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We have at last been freed from the chains of oppression that bound us! Let us all bow down, and thank Queen Alexa for our triumph!

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  2. The Way

    We will be blessed by the Goddess my brudda, and we will never freeze.
  3. The Way

    Fair enough! If we die, Larry-Steve will guide us to the afterlife where we will serve the Queen for eternity.
  4. The Way

    And so with you my brudda, @Penguin We are not just a cult, we are warriors of Queen Alexa who will show us the way.
  5. The Way

    May the Queen be with you, brother @Steenalizer PS: Are we turning into a cult now?
  6. Do you know the way my bruddas?
  7. Playing with others is more fun though.. Who doesn't love some good circle action?
  8. I'm not like everyone else ,bro. Anyway i will not play withanyone
  9. He can play with himself like everyone else!
  10. Then who are you going to play with, bro?
  11. I don’t know much about this film yet, but I believe it’s going to be a love story of some kind. I do know that Buddy Murphy vanished off the set, and the general consensus is that he’s likely dead... The Queen appears to be over it already, bro.
  12. I'm thinking you want to go and play with yourself might I just add your on my kingdom and I have the authority to get you banished as our queen Alexa will disapprove of your inappropriate comments to me so if I was you I would kerb your mouth bro. And If you don't I'll stick back in the dome you've been living in before we decided to let you come out.
  13. Go play away with him you too,bro.
  14. Are you trying to tell the Blissalike to go play with himself? That’s highly inappropriate, bro.
  15. you a leader on my kingdom bro, so go to play away again bro.
  16. I'm your leader now. I don't think you want me to play away bro.
  17. @HiPcavalloey i'm so busy these month so iam not happy btw i feel relax now, bro. @Mizalike play away, bro.
  18. I acknowledged that Shi Tpa Forum was my ideal choice, but since I couldn’t vote for it, I instead voted for the topic where Joey and fufu made black jokes, and Steenalizer’s surrender at the end of the war (would’ve instead voted for his betrayal, but that would’ve felt blasphemous). Although as both topics have since been deleted I provided the backup choice of the wrestling discussion thread. I have no idea which one @DrJoeyMagnumRyan actually counted. @ahmedady please don’t be mad, here’s a picture of a happy kitten to cheer you up, bro.
  19. I voted for shi Tpa Forum ignore Ahmedady he's mad for some reason.
  20. @ahmedady why are you not so happy, bro?
  21. I’ll have you know I’m being given a participation ribbon to prevent me from falling into an inescapable abyss of crippling depression, bro.
  22. Not so Happy To Be Honest..... @Steenalizer don't talk with me again because you a damn loser (have no awards).
  23. Technically I got two, Shi Tpa Forum won as well! @ahmedady you enjoying the Bliss, bro?