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Alexa Bliss is a Goddess, and a Queen. Bend the knee and worship her accordingly!

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  2. But don't you love Akira Tozawa? You know, the guy who lost the CWC, couldn't even hold the Cruiserweight title a week, and needs fucking Titus O'Neil of all people to keep him relevant. Last I checked Alexa Bliss is a three time champion in WWE, add to that she conquered Westeros and established a Kingdom in her name. The match at Summerslam was rigged, so she didn't even really lose, and all great rulers face setbacks from time to time (remember when the Kingdom was burned down? Look how well that worked out in the end). Was going to hold off on posting this until I recieved confirmation from Penguin. But as ahmedady is being horribly inconsiderate and making me post, I'll have to do it now. I know some of you are probably feeling quite down right about now following the Summerslam conspiracy against our Queen. But I have a few announcements that I think will go a long way towards restoring morale within the Kingdom of Bliss. First of all it appears as though @King Beardy is alive and well! He has survived the festival of friendship, and returned earlier to express his feelings about the Summerslam conspiracy (the match was obviously rigged!). Myself and @Penguin have convinced Queen Alexa to name Lady Cavallo the master of cosplay, and granted her a seat on the small council. @Aero has officially joined the Kingdom of Bliss! We have named him master of liquor, and granted him a seat on the small council. Bear Island has been awarded to his house. In celebration Queen Alexa has graciously permitted me to use the royal funds, to grant each of you a night with Aero's Ma. To claim your bookings simply organise a time with Aero (who will be rewarded handsomely for his services), and we'll take care of the payment! If you don't feel you have the sexual stamina required to last a full night with Aero's Ma, then we can possibly break it down into smaller bookings if it's to an equivalent value, or less. Unfortunately as @ahmedady is trapped at the wall as a sworn brother of the nights watch he is exempt, as he is no longer permitted to have sex. Instead we will be giving him a coupon for a free hash brown, with any breakfast combo at McDonalds. We are hoping to have our first McDonalds open in Westeros by the end of September. You're welcome. We all know the match at Summerslam was rigged, but it's only a matter of time before Queen Alexa reclaims her Raw Women's Championship! The rest of the division are quite simply beneath her. Have to say though, I'm not sure ahmedady really deserves his McDonalds coupon now.
  3. @HiPcavallo But I Don't Love Losers !
  4. You know what? Fuck you Summerslam!

    The problem is they should've had Alexa Bliss lose the title to Alexa Bliss. The fact they wouldn't allow her to compete against herself, even though she's the only fit contender is what makes it a conspiracy! She shouldn't be losing rigged matches against the likes of Sasha Banks, she should only be losing rigged matches against herself! Every second Queen Alexa is without her title is just another blow to humanity.
  5. You know what? Fuck you Summerslam!

    Don't be so foolish HiP! Alexa clearly lost on purpose so she can win it again! She wants to have the most Women's title reigns in WWE history!
  6. You know, when I started boycotting Raw I really didn't want it to come to this. Alexa Bliss is the future of women's wrestling, she is hands down the best thing WWE has going for them right now, and it goes without saying that no one else in the Raw women's division is even on her level. It's bad enough that she was given a weak ass feud, with a clusterfuck of a buildup heading into Summerslam. But the fact they took her title, and pushed her aside so we can get the Sasha/Bayley feud no one wants to see is simply unforgivable. I have it on good authority that the match was rigged as well! So yea, fuck you Summerslam! WWE needs to get their fucking shit together, and give Queen Alexa the respect she deserves, no the respect she is owed, and start worshipping her accordingly. Sasha already had her time in the spotlight, and it just didn't work out. Alexa Bliss is the rightful face of women's wrestling in the WWE, hell she's the rightful face of the whole damn company! I know our queen will regain the title soon enough, but that simply just isn't good enough, and I for one am not going to just let this conspiracy go unpunished! Summerslam, this is for you!
  7. Help the Kingdom claim our origin!

    I can't believe the royal sex doctor @DrJoeyMagnumRyan voted against us! Must say it's obvious what's going on here, and I must say I'm quite disappointed in you Joey. You clearly just don't want any posts from mrelectriccity in the Kingdom, because you don't want to have to cure his sick sexual fetishes!
  8. Help the Kingdom claim our origin!

    If they don't move the topic then they're being lowkey racist to zebras.
  9. I hope King Beardy is simply on vacation, he has certainly been missed. Well ahmedady if you aren't willing to serve Queen Alexa then why should we free you from the wall? If you have other suggestions for positions we could offer you then we may be willing to consider them, but they have to be realistic, and you have to worship Queen Alexa.
  10. the Master of pig shit...Lol i don't accept this position of course and i'm stii will not be a servant for this girl !
  11. Some of you may remember, almost a year ago @mrelectriccity created This topic asking what video game characters we'd like to see him turn in game characters into in WWE 2K17. It was here that I first asked him to turn Alexa Bliss into Rainbow Dash, a simple request that quickly became an obsession, and eventually grew to become a Kingdom. I strongly believe that this topic belongs in the Kingdom, pinned to the top of the page so it can be saved from obscurity and get the appreciation it deserves. I've tried asking a few mods to move the topic in here but have yet to get a response, after what happened to Joey I think it's best we don't get Penguin to do it. So I'm counting on you guys to vote in support of claiming our origin!
  12. Maybe King Beardy is just on vacation, the man has more than earned it!
  13. @Steenalizer I agree, your past contributions deserved a reward, but you kinda forfeited it when you rebelled. Some have even argued that if King Beardy is confirmed dead, then it should go to his family. You'll be more than fairly compensated for your contributions, past and present. When you earn your head back! @ahmedady you realise that kind of behaviour is exactly what got you sent to the wall in the first place right? The Seven Kingdoms are governed by the small council, I may be ruler of Dorne, but I'm still beholden to the small council and Queen Alexa's rule. Since Steenalizer clearly doesn't want the Master of pig shit position then I'm willing to offer it to you. You will be granted a seat on the small council, given a major territory in Westeros, and some gold and fish scales. You accept and we will save you from the wall. All you have to do is make a topic pledging your life to Queen Alexa and worshipping her accordingly as your Queen/Goddess.
  14. if i don't leave a wall you You will be regret .. and if you want or not i'm the king of one of the 7 kingdoms and if you want or not i will write the script and be the main writer . also i will not be a servant for bliss like you and others !
  15. My point isn't to brag, it's to show that I've more than earned a reward for my efforts. Maybe if I had my head back I could make more level-headed decisions.
  16. Are we doing this again? We've already gone over how guys like myself, Penguin, and Blissalike have made more substantial contributions to the Kingdom, and everyone knows damn well that this is the origin of the Kingdom of Bliss! See, right now guys like myself, Penguin, Blissalike etc.. are strategising over how to improve the economy, better the lives of our people, and looking for new territories for Queen Alexa to conquer. But all you're doing is bitching about is not having a head, bragging about what you think you've done, and trying to claim a reward you're not owed. Your actions have consequences, you realise no one has even seen or heard from King Beardy since the festival of friendship right? He could have died! We're all real happy to have you back, but I'm sorry to say that you'll never get your head back with that kind of mentality. You need to understand that you came back with a fresh start, and have to earn your way back up our ranks. Now I've given you the opportunity to join us in Westeros, but you have to start pulling your weight (I know you have a lot of it, but still). Maybe master of pig shit isn't for you, but you can always move up to better opportunities if it works out, just think of it as a stepping stone. Afterall @ahmedady is going to need something to do if we ever save him from the wall. Or create opportunities for yourself we can work into the script, provided you work for them. Right now, we just aren't sure if we're ready to trust your level of commitment to the Kingdom of Bliss. We don't feel as though you are worshipping the queen accordingly, and that has to change.
  17. And when do I get rewarded for contributing the most and creating the KoB?
  18. Why would you think that? You're still one of my favourites, but you didn't really think we'd let you walk back into the Kingdom as if nothing changed did you? We all want to see you return to your former glory, but the thing is we need you to earn it! We've been working hard to find a way to fit you into the last season of Game of Thrones, and considering what castle to give to your house if you get your head back. I know master of pig shit doesn't sound like a flattering role, but it's a vital one. You see Sir Larry-Steve has been shitting everywhere, and his shit has become a hot commodity amongst farmers all over Westeros. We need someone who can clean it up, package it up, and then distribute to the masses. To be honest it'll probably suck at first, but once you start netting a solid income you'll be able to utilise some of the profits to hire underlings to do it all for you. Maybe you could even piggyback off of Jeff's import/export business to help set up your distribution? And I'm sure Gift of Jericho would be willing to clean Sir Larry-Steve's ass for you. You're not without support, we all want you to succeed. Once you get your head back you'll be granted a seat on the small council and be back in the queen's favour, it's just going to take time!
  19. I'm starting to think you don't want me around anymore.
  20. Of course not, Queen Alexa has other commitments lined up that would limit her involvement in future seasons. Add to that George R. R. Martin wishes to finish the books before allowing the story to go any further, so contractually speaking another season of Game of Thrones may not be possible. I can however assure everyone that once filming has wrapped up the Kingdom of Bliss will still have many adventures in Westeros. Blissalike wasn't necessarily wrong though, the 9th season was extended to 18 episodes so it's basically two seasons. Plus we've had to delay filming while we wait for more suitable weather, so you can certainly understand the confusion. You getting your head back is still very much up in the air right now, that may or may not happen. But we are toying around with the idea of naming you master of pig shit, although you will not be permitted to join the small council unless you get your head back.
  21. Are you denying Alexa another season? That's not very Blissful of you...
  22. ...But it's already been established this is the last season of Game of Thrones!
  23. In the next season of kingdom of bliss will penguin, hipcavallo, blissalike agree to give steenalizer his head back will joey shit those penguin eggs out will the currency fish scales be sorted out, Tune in next time on kingdom of bliss.
  24. This season is full of compelling plot twists!
  25. I know many of you are eager to hear news of the war, but to start with I'd just like to address the battle we've been facing at home here on Smacktalks. The Canadian Embassy has obviously failed to destroy us. The Kingdom of Bliss is alive and well, with the valued additions of some outstanding new members, and our very own Blissalike, I think it's fair to say the Kingdom is thriving and continuing to grow by the day. The Canadian Embassy no longer has any hold over us, and honestly we don't see what more we need to accomplish. I know some of you may be disappointed that their leader hasn't bent the knee and begged forgiveness for his crimes, but he has been dead for a number of days now and poses no threat to us. We successfully vanquished our foe, that's what counts. Now for the story you've all been waiting for. As some of you may be aware the Kingdom of Bliss has been looking to expand, the past few days we set plans in motion to conquer additional Kingdoms in order to expand the Bliss Empire! I warn you now, spoilers ahead. If you don't want to spoil the ending to Game of Thrones we advise you stop reading now, though we suspect it's only a matter of time before word breaks out. As many of you are aware the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros have been at war for a number of years now. For years we've watched would be Kings and Queens perish in their struggles to obtain or maintain their place upon the iron throne. The thought of who would eventually conquer the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and take their rightful place upon the iron throne has been a hot topic for fans of the hit HBO series, and books they were adapted from for a number of years now. And it's a subject many have been divided on. Well we have it on good authority that the war for control of the Seven Kingdoms is finally over, the result of which is a plot twist I don't think anyone saw coming! It seemed as though war in Westeros had finally come to an end, all threats to the Seven Kingdoms had been eliminated, and the Iron Throne was no longer under contention. But after years of war the Kingdom had been absolutely ravaged, left vulnerable to attack. In events set to take place in the ninth and final season of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones, The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros was caught in an unexpected war against an unfamiliar foe they were powerless against. The Kingdom of Bliss invaded the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and quickly steamrolled their way through what few remaining forces the Kingdom had left. Queen Alexa rode into battle on her loyal Pegasus Rainbow Dash and quickly slayed dragons, obliterated white walkers, and quickly earned the love and devotion of Westerosi everywhere as soldiers quickly surrendered and bent the knee! By the time our Queen reached Kings Landing the throne had already been abandoned, just left waiting for Alexa Bliss to take it and add the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to her own Kingdom of Bliss! I'm glad to say, Westeros is finally at peace. As for her loyal subjects. @King Beardy's fate has been left unknown ever since the festival of friendship. But it's widely believed that if he survived then he will resume his role as King. @Penguin is naturally heir to the throne given his status as president princess. Lord @HiPcavallo is continuing to serve Queen Alexa as Lord of The Kingdom of Bliss and Hand of the Queen. House Cavallo was also awarded The Kingdom of Dorne. Blissalike @Mizalike was awarded the Castle Winterfell, and named Warden of the North. @DrJoeyMagnumRyan was named Grand Maester, he was also granted the castle of Harrenhall, and given control of a number of brothels in Kings Landing. @Gift Of Jericho was named master of secrets, and the Riverlands were awarded to his house. @Jai being an independent spirit wasn't interested in politics, and instead focused on building his own import/export business which became a huge success and did wonders for the economy. The iron islands were awarded to his house. His opinion also became a member of the Queensgaurd. @WallsOfJericurl was named master of coin, and Highgarden was awarded to his house. It's worth noting as the royal stylist he invested wisely and gave the Seven Kingdoms a makeover. Thanks to his efforts, Westeros is now a far more Blissful place! @Nate was named Lord Commander of the Queensgaurd, and Castelly Rock was awarded to his house. @Tornado_X was named master of ships, and the Vale was awarded to his house. @ahmedady was sent to the wall. The Kingdom of Bliss thanks all of you for your service, and greatly appreciates your ongoing support for Queen Alexa. This is a new chapter for The Kingdom, we are looking to expand further and hereby put other Kingdom's on notice. No one stands a chance against the Kingdom of Bliss, either bend the knee and join us, or oppose us and die! Source's. Dave Meltzer, Lord Varys, and his little birds. Credit goes to @Penguin for the outstanding photograph of Queen Alexa sitting on her throne.