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Been a long while since i've had a chance to do any type of writing about the Wrestling business. Last time was 2001 after WCW died. Well it's time to revise my domain opinions.

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  2. swear to all of you If WWE2K18 allows the War Games Match, Then WWE2K18 is officially the Greatest WWE Game of All Time! i wouldn't complain about it at all. it'd be the best hands down lol
  3. I'm actually being serious with this one. I'm all for having a current roster in the games and i get that it's not 2k70,80 90 or even 00 but the fact that 2k supposedly said that this game was supposed to be all about the current roster i get that, but hinting that legend content may be somewhat limited. We already have rumors in place that showcase for HOF got removed, there's a huge NXT Presence this year and honestly if it wasn't for the expanded career mode i really doubt we would have gotten that much nxt talent on disc. But let's just focus on that for a minute. The NXT presence okay so NXT is a WWE Network Exclusive show, if you don't have the WWE Network then you don't know these people till they hit the main roster. i mean i didn't know who Dash and Dawson were until they hit the main roster (and incidentally when i saw their triple threat nxt tag title match but that's a discussion for another time). I had no idea who Asuka was till her streak being compared to goldberg's was tweeted on twitter. So i'm sure you know where i'm getting with this. I just feel like if WWE would actually secure tv time for the NXT show atleast alot of people who don't have the wwe network (i quit my subscription about 2 years ago cause i was not happy with the direction with wwe at all) would atleast have the chance to know these people. Right now i feel like i don't know any of these people much like last year. when all these NXT Guys and Gals made it in i didn't know many of them but i did enjoy how they played so there was that. anyone's welcome to respond. my thoughts are my own and i don't reserve any ill will towards anyone in that matter. I was just wondering where everyone's head was at in this issue.
  4. Okay so I'm going to start with somthing I had considered revising for a long while now. Back in 1999, when the WCW TV Title got trashed by Scott Hall, when Bischoff & Russo rebooted WCW and stated that WCW would pretty much be getting back the respect and prestige that it had lost over the years. Well, it wasn't long before we realized that was a bunch of BS. I'm starting from around September 2000, from the Arquette disaster, to the Russo disaster, to passing the Big Gold Belt around like it was a piece of candy from Jarrett to DDP to Arquette to Jarrett to Flair back to Jarrett to Nash, Handing it back to flair, to booker t to russo. it was just ridiculous in my mind. I really think they could have done alot better. Now fast forward to WWE currently. I get that we are having long reigns and WWE has never had an issue with that but Lesnar holding the title and then disappearing for months on end has got to be one of the most irritating things ever to a wrestling fan. Not to mention the way WWE went about title changes was just horrendous. SO you don't want nameplates anymore? you don't want to be different anymore. so let's just make all the titles the same and just color them a different color to differentiate between Smackdown and Raw. I actually saw this coming after they debuted those penny titles. but that's a discussion for another day. I don't want to make this opinion long but you get the giest of where i'm going with it. I'll eventually come back and add to this but I'm sort of pressed for time. Till next time Smacktalkers Stay Safe and Zane! Jeff