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Ring Of Wrath​- BLACKLISTED- 26th July 2014

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OPENING MATCH | Jack The Destroyer Vs William Taylor | Hardcore |


“Welcome to Ring Of Wrath’s first ever show! You, the lucky people of Chicago, will witness the start of a new era in wrestling…I present to you, BLACKLISTED!” Lachlan McLeod announces in the ring. The almost capacity crowd of 926 applauds and cheers him in the packed venue.


“Your first match of the night is a hardcore match, that means no disqualification and no count outs!” Lachlan explains. “First, from your worst nightmare, Jack The Destroyer!”


A large, rotund figure makes its way out from the gorilla position and into the aisle, it’s the massive Jack The Destroyer! He stomps down the aisle as his dark theme plays through the venue (


Jack makes his way up on the apron and slowly and heavily vaults over the top rope. He makes his way to the turnbuckle and steps up on it and roars at the crowd. He steps down from the turnbuckle and walks to his corner as his song fades.


“And his opponent, from Liverpool, England, William Taylor!”


William walks out onto the stage with his arms stretched out, Ode To Joy plays aloud building this man to perpetual status ( He walks down the aisle with his arms behinds his back and a large smirk upon his face. He walks up the steps to the ring and then goes over the top rope into the ring.


The man stands at a staggering 6’7”, but despite the major height difference, Jack The Destroyer remains the bigger man. William bows to the crowd and then stands back up and goes into his corner.


The bell goes and Jack The Destroyer immediately charges William. William makes Jack pay for this though as he takes two quick jabs to Jack’s face, Jack doesn’t even notice these though and he grabs the throat of William and lifts him up; CHOKESLAM! William is clenching his back in pain and Jack roars, as William gets backs up Jack turns around and charges back at William and the boot connects! William is sent back down to the canvas in pain and Jack continues to taunt the crowd.


As Jack taunts the crowd William slides out of the ring knowing he doesn’t have the physical upper hand. As William attempts to regain his posture at ringside Jack’s predatory senses alerts him and he charges yet again at William, Jack takes a massive leap and goes under the top rope and right at William! William catches Jack though and he gets slammed into the barricade, the crowd jumps back as William struggles to hold the 320 pounds that had just be loaded onto him. William lifts Jack into the fireman’s carry with much effort, and he switches it into a powerbomb…WOW, THE ELEGANT TWIST! That just laid out Jack!


William slugs over to the steel steps and then places his hands on it and gets some rest. Jack gets up while William is trying to still regain himself, Jack moves up behind William and when William turns around…BAM; Savate Kick! William falls back into the steel steps and seems to be completely out.


Jack roars back at the crowd but to the crowd’s surprise William jumps back up and grabs Jack in a head lock. Jack elbows William in the ribs and throws him back into the steps. Jack goes under the apron and grabs a baseball bat. William slowly begins to get back up when he sees Jack about to swing a bat across his face, William ducks it and gets behind Jack and begins to choke Jack out with the bat. Jack kicks out the steps from the corner and then flips William over him and then into the ground.


William slowly gets up yet again as Jack has the bat again, Jack swings it but William manages to duck it again and the bat smashes and splits against the steel post. William grabs Jack’s head and throws it into the steel post and then throws him into the ring.


William slides back in as Jack gets back up, they’ve both started to slow down now. Jack goes for a clothesline but William reverses it with a punch to the gut, he then follows it by picking up William and pulling off the sit-out swinging side slam!


Jack is on the ground, almost unconscious, and William is looking to end this. William gets on the ground and puts Jack in the Bellflower Doom!


Jack seems to be in crippling pain! He taps out! William wins!


“Your winner is, William Taylor!” Lachlan exclaims.


William Taylor celebrates this victory with an immense smile, he then regains his posture and bows to the crowd.


WINNER: William Taylor By Way of Submission


MATCH 2 | Brooke Vs Suzette | Singles |


“Your next match, featuring the divas, is a singles match!” Lachlan informs the crowd, “Introducing first, the Ring Of Wrath sweetheart, Brooke!”


The theme ( begins up first through the stereo system, after a second of build-up Brooke comes out from the gorilla position and on to the stage. She strikes a pose to the crowd who cheer her and then she continues her way through the crowd, she makes it to the apron and climbs onto it and strikes another pose receiving a loud cheer from the crowd. She progresses and makes her way into the ring as her song fades.


“And her opponent, from Berlin, Germany, Suzette!” the less-up beat theme ( of Suzette’s begins to play through the venue. Suzette stomps onto the stage and the sight of her more masculine build makes the crowd boo her, her eyes scan the crowd before focusing on Brooke in the ring. She seems to march her way across the aisle before she reaches the gap of the aisle and the apron, she charges and then slides under the bottom rope. She stands up quite quickly and then presses herself against Brooke, looking down at her smaller opponent, the referee then informs them to both go to their corners.


When they are ready the bell rings and Suzette immediately charges, Brooke quickly jumps over the ropes and onto the apron and Suzette slams into the turnbuckle, Brooke then jumps back in the ring and goes to kick Suzette while she is seated in the corner. Suzette reverses this though and grabs Brooke’s foot and twists her ankle causing Brooke to drop to the canvas in pain. Suzette slides out of the ring still holding onto her foot, once she is on the outside she wraps the first leg around the steel post and then grabs the other and puts Brooke in a figure-4 leg lock wrapped around the steel post.


Brooke appears to be in excruciating pain, the referee moves in and constantly asks Brooke if she wants to tap out. The crowd begins to chant “Let’s Go Brooke!” and Brooke takes this as a reminder to soldier on. Brooke does the impossible and bends her torso to let her get her hand on Suzette’s leg, Brooke then claws Suzette’s leg causing Suzette to let go of the figure-4 leg lock. Brooke gest free and drags herself back to the centre of the ring.


As Brooke attempts to rest while laying down in the centre of the ring Suzette slides back into the ring, frustrated with blood dripping down from her thigh. She grabs onto Brooke’s hair and pulls her head back while stepping on her back, while she has Brooke’s head up she moves her foot up from Brooke’s back to the back of Brooke’s head where she then stomps down slamming Brooke’s face into the canvas. Suzette goes in for the pin; 1…2…Brooke gets the shoulder up.


Suzette picks Brooke up who looks absolutely exhausted, Suzette takes a deep breath…and ouch, she lands the Butterfly Suplex! Suzette gets up and picks up Brooke again, she leads in with the toe kick and then puts Brooke into the bent over position, wait…Brooke has picked up Suzette! Brooke has Suzette over her shoulders and…THE BROOKEN BACK!


She goes in for the pin! 1…2…3! She’s done it! Brooke has pinned Suzette!


Brooke gets up and raises her arms in celebration, Suzette gets up as well but not to congratulate, Suzette spins Brooke around and…EAGLE DRIVER TO THE OUTSIDE! Brooke clenches her back in pain as the referee attempts to get in the way of Suzette, Brooke gets up and watches as Suzette elbows the ref to the ground, Brooke makes a leg for it while she still can.



WINNER: Brooke By Way of Pinfall


MAIN EVENT | Connor Miles Vs Yin Yang | Last Man Standing | ROW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP


Lachlan McLeod stands in the ring with his microphone.


“Now for tonight’s Main Event, I present you, the people of Chicago, the first ever ROW Heavyweight Championship match!” Lachlan announces, “I introduce to you first, Yin Yang!”


Yin Yang’s theme ( begins to blast from the speakers as he comes out from the gorilla position onto the stage, his arms stretched out the almost capacity crowd applauds him. He runs down the ring with his hands stretched out allowing the people hunched over the barricade to high-five him. He slides under the bottom rope into the ring and jumps to his feet. He moves to each turnbuckle getting the crowd pumped for the match before his music ceases.


“And his opponent, the brother of the infamous Blake Miles, Connor Miles!” Lachlan exclaims.


Connor Miles walks onto the stage with a scowl on his face, staring directly at Yin Yang, as his darker theme ( plays throughout the venue. He walks down the path to the ring and as someone goes to touch him from the barricade he grabs their wrist and gives them a look of disgust, he then lets go as they yank back. He continues his way down where he gets up on the apron and steps under the top rope. Nothing fancy about that.


“This match will be a last man standing, that means no pins, no submissions, and no disqualification, the only way to beat your opponent in this match is to inflict enough pain onto them to where they cannot get back up again.” Lachlan informs everyone, the referee steps into the ring holding the golden belt in his hand and showcases it to the crowd. He then shows it off to both the competitors as Lachlan is given the belt and exits the ring.


The referee glances at both Yin and Connor, their eyes are fixed upon one another. The ref gestures his hands and the bell rings, the two circle each other for a bit, then they strike! The two are in a strong grapple against one another, Yin raises his knee to strike Connor’s abdomen but Connor takes advantage while Yin is off his balance and throws Yin to the ground and he hits the canvas hard!


Connor goes for the legs but Yin kicks Connor back and manages to make it back to his feet. It shocked the crowd that Connor, using only a strategic awareness, to throw the bigger man to the ground.


Yin charges Connor and goes for the big boot but Connor rolled out of the way and Yin drops his leg and turns to see Connor at the right of him. Connor grabbed Yin and irish whips him into the turnbuckle, Connor grabs Yin again and throws him off the turnbuckle and he jumps over the rope. Yin watches as Connor leaps from the ropes with his arm stretched out and clotheslines Yin and drops Yin, yet again, to the ground.


Connor, on his hands and knees, watches as Yin doesn’t get, the ref begins the count; 1…and he gets up! Yin stands up and Connor charges Yin, this time Yin reverses Connor’s clothesline attempt with a bodyslam and Connor makes a loud smack when his back hits the canvas.


Connor sits up, still somewhat dazed, Yin then drops an elbow on Connor’s head and Connor drops back down. The ref begins the count as Yin slides out the ring, 1, Yin goes under the apron, 2, Yin grabs a chair, 3…and Connor sits back up.


Yin slides back into the ring as Connor gets back up with the chair, Yin goes for a swing and Connor ducks it, Connors stands back up again as Yin holds the chair in front of his own face as Connor lets out a powerful kick causing the metal to collide with Yin’s face. Yin drops to the ground and the ref begins the count; 1…2…3…and Yin gets up.


Connor prepares the chair for a slam down on Yin’s head as Yin gets up, but then as Connor slams down Yin grabs the chair and yanks it back, the chair flies from Yin’s hands and smashes the ref in the face and drops him.


Connor sees the ref goes down and immediately takes advantage by kicking Yin in the crotch causing Yin to cringe in pain, Connor then goes for a punch and Yin manages to avoid it. Connor pulls off another jab into the rib and causes Yin to hunch in pain. As the ref manages to regain conscious he sees Connor go to jab Yin in the eye, “Hey!” the ref calls out, catching Connor’s attention. Yin takes advantage and grabs Connor and...the Cross Rhodes! And Connor’s face comes in contract with the cold steel of the chair!!!


It seems like that is it for this match, Connor is out for sure, the ref starts the count; 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9..CONNOR SITS UP!


Yin is in shock by the pure determination of Connor, but on the other side Connor seems to be bleeding from the nose and it looks a bit twisted, it seems Connor has broken his nose.


Yin goes to stomp on Connor but he rolls out of the way, Connor strikes with a high knee knocking Yin back onto the ropes. Connor goes for the clothesline but he is sent over the ropes and onto the ground. Remember, there are no count outs in this match.


Yin goes after Connor outside the ring and they grapple for a second before Yin manages to grab control over the weakened Connor, he brings Connor over to the steps to slam his face into them but Connor kicks the steps out of the way and then head-butts Yin stunning both of them. As they both regain awareness Yin manages to irish whip Connor into the steel post, he goes to slam his head into the post again but Connor grabs Yin’s head and smashes it across the steel post dropping him.


Connor slowly crawls back into the ring and stands up in the middle, he wipes the blood from under his nose and then looks at the crowd furiously. Yin slides into the ring with a sledgehammer without Connor realising and then hits Connor in the back dropping him. Yin then throws the hammer out of the ring and picks up Connor in the Fireman’s Carry. Yin is about to execute the kill…and Go To Sleep! Well, Connor is done for now, if the Cross Rhodes took so much out of him then the GTS just killed him.


Yin taunts the crowd as the ref’s count continues; 4…5…6…7…8…9, wait, Connor is up. The crowd is in shock and Yin realises it, he turns around and sees Connor standing there and charges him. Connor picks up Yin and…Powerbomb Lungblower!!! Yin is down.


The ref counts; 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10!!!


Connor did it, Yin is done for!


“The winner of the match, and our new ROW Heavyweight Champion is…Connor Miles!” Lachlan announces.


The referee passes the title to Connor and he goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle celebrating this massive victory.


WINNER: Connor Miles By Way of KO

Edited by McLeod

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Amazing matches!


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Thanks for the feedback


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I quite enjoyed it


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