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We have at least been freed from the chains of oppression that bound us! Let us all bow down, and thank Queen Alexa for our triumph!

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  2. Sorry @ahmedady but I need to prioritise my health and safety over your swimming pool needs. Sadly this means I had to hire Adam Sandler to murder Fokblas. You will have your swimming pool in a week, bro.
  3. How can he be the first meal? You're stuck in the dome and he's chillin' in the Kingdom.
  5. You asked for a swimming pool on your roof, with 3 days notice. This is a pretty major renovation you're talking about here. Your roof isn't designed to accomodate a swimming pool, and the foundation in its current state isn't strong enough to support the extra weight. I'm not a miracle worker, if you want a decent pool on your roof, then you're going to have to give me a decent, realistic timeframe. Otherwise that kiddie pool is the best you're going to get, bro.
  6. he very huge for this baby pool ! he eat this pool you only have 2 days now i don't know do what you want but if i don't get the pool on 2 days from now you all will be a meal for fokblas
  7. Here you go @ahmedady You should be able to get that on the roof without putting too much weight on it. The pool even has a shelter on it so Fokblas has some shade to protect him from the sun. You're welcome, bro.
  8. You want a pool on your home? Surely there would be more space for it outside your home, bro.
  9. wanna another pool on my home for my new crocodile not more ! if i don't get it on the next 3 days i will not feel bad when i leave my crocodile eat you ! @Bro-HiPcavallo you who make the home so if i don't get it you will be the first dinner for fokblas .
  10. She's better than Naomi at least. But I agree, this imposter never should've got the title. Though to be fair she's fine as a transitional champ.
  11. it ain't the first time she's done it either LOL tbh she shouldn't even have that title. i was bored when i did my TLC PPV and had set up a 6 women ladder match for the Smackdown Women's title and surprisingly she won it (i was playing as alexa by the way) she magically reversed a twisted bliss and got the damn title lol
  12. What, the, fuck, bro? This is fucking bullshit. How dare Nattie just blatantly impersonate the Queen like this? She has just made herself an enemy of the Kingdom of Bliss, and will be fucked to death!
  13. go ahead and hate it lol she may be queen on raw but not on smackdown live! lol then again i rarely follow current wwe so..... that's why alexa and natalya were on the same show cause that shot is from Week 4 December 2016 lol
  14. Alexa is Queen irl, not some shitty virtual video game one!
  15. maybe Natalya got confused but it's clear from this promo that she's the queen LMAOL
  16. Sup

    he deserve what i do look
  17. Sup

    Your the only I know to shut up shreyas that pops up like a bad smell.
  18. Sup

    love you too my 1st fan i nomination you now the leader of ahmedady fans <3
  19. Sup

    It’s all in good fun ahmedady I love you really. Don’t take it to offence.
  20. Sup

    Other Word And Don't Blame Yourself !! If I Were You I Would Thinking Alot Before Talking Unpolitley To me Again !
  21. Sup

    Still Speaking broken English still ahmedady tut tut
  22. Sup

    if i don't get what i must be Don't blame yourself !
  23. Sup. Thought id join this club and see what its about. Hows everyone
  24. We regret to inform everyone that Lord @pc-HiPcavallo has officially been suspended from his position as Hand of the Queen, and exiled from The Kingdom Of PC Bliss. Early this morning he made a shocking confession, and as per Queen Alexa's ruling, was charged with statutory rape. For the duration of his trial the Blissalike @Mizalike will be taking over his position as acting Hand of the Queen. @pc-HiPcavallo will be exiled from the Kingdom of PC Bliss, and suspended on Smacktalks for the time being. Witness the shocking confession for yourself. His fate shall be decided in about a week. But for now you can consider @pc-HiPcavallo's priveledge checked, bro. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. If you're going to crush some puss then you absolutely must have affirmative consent, and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Failure to provide signed consent forms after crushing some puss, is a serious violation of women's rights! One that will not be tolerated at the Kingdom of PC Bliss. We will check the priveledge of anyone who seeks to marginalise women like that, bro. Please note, as pc-HiPcavallo's suspension from Smacktalks is completely voluntary, Queen Alexa has graciously allowed him to continue to read and respond to personal messages.