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Smacktalks Wrestling Championship Superstars - Episode 5

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Gabriella Diamond vs Eliza Skye


Gabriella is out first making her way to the ring flipping her hair and receiving massive heat. Elyza is walking to the ring pointing to the audience with a big smile. There are signs saying 'Elyza 4 divas champ!' She gets in the ring and her smile disappears, the bell rings as they lock up. Gabriella gets the upper hand and gets her in a head lock. She is wrenching on Elyzas neck and shouting abuse. Elyza pushes her back into the ropes and hits her with a dropkick, Elyza picks her up by the hair and drags her to the turnbuckle and goes to hit her head off it but Gabriella puts her foot on the turnbuckle blocking it and then smashes Elyza's off it instead. Elyza is grounded as Gabriella climbs onto the apron, elyza beging getting up and Gabriella bounces off the top rope about to deliver a high risk move but Elyza jumps towards her and delivers a mid-air spear. They are both grounded as the ref counts to 4, elyza grabs gabriellas legs but Gabriella grabs her by her hair and does a cradle pin. Elyza kicks out at a 2 count. They both make it to their feet, Elyza in the corner and Gabriella charges towards her but Elyza jumps and puts her feet around Gabriellas neck for a hurricarana but Gabriella reverses into a powerbomb. Gabriella picks her up and irish whips her into the ropes, Elyza slides between her legs, bounces off the ropes as Gabriella turns around and delivers a Skyeliner. She pins for the 3 count.

Gabriella is holding her jaw as she rolls out of the ring. She picks up her title and heads to the back. Elyza climbs on a turnbuckle and signals she wants the belt to a huge pop.


Winner: Eliza Skye





You're Going Down by Sick Puppies hits as Sydal makes his way to the ring to a huge pop , he has his IC and Tag Title on his shoulders and his TNA World Title around his waist. He grabs a mic and begins to speak...

Yang , oh Yang. I thought I knew you , we were the same. We were both barbaric human beings who put people through unspeakable pain for gold , we understood each other BUT , then you become this...

Picture of Yang taking selfies

You become this tanned , idiotic , selfie taking queer that's gunning for my IC Title! What the hell happened to you?!Where's the Yang I knew? The man who'd rip his own skin to pieces just to prove a point? Where's the man who'd get beaten down with brass knuckles just to prove his superiority? Where's my tag team partner?! I sure as hell know it's not Jamie Yang and if I have to beat some sense into you then you know what? I will! Now , D.J.G *sighs as he does an impression of him.* I'm always in the dark, I'm the ascension , I wear stupid cliche emo bath robes and I'm Taker's little fanboy! *normal voice* attack me and my friend in a bar? put me through a table? I will find you , and when I do find you , I will drown you in a pool of your own blood while you beg for mercy! You're a joke , and the world's gonna see it...

Sydal leaves the ring and goes backstage.



Andreas w/ Abigail vs El Oso

The match starts and Andreas sprints at El Oso, Andreas hits a massive headbutt sending El Oso to the ground. Andreas lifts up El Oso and throws him into the ropes. On the rebound, El Oso leap frogs over Andreas. El Oso then hits a drop kick. This doesn't down Andreas, in fact it just angers him as Andreas hits a insane clothesline. Andreas picks El Oso up by the neck and hits his modified clothesline. Abigail looks on with a cocky smile. Yelling at the fans "YOU SEE!" Andreas grabs El Oso and gets him to the ground. Andreas goes to mount him on his shoulders but multiple kicks from El Oso stuns Andreas. El Oso then hits a enziguiri which puts Andreas in a state of shock. El Oso runs into the rope and sprints at Andreas. However Andreas counters it and smashes him into the mat with his running Samoan drop. Andreas springs to his feet and runs into the ropes; rebounds and hits a senton to El Oso. He pins and gets the win. After the match Andreas mounts El Oso onto his shoulders and drops him to the ground with a sit-out powerbomb. Abigail laughs and yells at the crowd once more. "DO YOU BELIEVE US YET? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

They walk to the back with a chorus of boos and intense heat.


Winner: Andreas w/ Abigail



Felev Devil w/ Kevin Sydal vs. DJG - No.1 Contendership match for the SWC World Championship


Felev comes to the ring with taped up ribs.


The bell rings and the two competitors circle the ring. They aggressively lock up in the middle of the ring before DJG gets some leverage. DJG transitions into a head lock and elbows Felev in the spine. DJG then gets Felev onto the ground, still in the headlock in applies more pressure by pushing his knee into the spine of Felev. DJG picks Felev up and whips him into the ropes. On the way back, DJG leans down for a backdrop, however Felev stops before him and kicks him in the chest. Felev then starts pounding on DJG with multiple punches. These punches get DJG groggy against the ropes. When DJG is groggy against the ropes, Felev walks back to the middle of the ring and runs at DJG. Felev goes for a clothesline but DJG ducks it and sends Felev over the top rope and onto the floor. DJG follows Felev outside the ring but Kevin stands guard of Felev. DJG rolls back in the ring and Kevin helps Felev to his feet, Felev rolls in the ring but as he gets in DJG unloads a fury of stomps onto the upper torso of Felev before he can get to his feet.


DJG then grabs Felev by the neck and lifts him to his feet, after this, DJG chucks Felev into the ropes. On the rebound DJG delivers a clothesline. Felev is quick to his feet but runs into another clothesline. This time Felev stays on the ground. DJG walks over to Felev and lifts him into a sitting position. DJG runs into the ropes and goes for a boot but Felev falls onto his back, dodging it. Felev then rolls backwards onto his feet and hits a flying clothesline to DJG. Felev walks to the corner of the ring and goes to climb the turnbuckle, but DJG gets to his feet and slams Felev's head to the mat. Putting him into a tree of woe position. DJG continuously slams Felev's head into the mat until the ref pulls him away from the ropes. DJG runs at Felev and goes for a kick to the stomach, but Felev uses his leg strength and pulls himself up. DJG misses completely and hits his leg onto the ring post.


Felev gets himself out of the tree of woe and is now on the top turnbuckle. Felev goes for an axe-handle but DJG catches him. DJG turns it into a fireman's uppercut and pins. He picks up the win.


Winner: DJG




Phoenix's music hits and he walks out to a massive pop. He walks to the ring with a microphone in his hand and looks pissed off. He walks into the ring and poses on a turnbuckle before walking to the middle of the ring. He raises the microphone to his mouth and starts to speak.


You know, I wish I could stand here smiling like I usually do, I wish I could stand here and say that I am happy that this place has been taken over like I would have, but the fact of the matter is I can not. I can not because I am pissed off, You see I was closing in on a victory in that fatal-four-way. I was closing in on becoming a two time Smacktalks Wrestling World Champion. But what happened? It was stolen from me it slipped right through my fingers and what DIDN'T I do? I didn't whine and bitch, I didn't walk into the general managers office and demand another match, no I walked back into line. And it pisses me off that people have the nerve to steal my spotlight and how do they get it? They barge into GM's offices they whine and bitch they attack our new boss and in any other place that would not work. But for some reason here we are at the biggest wrestling company in the world and people are rising to the top my doing nothing but complain. People are rising to the top by doing NOTHING. It is unfair but if that is how people do it here then guess what. Here I am as a voice for the voiceless. Here I am as the greatest man to ever live. But most of all here I am reverting to what I hate the most and that is demanding. If that is how people are going to go far in this company then so be it. I want a match with the winner of DJG with Nazza and I want it to be a world title match. I want it to be an epic match that is replayed for rewinded and replayed for years to come. And I want ANYONE with the nerve to intervene in this world title match to be fired right on the spot. You see every time I come out for a fair one on one match what happens? What happens is somebody comes out and ruins  it for me. That is what happens. I am Phoenix and I will be facing the winner of DJG vs Nazza. NO exceptions.


The crowd pops and the episode ends.


Biggest Pop:


Kevin Sydal

Eliza Skye


Biggest Heat:




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Trying out a few new things with thread layout. Hope you guys enjoy.


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Good show, but this is superstars episode 5 


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