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We have at last been freed from the chains of oppression that bound us! Let us all bow down, and thank Queen Alexa for our triumph!

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  2. Sorry, bro. I was busy getting a makeover, finally changed it.
  3. Why the fuck is this place not called The Kingdom of Vice Principal Strong Woman Bliss, bro?
  4. Did you know?

    Did you know that The Shield’s triple powerbomb is in WWE 2K18?
  5. Did you know we can go further?
  6. That four threads has ruined it?
  7. Did you know the coon still lurks around at night. Fighting crimes of evil.
  8. Did you know?

    Did you know you can be Captain Diabetes sidekick too when you purchase South Park: The Fractured But Whole, available to buy now online or at all your local retailers?
  9. Did you know?

    Did you know that since three threads are overkill, that one of them has to go? Since @Steenalizer didn’t want the power to lock this I’ll finally get off my ass and do it. Just know that if you change your mind there’s a rather pointless but highly prestigious moderator position waiting for you.
  10. That three threads might be overkill?
  11. Did you know I'm totes jealous you were his sidekick?
  12. Did you know?

    Did you know that I was Captain Diabetes sidekick last night?
  13. Did you know?

    Did you also know that he gained the power of diabetes after mother his farted on him during labor, thus turning him into the crime fighter Captain Diabetes?
  14. Did you know?

    Did you know that Scott Malkinson has the power of diabetes?
  15. Did you know you're absolutely right?
  16. That two threads are better than one?
  17. Did you know that Miss Lippy's car is green?
  18. Did you know?

    Do you know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane?
  19. Did you know?

    Did you know @Gift Of Jericho prefers asses that wear light up scarves?
  20. OR we could use this topic to spread sooper useful info! DYK: @pozzum is a mammal?
  21. Did you know?

    I can’t be fucked, bro. Someone else will have to do it.
  22. Did you know?

    Lock your own thread! >:(
  23. Did you know?

    @Steenalizer you can’t lock topics unless you’re a moderator. Would you like to be a moderator so you can lock this thread, bro?
  24. Alexa Bliss is a playable character in WWE 2K18.
  25. That's exactly why I should be given the Raven Creed account, I can restore the accounts credibility and put an end to the negative perception surrounding witches. We've done nothing wrong here, at the very least we should be given the opportunity to restore everyone's faith in witches. We already fought against oppression once before, we can do it again! A witch pursuit thingie is simply uncalled for, and a complete violation of our rights! #LetCavalloBeRavenCreed