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Thanks to Queen Alexa we have bulletproof windows, and troll safe doors, we're your safe space!.. your safe space!

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    @ahmedady aren't you one of us? Are you calling yourself a stupid nerd, bro? By the way I've been planning to post an announcement the past couple of nights, but I've been too busy/tired. I'll post it tonight hopefully, if not tomorrow. But you'll be glad to know you earned some respect and will be getting a promotion, bro. As for @Steenalizer well said, bro. Glad to see you on board with the cause, bro <3 @ItsVedaTime glad to see you joined, bro. But you have to change your perception of what we are. We aren't a close minded "club" limiting ourselves to just the Kool Kidz, we're a Kingdom that prides itself on diversity, and equality for all. We aim to make Smacktalks a safe space for all, where no one has to be marginalised, or made to feel any shame, bro. You clearly have some micro aggressions you need to check, so you've come to the right place. Glad to have you onboard, bro.
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    it's about some stupid Nerds
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    I was willing to give your back but now I’m not bro. To be fair you did make me laugh when you said I will beat you PC black and blue that’s a good one steenalizer kudos bro.
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    Did you seriously just spew hate speech towards people without heads, bro? That kind of head-phobic behaviour isn't going to fly here bro. You better shut your buckskin mouth bro or do we have to beat you PC black and blue?
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    Are you PC bro if not this ain’t the place for you. In way I mean are you ready to join and defend our queen bliss yes Alexa bliss is our queen. But are you ready to become PC. If so you can join Me, penguin, hipcavallo, gift of Jericho. And defeat the mods and check people’s privileges and their micro-aggressions. Well said steenalizer. But your still not getting your head back yet.
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    Calling this a club implies that we're only accepting of people who share our common interests and beliefs, bro. That kind of behaviour is a micro-aggression against people of different faiths, bro. Come back when you've checked your privilege first, bro.
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    Sup. Thought id join this club and see what its about. Hows everyone
  9. Not for long bro we sticking you in a dome that’s dragon prove.
  10. ahmedady back to rule again Ended
  11. I think you need to read the dictionary bro you can't construct a proper sentence together, you don't get respect bro it's earned.
  12. I don't know if any of you are aware of this. But when I initially requested that @mrelectriccity turn Alexa Bliss into Rainbow Dash... Our Queen wasn't my first choice. Originally I was going to request that he turn Bayley into Rainbow Dash, as she shares more of a resemblance to a pony, than any other in game character. I even typed it out and everything, but something just didn't feel right about it, so I decided to choose someone else. Worth emphasising, I put a lot of thought into that request. I didn't even know if Rainbow Dash had been in a video game, I had to look it up. I just knew I wanted Bayley turned into Rainbow Dash, and I had solid reasoning behind choosing her. But I changed my mind at the last second, I'm honestly not even sure why I chose our Queen. It just felt right. Makes me wonder, did I really choose her, or was I unknowingly following her command all this time? In either case it was undoubtedly the right call. Interesting to think though, what would the Kingdom be now had I stuck with Bayley? Would the joke have even worked? Would Beardy have posted Bayley gifs to become a King? Would we even have a Kingdom? Or would we have simply switched allegiance when Alexa Bliss conquered Bayley to become Raw Women's Champion? It's hard to fathom we could've lived in a world without Bliss, but it's certainly Interesting to contemplate the possibility of what could have been. More importantly it's necessary to fully appreciate what we have now, I for one certainly don't think we would've prospered under Bayley's rule. I'm still in character, bro. Look I'm saying bro to confirm it, bro.
  13. You're forgetting Steenalizer and Nate, technically you could even argue that @mrelectriccity was a founding member. Haven't we been over this, bro? If you want more respect then you'll have to show some respect for the Queen. Otherwise you're going to have to earn more respect. I'll tell you what, I'll give you an opportunity to earn our respect. If you're successful in your mission then I'll even give you a promotion! All you have to do is check the priveledge of @Shreyas 03 on my behalf, you have three days. Good luck, bro.
  14. bro. i'm the 4rd member i think join club after you and penguin and king beardy, you must respect me more bro !
  15. The Dome is actually going to be dragon proof. There's only going to be one way to destroy it, but we aren't going to reveal that method in public, bro.
  16. Send him to dome, he don't deserve our kindness, banish him forever, outta sight outta mind. And dragons can break the dome.
  17. Slander and lies, I call shenanigans! I didn't make the Wall, I just sent you there (I actually have plans for the Wall that you might like). I in no way made you live alone, I made you a beautiful home, filled it with people that your visitors can pay for sex, and have visited regularly (as have Penguin and Mizalike). Considering your level of disobedience, you're actually quite lucky I've been so generous to you. I punished myself far more harshly for lesser crimes, not to mention we actually exiled Steenalizer,l I used to harass mrelectriccity relentlessly to turn Alexa Bliss into Rainbow Dash, and I started a campaign to have Codes fucked to death. I let you remain in the Kingdom when you sided against us, and built you a new home. If any of us was in any way afraid of you, then you would've been exiled by now, bro. If anything you should be thanking me, you've had it pretty good here, all things considered. Don't make me have to check your priveledge, bro.
  18. lol i don't understand too what i say i swear MAYBE BECAUSE I FEEL ASLEEP ON THE TIME I TYPE THIS POST but any way no need for apologise to a man you make him life alone and make a wall between him and the other members of the club . maybe because you afraid from me ?
  19. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 even I read it and was like what fuck.
  20. I'm sorry, but what the fuck did you just say, bro? Can anyone translate for me?
  21. it's easy bro ! i you dont thanked me and miss me because i'm not servant to this girl like the other nerdes you thanks no problem you do what must be bro !
  22. I'm very committed to the causes I believe in, bro. If I have to tell everyone I got laid, then I just have to go all out.
  23. Thanks, bro. First of all I'd just like to apologise to anyone who may have been offended by my actions, I apologise to anyone who may have believed I was an actual rapist, due to my lack of paperwork. I can assure all of you that I was fully cleared of all charges, and have learned from the consequences of my actions. This most certainly will not happen again. I'd also like to thank @pc-Penguin, @Mizalike, @Gift Of Jericho, and @DrJoeyMagnumRyan for not ousting me from power, and exiling me from the Kingdom when I gave them the opportunity to do so. Now that my priveledge has been checked, and my voluntary suspension has finally come to and end, I hope we can put this all behind us, and move forward. I feel blessed to be granted the honour of returning to my role as Lord of the Kingdom of PC Bliss, and Hand of the Queen. Thank you all for your ongoing loyalty and support during this tough time, I wouldn't have survived without it, bro. Long live the Queen, bro! I'd also like to apologise for having the Goldust Discussion in a PM, rather than the weekly wrestling discussion thread. Sorry you missed it @ahmedady.
  24. As Princess-President, I'd like to officially announce that the Hand of the Queen AND leader of the Kingdom of (pc) Bliss has finally served his time and he will be taking his duties back from the interim hand @Mizalike (he served us well). As many of you know @pc-HiPcavallo was incarcerated for "crushing puss without a consent form, bro" I hope all of you are well that there is serious consequences for breaking the laws of this Kingdom. But rest assured with a pure heart and loyalty to the Queen any transgressions can be forgiven. But now, I gladly give my glasses back to their rightful owner @pc-HiPcavallo I hoped I served them well. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! LONG LIVE OUR GODDESS! (borrowed from a true believer on reddit I think?)
  25. We regret to inform everyone that Lord @pc-HiPcavallo has officially been suspended from his position as Hand of the Queen, and exiled from The Kingdom Of PC Bliss. Early this morning he made a shocking confession, and as per Queen Alexa's ruling, was charged with statutory rape. For the duration of his trial the Blissalike @Mizalike will be taking over his position as acting Hand of the Queen. @pc-HiPcavallo will be exiled from the Kingdom of PC Bliss, and suspended on Smacktalks for the time being. Witness the shocking confession for yourself. His fate shall be decided in about a week. But for now you can consider @pc-HiPcavallo's priveledge checked, bro. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. If you're going to crush some puss then you absolutely must have affirmative consent, and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Failure to provide signed consent forms after crushing some puss, is a serious violation of women's rights! One that will not be tolerated at the Kingdom of PC Bliss. We will check the priveledge of anyone who seeks to marginalise women like that, bro. Please note, as pc-HiPcavallo's suspension from Smacktalks is completely voluntary, Queen Alexa has graciously allowed him to continue to read and respond to personal messages.
  26. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone made the suggestion, bro. But I think the answer has to be no, @ahmedady doesn't know how to control his micro aggressions yet, bro. He isn't ready for a Whole Foods.