014 - Part 1

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Last Week............. (Monday Night Raw)

Triple H planned a new show out since the Authority was a failure, Ted DiBiase Sr. returned to the WWE later on that Monday, Ted DiBiase asked for a job and he got it, as general manger of the new show and talents for the company, Ted DiBiase then decided to create a whole new company in the WWE called WFCE, World Federation Caw Entertainment the show and idea of a new branch was approved which leads us to now.


WFCE was a league around the times based in 2012-2013 and closed it's doors but is back now.......

Welcome to the show, first before we start the show let's meet the wrestlers first! :D


Rickie Malaso


Tag Team Partner: Brendon Martin



Former Two-Time WFCE Champion


Rickie grew up as a normal kid and was born in the ending of the 80's since then he has dreamed of being at the biggest event in WFCE when he started WFCE, Lashing Rights, the biggest stage of the beginning of Summer! He's known for being a main eventer  but never in the biggest stage though. He plans on it with his best friend who he calls brother, Brendon Martin, tag team buddies since 2012 these two have shared the same glory in the squared circle ring, he suffered injuries like no other but has come back through the good and bad.

  • WFCE's Main Face of the company since 2013 when WFCE closed it's doors.

Brendon Martin


Tag Team Partner: Rickie Malaso



Former WFCE Global Champion


Brendon, the rebel that debut from walking over the barricade wall at Lashing Rights 2012 has always been a bad mouth, proved right by anger, this rebel is two weeks from being in jail as people think, he's the reason that WFCE ended but will return tonight as he might return during his biggest rivals return too on this Championship filled night, anything can happen with this man and we mean anything as he is the most feared wrestler in WFCE....well not compared to Streaker but we'll talk about him later.

  • He was the reason WFCE closed the doors in 2013 after Lashing Rights 2013 that year.
  • He is the Secondary Face of the company with alot of main event spots.


First Match of the Night - Jimmy Jim Jones vs. Jake Ryder - WFCE LH Championship

As things kick off the night commentators Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley introduce everyone to the show saying that the show is going to be one huge event as pyro on the stage erupt and fans cheer as the night starts off. Out of nowhere comes Ryan Lewis the former chairman of WFCE before it closed it's doors. He gets into the ring and starts to talk about issues with Ted DiBiase, Triple H then comes out to tell him that he's the chairman of WFCE once again as Ted DiBiase is the general manager. Ted DiBiase comes out to start the first match Jimmy Jim Jones vs. Jake Ryder for the WFCE Light Heavyweight Championship. As the match starts Jimmy Jim Jones hits a few shots to Jake's head and then hit's him with a huge clothesline, Jake gets back up and preforms a Zack Attack fast and goes for the pin, Jimmy Jim Jones, a former longest reigning WFCE LH Champion, kicks out a one and then starts to get momentum as he goes for a finisher to the head of Jake Ryder, it hits Jake Ryder hard on the head, Ryder has had many neck injuries and his weakness is his head, Visto which is friends of Jones comes to cheer him on as Jimmy Jim Jones wins the championship again. Ted DiBiase Sr. also comes out and makes the crowd wonder what's going on. They all start to attack Jake Ryder, Skullmaster and Horn Dragon, former tag team partners of Jake Ryder come out to save Jake. Skullmaster, the former face of the company for a long time as him, Horn Dragon and Jake Ryder where tag team champions for nearly almost two years without changing hands he picks Jake up as Ted DiBiase Sr., Visto and Jimmy Jim Jones a money hungry cheapskate with them scram the ring and go backstage.


First Segment of the Night - Ted DiBiase Sr. comes up with an idea for Visto and Jimmy Jim Jones

Hulk Hogan shows the replay of what happened during the first match of the night then the camera goes to backstage where Ted DiBiase Sr. sets a plan for Jimmy Jim Jones to attack Rickie Malaso later in the night and for Visto to come out to attack Brendon Martin when he arrives, Ted DiBiase then states that Curtis Dawg, a also member of Ted's new alliance, The Million Dollar Alliance will take care of Jake Ryder, Skullmaster, and Horn Dragon. DiBiase then states since he's the General Manager he can make them in the main event at anytime they want. Then the camera goes back to Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan at ringside talking about the situation.


Second Match of the Night - Streaker and Crazy Berry vs. Skullmaster and Horn Dragon - WFCE Tag Team Championship

As the camera switches to the ring Streaker, a demon that's '7.2 Feet that has facepaint of blood and his sidekick which is '6.11 and is very crazy, Crazy Berry are already in the ring as Skullmaster, leader of R.K.O and skeleton mask to, also earlier he had some heat with the alliance Ted DiBiase is forming. Skullmaster comes to the ring with Horn Dragon, a masked Light Heavyweight demon that has amazing skills, come out to the ring and the match starts. Skullmaster is the first one in the ring with Streaker, Skullmaster is sent knocked out after Streaker piledrives him, Curtis Dawg comes to the ring with Ted DiBiase Sr., Curtis hits Horn Dragon with a clothesline and Ted DiBiase forces Streaker to chokeslam Skullmaster. Referee disqualifies Streaker and Crazy Berry, Horn Dragon and Skullmaster knocked out get back up dizzy. Visto, Jimmy Jim Jones and Jake Ryder come to the ring.


Second Segment of the Night - Curtis Dawg, Visto and Jimmy Jim Jones attack Skullmaster, Horn Dragon and Jake Ryder

Jake Ryder gets up Skullmaster and Horn Dragon and they try to fight through Curtis Dawg's punches but can't do anything one Visto gives them all a Batista Bomb. Jake Ryder with still fight in him tries to grab a chair from over by ringside but is stopped by Streaker. Then Streaker picks up Jake to the ropes and Jake counters and Crazy Berry then distracts him and Streaker chokeslams Jake Ryder through the announce table.


Third Segment of the Night - Bryce and Rickie Malaso comes out to the ring to save R.K.O

As soon as Streaker did the huge super chokeslam to Jake Ryder, Crazy Berry gives him a chair to use on Jake once Jake is sent back into the ring, though Bryce, a british england royal wrestler and Rickie Malaso a rebel that likes crushing people comes out, they are long time friends with the R.K.O and come into save them. Ted DiBiase Sr. and his alliance scram the arena but Jimmy Jim Jones still there attacks Rickie Malaso from behind, Bryce attacks Jimmy as throws him out the ring and picks up Skullmaster, Horn Dragon and Jake Ryder. Streaker and Crazy Berry also leave the ring. Then, Ted DiBiase picks up a mic and schedules Rickie Malaso a match against Devin "The D" James, Patrick LeTrick, Matt Barf, Curtis Dawg and Ronin Thomas, some of the rosters wrestlers. Rickie Malaso warns Jimmy Jim Jones next by pointing at him.


Third Match of the Night - Bryce vs. Visto - Global Championship

Results will be recorded soon! :D


Fourth Segment of the Night - Brendon Martin returns and attacks Visto with Bryce along with him

Results will be recorded soon! :D


Fifth Match of the Night - Rickie Malaso vs. Devin "The D" James vs. Patrick LeTrick vs. Matt Barf vs. Curtis Dawg vs. Ronin Thomas

Results will be recorded soon! :D


Last Segment of the Night - Backstage Interview w/ Visto Attack by Brendon Martin

Results will be recorded soon! :D

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