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We have at last been freed from the chains of oppression that bound us! Let us all bow down, and thank DrJoeyMagnumRyan for our triumph!

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  2. The Anouncement

    @HiPcavallo you change the deal now , I won't put this pic but I will tag @DrJoeyMagnumRyan until he ban me .
  3. The Anouncement

    I will ban yous
  4. The Anouncement

    @ahmedady it’s ok, bro. I understand why you couldn’t do it yourself, and you’ve definitely earned your moderator position. But, if you still want to be leader then I’ll need you to use this as your avatar, both here on Smacktalks, and also on Discord. Once you start using it I’ll make you a club leader, if you want the position to be permanent then you’ll have to use it for at least two weeks. Leave a comment here when you’ve made the change so we have an exact time. ...You’ll also recieve bonus points (which you may redeem at a later date), if you start tagging @DrJoeyMagnumRyan as much as possible.
  5. The Anouncement

    he dying out in the jungle :(
  6. The Anouncement

    But you sent him away? The fuck bro!?
  7. The Anouncement

  8. The Anouncement

    @ahmedady I am the registered owner, and Lord of the Kingdom of Bliss, I’ve inspired 33 members to follow my cause, I’ve won wars, conquered Discord, and defeated the dastardly Codes. The only thing I follow is Bliss... And also white rabbits, bro. I’ll give you one last chance to accept my offer, I strongly recommend you take it, bro.
  9. The Anouncement

    LOL, peasant.
  10. The Anouncement

    @HiPcavallo i'm already your leader,bro !
  11. The Anouncement

    @ahmedady what if I made you a leader, and paid you tree fiddy, bro?
  12. The Anouncement

    What he really wants is tree fiddy.
  13. The Anouncement

    i don't want to be a mod!
  14. The Anouncement

    Bro, I do have the power to make you a mod in the Kingdom.
  15. The Anouncement

    in your dreams you can't make me a mod,bro !
  16. The Anouncement

    @ahmedady I’ll make you a mod if you murder fokoblas, bro.
  17. The Anouncement

    Oh we will find a way to kill fokobos.
  18. so yesterday, i said that i will anounce something important, before fokblas death he got a child called "fokobos'' i take a long time to anounce that cause i wanted him to growing enough to not be killed like his father , this time he have 100 Personal guards so that noone will be able to kill him
  19. I feel downgraded

    Chewing on the DIUGH
  20. Well if you want to travel on seas just call me brothers, i got ship for y'all and maybe meet with princess kairi too
  21. Welcome bro. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and love of piracy!
  22. I feel downgraded

    There are prostitutes at Ahmedady’s home, bro.
  23. I feel downgraded

    ..And you're all outta hoes?
  24. I feel downgraded

    I’m here to shew hoes and kick gums.
  25. I feel downgraded

    you're not handsome enough
  26. Am here to shew gums and kick hoes, and i all i can find here is hoes, you know how tough this would be ?